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What is a VPN for Japan?

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A VPN for Japan is a service that allows average Japanese internet users to protect their digital information, increase their online privacy, and encrypt any communications they send to family and friends. Using apps designed either for the desktop experience or their mobile phone, VPNs are a simple and easy way to get your device’s communication pathways encrypted and protected in a matter of minutes.

As one of the earliest adopters of technology in almost every side of the market, it’s no surprise that Japan also has one of the highest internet penetration rates of 93.3% of the population.

VPN.com has scoured the web to find all the VPN providers that offer servers from within Japan, and of the 91 different services found, Overplay was the fastest with a download speed average of just over 280Mbps!

Why Use a VPN in Japan?

As one of the more liberal countries in Asia when it comes to free speech, it’s no surprise to find that the country is one of the better places to live when it comes to personal data privacy and the right to say what you want online without fearing any repercussions.

That said, it was reported in 2013 that the government had leased out some of the more effective digital surveillance tools from the NSA warchest. This means that at least on some level the government is watching what its citizens do online, though there’s been no indication that the scope of the surveillance is anywhere near as broad or far-reaching as it became in the United States.

Even still, it’s always a good idea for anyone living in Japan to employ the services of a VPN in order to protect yourself from the prying eyes of the government and cybercriminals alike!

Of course! As a country that embraces technology in all forms, Japan is one of many nations in Asia that allows the usage of VPNs for the average internet user. So when you find the perfect VPN for you using the table above, don’t be afraid of G-Men busting down your front door once you download it on all of your favorite devices.

For more information on VPNs in Japan, be sure to stay tuned to VPN.com for all the latest updates on the country’s privacy policies and which providers offer the quickest speeds in the region.