Can I Just Use A Free VPN?

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Millions of families around the world live on a budget, and that budget doesn’t always consider things like a VPN. This may especially be true for those new to the idea of browsing the Internet on a private, secure connection.

With free services widely available, it’s understandable that many people hesitate at the idea of paying for a VPN. However, when your security is at stake, it’s rarely a good idea to pinch pennies.

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The Harsh Truth Of Free VPN Services

Harsh Truth Of Free VPN Services

The best things in life aren’t free, and that includes reputable VPN providers. As an Internet security tool, the efficacy of a VPN is vitally important. When a company cuts corners to provide you with a free service, they’re often directly putting your data at risk. 

The unfortunate truth is that most free VPNs can’t or simply won’t meet industry standards, and are generally not recommended to protect your Internet privacy.


Less Privacy


Privacy concerns are often the primary reason people use a VPN. Free services save money by employing subpar protective and encryption measures. 

Even worse, some providers make a profit by collecting and selling their users’ data.


Reduced Speeds


Like fast browsing? VPNs have speed and bandwidth caps to lessen the load on their servers.

If you plan to stream HD videos, download large files, or play games online, a free VPN may not be the right choice for you.


Annoying Advertisements


Adblock software is popular for a very good reason: ads are annoying. 

Unfortunately, advertising is one of the few ways to fund a free VPN. Ads inevitably lead to a slower, distracting web experience.


Increased Threat Of Malware


A recent study found that some free VPNs are actually carriers of malware. Defined in the Oxford dictionary, malware is software specifically designed to disrupt, damage, or gain unauthorized access to your computer system. 

In this case, a free VPN puts your devices directly at risk to be hacked.




Free VPN that aren’t trying to steal your private information may be tracking you instead. 

Facebook’s now-defunct Onavo VPN, for example, was being used to slyly collect information for research and business purposes.

Reduced Speeds with Free VPN

Illegitimate Ownership

Can a free VPN be trusted?

Using a VPN links your device and sensitive information to a third party, so trust is very important. Unfortunately, many free VPN services aren’t owned by legitimate vendors. 

Instead of providing meaningful Internet security, they’re run by malicious organizations intent on stealing your information.


Free VPN Are Discouraged By The FBI


The FBI has taken a strong stance on free VPN and actively discourages their usage. Instead, the FBI recommends choosing trusted, verified resources for online security.

Finding The Best VPN For Your Budget

Budget Friendly VPNs

It’s a simple fact that a paid VPN is almost always the best solution for ensuring your privacy, security, and anonymity online. That doesn’t mean you have to shell out a bunch of money for peace of mind when you’re online. 

There are plenty of trusted, premium VPN providers that offer trial periods, money back guarantees, and monthly plans under $5 per month. And we have the info you need on all of them.

Whether you need to find the right VPN for your budget, device, or location, we’re here to help you find the best Internet security solution for you.

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