What Is Backup As A Service (BUaaS)?

Michael Gargiulo - CEO, VPN.com

By: Michael Gargiulo, CEO at VPN.com

Updated: 11:43 AM ET Wed, July 27th 2022

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There comes a time when every growing business experiences various forms of digital growing pains. That is to say, they suffer a variety of problems related to the growth of data storage needs or other virtual elements of running a modern business. This can require building your own technical expertise or upgrading your legacy architecture and consume a great deal of time and money. Instead, consider outsourcing your services using backup as a service, also known as cloud backup.

What Is Cloud Backup?

What is cloud backup? One of many names such as online backup service and backup as a service, which all describe the same thing. This service consists of outsourcing your data storage needs to a third party. An online backup service is an alternative to relying on an internal IT department for data storage. A provider typically stores the data on a hybrid cloud server, although they may also use private servers.

How Does Backup As A Service Work?

Once you select a BUaaS provider, the exact procedure for purchase and set-up varies. After setting up cloud backup, though, it’s typical for the provider to handle everything automatically. As soon as your website creates data, the company’s software will offload it to their servers.

As this is an outsourced service, there’s very little for you to do day-to-day. The business will handle day-to-day server maintenance, security, and other elements of data storage. If you ever suffer a data loss event on your website, you’ll be able to reach out to them and instantly load a backup form of the website. This even applies in the event of catastrophic incidents that would otherwise leave the website dysfunctional. It’s even possible to reupload the website in its entirety.

Benefits Of Using BUaaS

There are many reasons to use backup as a service. In addition to the convenience of outsourcing data storage, it can actually be more cost-efficient than handling matters in-house.

Save Time, Gain Expertise

Building the in-house infrastructure to store your data and building technical proficiency in the field can be expensive and time-consuming. Even then, your in-house data department will almost certainly not be as high-quality as premium cloud backup services.

Potential For Savings

Cost-benefit analysis for BUaaS is typically favorable. However, it can be a true no-brainer if your data architecture is particularly ill-suited to the future of your business. In this case, the expense of purchasing new equipment and procuring a secure off-site storage location may be outright greater than cloud backup. Furthermore, the cost of online cloud storage is far less than the losses that occur when an unprepared company suffers a serious leak.


A growing business will experience steadily increasing data demands. If a business handles these demands internally, it will have to keep pace with these demands. Upgrading won’t be something that your business invests in now and is then done with. On the other hand, working with a BUaaS provider offers built-in scalability. While greater requirements may result in more expensive service, this is a more predictable and abstract expense that a business can plan around more easily. Outsourcing your data allows for more flexible, dynamic data solutions.

Ease Of Recovery

Recovering data, even if you’ve backed it up manually, can be a technically complex process. Many businesses suffer several days of downtime after a severe data leak. Using an integrated cloud BUaaS solution will enable your company to rapidly resume normal operations and minimize any losses.

Strong Security

There are many security features that cloud backup companies incorporate which in-house departments might not. These include but aren’t limited to:

  • Encryption
  • Redundant backups
  • Guaranteed backups
  • Role-based authentication

The expansive infrastructure and human expertise of a backup as a service provider enable them to provide incredible data security. When you’re looking to minimize data risks, then outsourcing the work to a professional team is arguably the best choice.

Why Your Business May Need BUaaS

Good providers of backup as a service can make the difference between the success and failure of a business. Indeed, statistics on the large-scale loss of critical data are quite grim. A study performed in 2017 showed that the average data breach costs a business close to $4 million. Another study showed that a serious data breach can cause untold amounts of “hidden damage.” For instance, a brand’s reputation will suffer damage and people may doubt its competence for years. If you suffer catastrophic data loss, these issues can mar the image of your business.

Turning to backup as a service helps reduce the risk and severity of data leaks. With a specialized business storing your data, you can rest assured that human error is minimal and that the tech is the best. Even in the event of a severe breach, your business will be able to recover lost data and resume operations much more quickly. One of the prime dangers of a catastrophic data breach is the possibility of days or weeks of downtime afterward.

With the best cloud backup providers, you’re sure to avoid these pitfalls. There are many reputable names in the industry, such as Acronis, Barracuda, and SOS Online Backup. If you’ve researched them but you’re not sure which one is right for you, we can help. VPN.com is always an excellent choice for guidance and advice in all areas related to domains and IT.

Learn More About Backup As A Service

When you’re looking to learn more about IT and the digital requirements of running a modern business, VPN.com is the best choice. If you explore our blog, you’ll find that we’ve written extensively on subdisciplines across the IT field. When you need more thorough, individualized assistance, get in touch with us and schedule a consultation. Our team of experts can help you chart a complete digital strategy, from finding the perfect domain name to selecting the ideal virtual private cloud provider.

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