The Top Gaming VPN Features To Look For In December 2022

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Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) have gone mainstream. What was once a way to stream geo-restricted content has now become an essential part of a strong cybersecurity system. Even for gamers, VPNs offer some amazing features.

Choosing the right gaming VPN in comes down to what you want or need to accomplish. Using a VPN can allow you to play games that might be restricted in your country and protect your data from being compromised on gaming servers. Most importantly, gaming VPNs can be used to conceal your IP address. 

VPNs are tailored to meet specific needs, so a gaming VPN in will offer different features than a business VPN. When you’re trying to find a VPN that is right for your gaming needs, here are some of the things that you should consider.

High Speed Networks

Some VPNs’ encryption protocols will slow down your connection. When gaming, you need a fast connection to transmit information from your device to the gaming server. Look for VPN networks that include a collection of high-bandwidth servers in multiple locations. In some cases, your ping rate can even be lower than your normal connection.

Multiple Servers

Choosing a VPN provider that has numerous servers around the world will not only alleviate slow speeds, but also help to make sure that servers don’t become overcrowded.

Check for Data Caps

Gaming requires the rapid transfer of data, and multiplayer games use a significant amount of Internet bandwidth and data. While the best VPNs no longer have data restrictions, some still do. 

Data caps will directly affect your ability to play for long periods of time. In , you need to use a gaming VPN that offers unlimited bandwidth. You never want to worry about your service being suspended while playing.

Peer-to-Peer Connections

Another feature specific to multiplayer games is the ability to have peer-to- peer (P2P) connections. A P2P connection will allow you to send/receive data and create a local representation while gaming online. 

Multiplayer games require you to act as both a server and a client, so make sure the gaming VPN you choose in supports this option.

Zero Logs & Premium Security

Gaming servers can be prone to malware, hackers, and deceptive user accounts. In , your gaming VPN must have strong security protocols in place. Your privacy is also important, especially if you plan on accessing games from another country. 

Some VPNs practice logging, tracking, and recording client data as it passes through their servers. But there are many VPNs that don’t keep logs. Others claim that they don’t monitor user activity at all. 

Try to find a network with a strict zero-log privacy policy so that you don’t have to worry about your actions and information being recorded.

Check Ping Rates

A low ping rate is essential. They are key to making sure you don’t experience slow connections or lag while gaming. The higher the ping rate, the slower the connection will be. 

We’ve spent more than two years researching 900 different VPNs to determine the best networks for gaming. Our list can help you in your search for a gaming VPN in , and many of them feature very low ping rates.

Free Trial Period

Many VPN providers offer a trial period to test their product. A VPN networks’ performance is often dependant on where they are located in the world. You might notice a large difference in loading speeds and lag time when playing multiplayer games from two seemingly similar VPNs. 

Test your VPN with games that you play frequently to see if there is any noticeable difference or improvement. By using a VPN that offers a trial period or a money-back guarantee, you can alleviate the stress of being locked into a subscription.

Wrapping Up

Using a gaming VPN in will ensure your privacy and has the potential to improve your overall gaming experience. A gaming VPN can allow you to access games you might not be able to play without one, and also help to keep you secure online

Check out our exhaustive research of over 900 VPN providers to make the best selection for your gaming needs.