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Can Someone Hack My iPhone? Best Security Advice

The Ultimate iPhone security guide: Debunking the myths surrounding "Can someone hack my iPhone"

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Are you an iPhone user who believes in legends and myths? Yes, you heard it right. Most iPhone Users believe that the iPhone can’t get viruses and no hacker can hack their iPhone.

Now the question is, “Can someone hack my iPhone?” Yes, it is possible to hack an iPhone. While iPhones are known for their security features, no device is perfect when it comes to security. 

There have been instances where iPhones have been compromised, and their sensitive data was stolen through hacking software that doesn’t require the target to click on a link. 

Read this article from the start to the bottom to understand “Can someone hack my iPhone and invade my digital fortress?” We’re going to describe all details regarding the vulnerabilities of your iPhone and the protection method to secure your iPhone. Therefore we suggest you follow all the methods to prevent hacking attacks.

How Can Someone Hack My iPhone?

the text in the image shows how can someone hack my iphone

Every month around 4.6K people search this query: Can someone hack my iPhone? You can guess the popularity of this query just by knowing the number of people who are worried about their iPhones. 

Aren’t iPhones supposed to be the most secure mobile device in the history of the planet? Let us tell you something: They’re secure and fast but you’re the one who is offering the opportunity to hackers to hack your iPhone. Check out the following points to know how you can make your iPhone a vulnerable device:

  • Someone has direct access to your iPhone
  • Malware and other viruses are hidden in legitimate apps
  • Security issues with jailbroken iPhones
  • iPhone calendar invite hacks
  • Insecure Wi-Fi networks
  • Zero-day bug exploits
  • State Sponsored Hackers
  • Commercial & Enterprise Apps

Someone Has Direct Access To Your iPhone

Discover the truth behind the infamous question ‘Can someone hack my iPhone? We request you never give your Passcode, Apple ID Password and Username, Fingerprint, or Face ID Access to your friends, family, and colleagues. They can steal your personal information, photos, videos, and other confidential documents at any time to ask for money and property documents.

You have to be wary of who has access to your iPhone because they can defame you on all social media platforms by posting vulgar posts and commenting beep words on your friends and family’s photos.

Hidden Viruses And Malware In Legitimate Apps

We know it’s very hard for most people to digest that the answer to their favorite question is yes “Can someone hack my iPhone?” Most iPhone Apps don’t contain such things as viruses or malware because Apple has very strict policies regarding the Apple Store. But some malicious-minded people try to add viruses or malware in their apps or games to attack the mobile phone of the user. 

They hide their corrupt or malicious files in such a way that a normal person can’t detect them. You should always check what permission these apps/games are asking for or if the permissions they want have anything to do with the application/use of that app/game.

Security Issues With Jailbroken iPhones

How can someone hack my iPhone Some people have the nerve to remove Apple’s Software Restrictions and then complain about how their iPhones got hacked. Jailbreak iPhones are easy to hack because they’re vulnerable to cyber threats and attacks. 

Why do people jailbreak their iPhones? Most people want to download their favorite apps and games on their iPhones which aren’t available on the App Store so they jailbreak their phones to customize their phones according to their needs.

iPhone Calendar Invite Hacks

Let’s take a closer look at the question: How can someone hack my iPhone? Have you ever noticed some mysterious appointments or notices on your calendar application? You might be wondering how I never added these appointments to my schedule, then why the hell my calendar app is showing these articles? 

And if you try to open or delete these appointments, you’ll be redirected to an insecure website that has nothing but ads. These ads will try their best to make you a victim of phishing attacks to download malware or ransomware into your system.

Insecure Wi-Fi Networks

Insecure Wi-Fi Networks and the side icon shows wifi sign

You really want the answer to the burning question “Can someone hack my iPhone?” We have told you again and again: Don’t use public wifi for your work because everyone is using them including cybercriminals who want to steal your personal information and data.

It’s easy to detect or steal an IP Address of a person If the internet connection is Public Wifi. Public Wifi’s don’t protect your IP Address, and anyone who has little technical knowledge of networks can easily steal your IP Address which can cause severe problems for you.

Zero-day Bug Exploits

People don’t understand the magnitude of this question “how can someone hack my iPhone?” A zero-day Bug is a software weakness that is very likely to be successful because there is now no patch to cure the issue. Hackers take advantage of this bug to hack a device before a company can take any action.

State Sponsored Hackers

Most State-Sponsored Hackers use Pegasus Virus to access the iPhone’s camera, microphone, and data even if you don’t click on any link. This virus was made by Israeli cyber intelligence firm NSO Group to help government agencies to track down terrorists and run away criminals, but State Sponsored Hackers are using this virus to track politicians and journalists.

Commercial & Enterprise Apps

Is it possible “Can someone hack my iPhone?” App Store has two types of applications, i.e., commercial and enterprise applications. Commercial Applications are the ones that everyone can use, and Enterprise Applications are which only the employees of some particular organizations can use. Many organizations want employees to use their apps to prevent cyberattacks. 

What if a hacker is working in that company or creating that app? Or what if the commercial app you download to manage your accounts has a malware or ransomware attack in its coding? 

You’re vulnerable in both cases, and the least you can do is delete that particular app or download a legitimate or registered application.

How Can I Tell If My iPhone Was Hacked?

the text in the image shows How Can I Tell If My iPhone Was Hacked

How can someone hack my iPhone? Many people ask this question in our comments and email us their queries about what are the signs that their iPhone has ever been hacked. We know it’s difficult for some people to digest that their iPhone is not as secure as they think. Here are the signs which can explain if your iPhone was ever hacked or not:

  • Your iPhone is rebooting on its own
  • Your phone makes calls, emails, or messages you are clueless about
  • Your Screen is filled with Pop-Ups
  • Your iPhone is heating up & running slow
  • Your iPhone’s battery run out early

Your iPhone Is Rebooting On Its Own

How can someone hack my iPhone? We think we should make this question a highlight because every year, thousands of people face this annoying difficulty and ask for cures and reasons that no one knows about. 

Your phone makes calls, emails, or messages you are clueless about Have your phone ever made a long call or sent emails or messages to unknown or anonymous people? You’re not alone because several people report this problem every year that their phones might be hacked or used for malicious activities.

Your Screen Is Filled With Pop-Ups.

How is it possible for someone to hack my iPhone? Normally Pop-Ups don’t show on your screen because the iPhone has one of the best user experiences and display graphics awards which is the reason why people admire Apple. The pop-ups only show when you visit a sketchy website to watch a movie or play a game. It’s a clear sign that your iPhone is hacked.

Your iPhone Is Heating Up & Running Slowly.

Whenever someone hacks your iPhone: your device gets way slower than usual so that you can’t use a single app or scroll down your settings application. You can also feel how the processors of your iPhone are running and heating your mobile phone to slow down the speed of your phone. This is a big sign that your iPhone is hacked.

Your iPhone’s Battery Runs Out Early

Has your iPhone’s battery ever run out in an hour? Normally your battery would run for 5 to 6 hours while you play games and make phone calls continuously, but now your battery is running out in one hour. It is happening because your phone has been hacked.

What Can I Do If Someone Hacked My iPhone?

the text in the image shows What Can I Do If Someone Hacked My iPhone

Can someone hack my iPhone and breach the security of your device? We understand it’s frustrating to watch your phone getting hacked, and you can’t do anything but just stand and watch. Here are some important tips or must-do lists you should make when your phone gets hacked:

  • Delete Unrecognized Apps & Devices
  • Run Antivirus Scan
  • Update Apple ID Password
  • Report The Hack To Apple Directly
  • Cancel All Linked Credit Cards
  • Check Your App’s Permission Settings
  • Clear Your Browser History & Cache
  • Factory Reset Your iPhone

Delete Unrecognized Apps

Can someone hack my iPhone through unauthorized apps & files? We want you to delete all the apps from your iPhone that you don’t recognize and use anymore. These apps could be a big reason why your iPhone got hacked.

Run Antivirus Scan

You should run an Antivirus scan on a daily or weekly basis to protect your system from dangerous viruses and malware attacks. We recommend you download the NordVPN Application so you can browse the internet with ultra protection from cyberattacks and other viruses.

Update Apple ID Password

Most people don’t update their passwords from time to time until someone guesses their password and tries to steal their data, money and identity. We want you to change your Password on a Weekly or Monthly Basis.

Report The Hack To Apple Directly

You can report the iPhone Hack directly to Apple Company by sending an email to [email protected] or calling Apple at 800-275-2273.

Cancel All Linked Credit Cards

You can visit your Apple ID account page to suspend or permanently remove the ability to pay from that device with Apple Pay. Go to the Apple Pay section and click either Remove or Remove All to suspend or remove your cards from Apple Pay, even if your device is offline and not connected to the internet.

Check Your App’s Permission Settings

We recommend you check your phone settings to see which apps have more permissions than it requires. For example, why does a game have permission to access your gallery or contacts?

Clear Your Browser History & Cache

You should keep your browser & cache history clear so the hacker can’t get sensitive information about you. If you follow our advice, then the hacker can’t blackmail you or ask for money to delete that information.

Factory Reset Your iPhone

Last but not least because Factory Reset is a five-minute procedure to kick out the hacker of your phone and delete everything, whether it’s your data or some malware hiding inside a document to harm you or your device.

How Can I Remove A Hacker From My iPhone?

the text the image shows how can I Remove Hacker From My iPhone

The only way to remove a hacker from your iPhone is to restore it to factory settings to erase all the data on the phone. While doing this, I want you to change your password and enable two-factor authentication. You can also take your phone offline by turning off mobile data and/or Wi-Fi to stop data harvesting.

How To Protect Your iPhone From Getting Hacked?

From personal messages to sensitive data, understanding the risks involved: Can someone hack my iPhone? Here are some amazing tips you should consider to save your iPhone from cybersecurity threats:


  • Keep Your IOS up to date
  • Use A Strong & Secure Password
  • Two Factor Authentication
  • Disable Auto Connection to Public Wifi

Keep Your IOS Up To Date

We always recommend our customers keep their iPhones up to date with the latest versions of IOS to prevent hacking or other types of cybercrimes.

Use A Unique & Secure Password

Most people use their names, ages, phone numbers, and date of birth as their passwords which their close friends and family members can guess. You should use a strong password without adding your personal information so no one can guess your password.

Two Factor Authentication

Can two-factor authentication prevent someone hack my iPhone? Two Factor Authentication is one of the most recommended methods to prevent cyberattacks because whenever someone tries to log in to your device, it will ask for a code, and without the code, the hacker will never be able to log in to the device.

Disable Auto Connection To Public Wifi

Whenever your iPhone connects to public wifi, hackers get an alert to infect your device with malware and ransomware to steal your identity and data. That’s why you should never connect to a Public Wifi Network.

Final Thoughts

We know that it’s difficult to separate facts from the fiction but can someone hack my iPhones? iPhones are generally considered more secure than most smartphones out there, but they’re not immune to hacking attempts. 

The only way to protect your iPhones from getting hacked is to follow the methods and techniques to prevent cyberattacks and viruses. We have concluded everything in this article, so you don’t have to visit other websites or look for more solutions & techniques. Contact us if you need more information regarding “Can someone hack my iPhone?”

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