10 Things Your Registrar Should Think About For Customers Who Want a Taken Domain

10 Expert Tips to Buy a Taken Domain Name

Acquiring taken domains is never easy. But don’t worry! A professional domain registrar can help you get one. As a registrar, you can stand out from the competition by helping clients try to buy a taken domain name. By giving them honest advice, you can build long-term relationships with customers. They will take you as an expert in domain names.

In this article, we will discuss ten important tips for choosing a taken domain. No matter who you are, whether you are a business owner struggling after a taken domain or a domain registrar trying to get the best for your customer choosing a right domain name, this information will help you both. Read on to learn the secrets of domain acquisition services.

Knowledge about the Current Owner’s Motivations

Knowledge about the Current Owner's Motivations

When a customer shows his interest in acquiring taken domains, the first thing you should do is to collect information about the current owner’s motivations. Here’s what you need to consider:

Assess if the Owner is Actively Using the Domain

First, check if the domain name is active or not. Check if the domain name is linked to a real website or if it was updated a few days ago. If the domain is not in use or is just owned by someone, the owner may want to sell it. Knowing about the current usage of the domain can help you understand whether the owner will sell it or not. 

Determine if the Owner is Open to Selling

The next step is to find out how to contact the owner of the domain. There can be a few ways. You can send them an email or call them to gently ask if they want to sell the domain. Some owners may have a “For Sale” page on their website or list the domain for sale in online marketplaces. This means they want people to contact them to buy the domain from them.

Estimate the Owner’s Perceived Value of the Domain

Try to understand how much the owner thinks the domain costs. Check for public listings or previous sales to get an idea of their expected price. Remember, the owner’s perceived value might be different from the actual market value. Be ready to negotiate to fix a fair price.

Thorough Domain Research

Thorough Domain Research

Before learning about domain acquisition services, it’s important to do proper research on the chosen domain. Here are some factors you should investigate:

Analyze the Domain’s Search Engine Rankings and Traffic

Use websites like Ahrefs or Semrush to see how well the domain name ranks in search engines and how much traffic it gets from people searching online. A domain that ranks highly and gets a lot of traffic might cost more money, but it could also be more valuable for your customer’s business in the future. Checking these details helps you understand how much the domain is worth and if it will help your customer’s website do well online.

Evaluate the Domain’s Branding and Commercial Potential

When evaluating a domain, the first thing to consider is its branding potential. Is it easy to remember, spell, and relate to your customer’s industry? Look at similar domains in the market to measure the market value. Consider how the domain can be used for different business goals. A strong, flexible domain name can be a valuable asset for your customer’s brand and future growth.

Uncover any Legal or Trademark Issues Surrounding the Domain

Do a careful legal search to make sure there are no problems with the domain name. Look for trademarks, copyrights, or any past legal issues that could make it difficult to get the domain. It’s important to confirm that there is no legal trouble is important to protect your customer’s interests.

Strategic Acquisition Approach

Strategic Acquisition Approach

Once you know enough about the domain and its owner, it’s time to adopt a strategic acquisition approach. Consider the following factors: 

Identify Potential Acquisition Triggers for the Current Owner

Try to understand why the current owner might want to sell the domain name. Are they having money problems? Is the domain no longer useful for their business? Finding out their reasons for selling can help you make an offer that they may like. By knowing their situation, you can change your approach and make a firm deal for them to sell the domain to your customer.

Craft a Compelling Acquisition Proposal

When buying a website or domain, you should make a good proposal. First, understand what the owner wants. Then, explain the benefits of selling, like financial gains or supporting a new business. Be respectful and professional. Propose what the owner wants. 

Negotiate Effectively to Reach a Mutually Beneficial Agreement

Before negotiating, choose a clear budget and the maximum amount your customer is willing to pay for the domain. Be patient and keep trying during the negotiations to reach an agreement that benefits both sides. You can also hire a professional domain broker to help with the negotiation process.

Smooth Domain Transfer Process

Smooth Domain Transfer Process

Once the domain deal is fixed, your role as a registrar is to transfer the domain to the customer’s website smoothly. Here’s what you should focus on: 

Handle all Necessary Legal and Administrative Requirements

Transferring a domain to a new owner requires some important legal and management work. This includes:

  • Preparing and signing all the required legal documents.
  • Handling the payment process safely through an escrow service.
  • Making sure everything follows the rules and regulations for domain transfers.

Doing all these things properly is very important to make sure the domain transfer goes smoothly and legally. This step is the main part of the overall domain transfer process.

Ensure a Seamless Transition of Ownership and Control

Work closely with the current owner of the domain and your customer to make sure the ownership transfers smoothly. Give clear instructions and help throughout the process. You should keep everyone informed on how it’s going.

Assist the Customer in Updating Their Branding and Online Presence

After you get the new domain for your customer, help them update their branding and online presence. Professional domain registrars always guide their customers on how to change websites, email addresses, and marketing materials to use the new domain name.

Post-Acquisition Support

Post-Acquisition Support

Your support should not end even after the domain is successfully transferred. Instead, you should help the customers to make the most of the value of their domain. 

Offer Guidance on Domain Management and Maintenance

Once the domain is transferred, it’s the responsibility of a good domain registrar to tell customers how to manage it and take care of their ownership. This includes information on how they can keep their domain safe and secure.

You should also tell them they will have to renew their domain before its registration period ends. Guiding them on how to set up the domain DNS properly is also a plus point in being a professional registrar.

Monitor for any Potential Infringement or Cybersquatting Issues

After your customer gets the new domain, you should keep an eye on it to make sure that no one is using that domain illegally. In case of issues, inform the owner about it and provide him ways to protect their rights to the domain. This process will save your customer from trademark ownership problems. 

Advise on Strategies to Maximize the Domain’s Value

To make the most of the new domain, I can advise on different ways to increase its value. This includes:

  • Tips for improving the domain’s search engine rankings through SEO.
  • Ideas for creating high-quality content to attract and engage visitors.
  • Guidance on best ways to make money from the domain.

Providing these recommendations will give the new owner the tools they need to fully maximize the value of the domain.

Use of Domain Brokerage Services

Use of Specialized Domain Brokerage Services

Working with an expert domain broker like VPN.com can improve your ability to help customers with tips for choosing a taken domain. Here is what VPN.com offers:

Use Industry Connections and Negotiation Skills

VPN.com has a lot of connections in the industry and experience that they use to negotiate for domain names. By working with VPN.com, you can use their skills to handle difficult situations when trying to buy a taken domain name. They can help you get the best deals for your customers.

Provide Access to Off-Market and Premium Domain Listings

VPN.com has access to special lists of domain names that most people cannot see. This access allows your customers to get good and valuable domain names that others may not be able to find. Working with VPN.com can help your customers with tips for choosing a taken domain.

Tips for Choosing a Taken Domain and Managing Domain Portfolio

VPN.com can help with the whole process of acquiring taken domains and taking care of domain names. They will do the research, handle the purchase process, and even manage the domains after your customers get them.

This allows you to focus on your main registrar services, while VPN.com takes care of buying a domain name and managing it with time.

Comprehensive Domain Acquisition Policy

Comprehensive Domain Acquisition Policy

If you want to support customers in acquiring taken domains in the best possible way, it’s important to develop a detailed domain acquisition policy. The following factors can help you out. 

Establish Clear Guidelines for Customers

Give your customers clear instructions on how to get a new domain name. Explain the steps they need to follow. Tell them about the information they need to provide and any fees or commissions they will need to pay. This will ensure that your customers can easily understand the process of buying a domain.

Follow Domain Rules and Laws

When buying a domain name for your customer, it’s important to follow all the rules and regulations. This includes policies like ICANN’s Transfer Policy and the Uniform Domain-Name Dispute-Resolution Policy (UDRP). Following these regulations makes sure you get the domain names legally and properly.

Implement Powerful Security and Privacy Measures

Follow powerful security and privacy measures to protect your customers’ information during the whole acquisition process. This includes secure ways of communication, data encryption, and strict privacy agreements.

Transparent and Competitive Pricing

Transparent and Competitive Pricing

Transparency and competitive pricing are basic tips for choosing a taken domain that attracts customers to domain acquisition services. Consider the following:

Provide a Clear Pricing Structure

You should be open and clear about the pricing for acquiring domains. Don’t forget to explain any fees, commissions, or other costs that your customers will have to pay. This transparency ensures your customers understand the full financial details of the domain acquisition services.

Explore Payment Plans for Customers

Think about giving customers ways to pay over time. This can be good if they don’t have all the money right now. More people might want to buying a domain if you offer this. It can help you sell to more customers.

Compare Prices to Industry Standards

You should regularly check how much you charge to get new domain names compared to other companies. Stay informed about the current pricing trends in the market. You may also have to change your prices when needed. Doing this ensures your customers are paying fair and reasonable rates.

Partner with VPN.com for Best Tips for Choosing a Taken Domain

Partner with VPN.com for Best Tips for Choosing a Taken Domain

Working with VPN.com can be good for you and your customers. VPN.com is a top domain brokerage company that helps people with tips for choosing a taken domain. Here’s what they can do for you:

White-glove Brokerage Services

White glove domain acquisition services are special services that help customers easily get the domain names they want. A team of experts does everything, from research to negotiating, to make the process smooth and efficient.

This service saves customers time and effort in acquiring taken domains. VPN.com provides a personalized, white-glove service according to each customer’s unique needs.

Stealth, 3rd Party, Private Process 

Stealth, third-party domain acquisition services allow a company to secretly buy a domain for a client. This helps the client keep their identity private and avoid competition.

They can get valuable domains that may not be publicly available this way. It can lead to buying a domain at a better price. VPN.com ensures a secret, third-party, and private acquisition process and protects the privacy of everyone involved.

No Cost to the Registrar, Unlike Competitors

Domain brokers charge extra fees to help clients get new domain names. These include commission, negotiation fees, transfer fees, markups, and management costs. These additional fees can make the total cost much higher for the client compared to negotiating directly with the domain owner. Working with VPN.com has no extra cost for the registrar.

No cost to the user, unlike competitors and fellow registrars

Domain brokers and registrars often charge extra fees. These include renewal fees, privacy fees, upfront fees, and management fees. All these additional fees make buying a domain much more expensive. VPN.com does not charge the customer any of these extra fees. This makes getting a new domain more affordable for your customers when working with VPN.com.

Top-Rated Stealth Domain Broker Globally

VPN.com has helped get over 1000 domain names and done over $65 million in domain transactions. They are known as one of the best secret domain brokers in the world.

VPN.com has a lot of experience acquiring taken domains for clients. They keep the identity of the client private throughout the process. This makes VPN.com a trusted partner for people who want to get desirable domain names secretly.

Share in the Commission and Success

When you work with VPN.com, your domain registrar business can earn money from the commissions paid for successfully buying a domain. This creates a partnership that benefits both sides. Both your business and VPN.com can make money by quietly and effectively getting valuable domain names for clients.

20% of the total profit!

Working with VPN.com allows domain registrar to earn 20% of the money from successful domain name purchases. This gives your business extra income. Both your business and VPN.com make money from this partnership. The user will click “Make Offer”, and then fill out a form that gets sent directly to us right after they submit it.

The Bottom Line!

You can shine in the domain space by helping your customers with tips for choosing a taken domain. Try to understand what the current owner wants, then explain why selling could benefit them. Give them ideas like making money or starting a new business by selling their domain. Be respectful and professional. Work with experts like VPN.com to make the process easy for your customers. 

Remember, your customers need someone who can guide them through this complicated process. By focusing on their needs and working with the right people, you can build long-lasting relationships. This will help you become a trusted name in the domain industry.

Don’t miss this opportunity. Contact VPN.com today to discuss how you can improve your domain acquisition services. We will help you grow your business by helping you get dream domain names for your customers. 

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