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Heard about a VPN?  A VPN is a tool that keeps your online activities private and secure. So, if you are looking to buy a VPN, then Windscribe VPN could be a great choice. It has an easy-to-use interface. It has strong security features to protect you.

You can also get affordable pricing plans. And Windscribe VPN is also popular among VPN users. But like any service, it has both good points and bad points. We will explore the strengths and weaknesses together. This review will look at everything closely, including how to use Windscribe VPN, what is Windscribe VPN, its specs, pricing and more.

What Is A VPN, And Why Do You Need One?

What Is A VPN And Why Do You Need One

First, we need to understand what a VPN is and why you might need one. A VPN is a service that creates a secure and encrypted connection. This connection is between your device and a remote server. The encrypted connection protects your online activities. It protects from hackers, internet service providers (ISPs) and government agencies. These groups try to see what you do online. The VPN stops them from prying.

There are several reasons why someone might want to use a VPN:

  • Privacy: A VPN keeps your online activities private. It hides your internet traffic from your ISP. It hides your traffic from other third parties. This way no one can see what you are upto.
  • Security: We all connect to public WiFi, right? A VPN protects your data and protects you from potential hackers. It encrypts your internet connection.
  • Access restricted content: Some websites are blocked in certain areas and some services are censored. A VPN bypasses these restrictions and makes it seem you access the internet elsewhere.
  • Torrent downloads: Torrenting is not illegal itself. But some ISPs restrict torrent traffic. They throttle your internet speed. For that, a VPN conceals your torrent activity from your ISP.

Now that we understand the basics of VPNs, let’s look into the specifics of Windscribe VPN.

Why Is Windscribe VPN Gaining Popularity?

Why Is Windscribe VPN Gaining Popularity

Windscribe VPN is a top choice for online privacy and security. It was made by experts who really care about protecting digital rights. Windscribe VPN is different from other VPNs. Let’s see how.

Windscribe VPN is based in Canada. Canada has strong privacy laws which is a plus point for Windscribe. The VPN uses very strong encryption. This hides your internet activities from hackers and snoopers. Windscribe VPN has a strict no-logs policy and it does not store any of your online activities or information.

What makes Windscribe VPN special is its transparency and reliability. Its apps are open-source. Experts check the code for any issues regularly. This ensures that there are no backdoors or security holes. Windscribe VPN has servers all over the world. You can access content from anywhere. But your real location will stay private.

Windscribe VPN apps are always easy to use. They work on all devices. The apps have great security features. It has a kill switch and leak protection. Windscribe also offers flexible pricing plans. It even has a free version to offer. Windscribe is a complete solution for secure, private browsing.

Overall Rating: 4.7/5



Rating: 4.5/5

Windscribe VPN is fast compared to others. It gives you a quick and reliable internet. Windscribe VPN has servers all over the world. You can connect to a server close to you. This helps you get the fastest speeds. You can avail great speeds with Windscribe. You don’t have to do much. Just connect to a nearby server, and your internet will work really fast.

Security and Privacy

Rating: 5/5

Windscribe VPN is excellent for keeping you safe and private online. It has a strict no-logs policy. Other experts have checked this and confirmed it. Windscribe uses very strong encryption. It uses secure protocols too.

This makes your data super secure. Windscribe VPN is committed to transparency. Its code is open-source. This means anyone can check how it works. The open-source nature makes Windscribe more private. These things show that Windscribe really protects your privacy well.


Rating: 4.5/5

Windscribe VPN has many great features. It can block ads and trackers. This stops people from following your online activities. It has split tunneling. It means you can choose what internet traffic goes through the VPN. It supports secure protocols like WireGuard and OpenVPN. These keep your data safe. Here is detailed guide on the difference between WireGuard and OpenVPN.

Ease of Use

Rating: 5/5

Windscribe is very easy to use. It works well for new users and experienced users. The interface is simple and clear. Windscribe VPN has apps for all major devices. It has apps for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS. The apps make using Windscribe VPN smooth on any device. You do not need to be an expert. The apps are made for anyone to understand easily. Just a few clicks and you can start using Windscribe.

Customer Support

Rating: 4/5

Windscribe has a big collection of help guides. These guides explain how to use Windscribe VPN. They can assist you if you have problems. You can email Windscribe’s support if you need help. However, Windscribe does not have live chat support. This means you cannot get immediate help right away. Not having a live chat could make it harder. You may have to wait for an email response. The help guides are good. But live chat would allow for faster assistance.

Value for Money

Rating: 5/5

Windscribe has a free version. This version has some limits on features. But it is great for people with little money. Windscribe VPN also has paid plans. These plans do not cost too much money. But you get many good features and strong security. The paid Windscribe VPN plans give you excellent value. You pay a small amount. But you get a lot for that price.

Distribution of Windscribe VPN Users

Here is the distribution of Windscribe VPN users:

North America (35%)

In North America, people really care about privacy. There are many reports of companies and the government misusing people’s data. This makes people want to use VPNs like Windscribe. A VPN protects their online activities and keeps them anonymous.

North America has fast internet widely available. This helps because VPNs work smoothly without slowing things down. Many in North America use Windscribe VPN since it works well and has good internet speeds.

Windscribe can also get around location restrictions. This makes it popular for streaming shows and services. Normally these are blocked in some areas. But Windscribe VPN lets people access that content.

Europe (30%)

In Europe, there are strict privacy laws like GDPR. These laws make people aware of data protection. Because of this, more people use VPNs like Windscribe. A VPN keeps their online activities private and safe. Different European countries have different content restrictions. To get around these location limits, people use VPNs like Windscribe. A VPN lets them access services from other regions.

Like North America, Europe has very good internet infrastructure. This allows people to use VPNs easily without sacrificing speed. The internet is fast enough for VPNs to work smoothly.

Asia (20%)

In some Asian countries, the governments block many websites and online services. People cannot access a lot of the internet. Windscribe VPN can bypass these blocks and restrictions. This is why many people in Asia use Windscribe VPN. It lets them get to the full, unrestricted internet.

More and more people in crowded places like India and Indonesia are getting internet access. As this happens, they learn about online privacy risks. They don’t want people to see their activities. So they start using privacy tools like Windscribe VPN. A VPN protects their browsing and keeps it private.

South America (5%)

More people in South America are getting internet access. As this happens, they learn how important online privacy and security is. VPNs like Windscribe help keep them safe online. Some parts of South America have a lot of political and economic issues. In these regions, Windscribe VPN lets people communicate securely. It protects them from government surveillance. Windscribe VPN also helps people get around internet restrictions easily.

Other Regions (10%)

This group includes places like Africa, the Middle East, and parts of Oceania. In these areas, people use VPNs for different reasons. It depends on censorship, internet access, privacy laws, and technology levels.

People in these regions may use Windscribe VPN to get around censorship in their area. Or they use it to have more online privacy. Some use Windscribe to securely access content from other countries. Windscribe’s encryption and ability to bypass restrictions helps with this.

The reasons vary. However, Windscribe’s strong privacy and anti-censorship features are useful in many of these places.

Features of Windscribe:

Features of Windscribe


  • Feature: Windscribe has a special feature called R.O.B.E.R.T. It blocks ads, trackers, and bad malware.
  • Benefit: R.O.B.E.R.T keeps your online activities secret. Advertisers cannot follow what you do. It also protects you from bad software. It shields you from cyber threats too. R.O.B.E.R.T makes sure no one can see your private activities online. It keeps away ads, trackers, and malware.

No-Logs Policy

  • Feature: Windscribe has a no-logs policy. It does not store any information about what you do online.
  • Benefit: The no-logs policy keeps you completely private and anonymous. No one can access or share your online activities and browsing history. Your information stays secure and secret from everyone.

WireGuard Support

  • Feature: Windscribe uses the WireGuard protocol. WireGuard is the newest and fastest VPN protocol. It is also very secure.
  • Benefit: WireGuard makes your internet super fast. But it also has really strong encryption. This means you get great speeds and privacy. Your online activities will be both quick and private.

Split Tunneling

  • Feature: Split tunneling lets you pick what uses the VPN. Some apps go through the VPN tunnel. Other apps use your normal internet.
  • Benefit: Split tunneling is flexible. You choose which activities need VPN privacy. Other apps stay fast without the VPN. This optimizes performance. The right things get protected or stay fast.

Static IP Servers

  • Feature: Windscribe has static IP servers. These servers give you the same IP address each time.
  • Benefit: A static IP is helpful for some activities. Remote desktops and online gaming need the same address. With a static IP, your address does not change. This is useful for those kinds of activities.

Unlimited Devices

  • Feature: With Windscribe, you can use it on unlimited devices. One subscription works for desktops, laptops, phones, and tablets.
  • Benefit: This makes it very convenient. You can protect all your devices easily. Your whole digital life has online privacy. Everything stays secure with Windscribe on all your devices.

Free Tier

  • Feature: Windscribe has a free version. But this free version has limited features.
  • Benefit: The free version lets you try Windscribe safely. You can test Windscribe to see if you like it. Then you can decide if you want to pay for more features.

P2P/Torrent Support

  • Feature: Windscribe provides dedicated servers optimized for peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing and torrenting activities.
  • Benefit: You can safely engage in P2P file sharing and download torrents without compromising your privacy or risking potential legal issues.

Built-In Firewall

  • Feature: Windscribe has a built-in firewall. The firewall blocks bad connections that are trying to get into your device.
  • Benefit: The firewall protects your device from cyber threats. It keeps your online activities safe and secure. Bad things cannot get through the firewall to harm your device.

High-Speed Connections

  • Feature: Windscribe has strong security. But it is still very fast for downloading and uploading.
  • Benefit: You get great security without any slowness. Most VPNs make your internet slower. But not Windscribe. It is perfect for activities that need lots of data. You can stream HD video, play online games, and transfer big files easily. Windscribe is secure and fast.

Windscribe VPN: User Experience and Setup

Windscribe VPN User Experience and Setup

One of the strengths of Windscribe VPN is its user-friendly interface, making it accessible to users of all skill levels. Here’s a breakdown of the user experience and setup process:

Installation And Setup:

  • Windscribe VPN has apps for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Linux.
  • Installing it is very easy and takes only a few minutes.
  • After installing: You make an account, or you log in only if you already have one.

User Interface:

  • The Windscribe VPN app is simple and clear.  It has an easy switch to connect or disconnect the VPN.
  • You can easily see the list of server locations. You pick which location you want.
  • Inside the app, you can set up extras like the ad blocker and malware blocker.
  • The split tunneling feature is there too (if you pay).
  • Changing the settings is easy in the app.

Connection Speed And Reliability:

  • Windscribe VPN speeds are usually good. But speeds can change based on: where you are, which server you use and your internet provider
  • The app has a speed test tool. It can help test your speed and pick the fastest server. Windscribe VPN is mostly reliable.
  • But sometimes connections may drop and this can happen with any VPN service.

Customer Support:

  • Windscribe VPN provides customer support. You can contact them by email.
  • There is also a knowledge base and a community forum.
  • The support team is really helpful. They respond to user questions and issues as soon as possible.
  • But you should understand that the support is not available 24/7.

Overall, Windscribe VPN is easy to use. Beginners and experts can both set it up easily and use it. However, some users may want improvements in certain areas. The connection speeds could be better for some. Customer support could also be improved for some users.

Does Windscribe Work Effectively With Streaming Services Like Netflix To Access Geo-restricted Content?

Yes, Windscribe is highly effective in unblocking and accessing geo-restricted content on popular streaming platforms like Netflix. Here’s how Windscribe delivers a seamless streaming experience:


Windscribe VPN says it can unblock Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and other popular streaming. But this may not always work well. It depends on which server location you use. It also depends if the streaming service can detect you are using a VPN.

On the free Windscribe plan, you have limited servers. This makes it harder to access geo-blocked streaming content. The paid plans give you more server choices. So you may have better luck unblocking streaming services. But even with paid plans, the results can be inconsistent at times.


Windscribe VPN will allow you to torrent on most servers, which makes it a good choice for peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing. Windscribe hides your IP address and encrypts your traffic. This helps hide your torrenting activities from your internet provider (ISP). It also hides you from copyright trolls. However, Windscribe does not support illegal activities. It does not encourage downloading copyrighted material without permission. Torrenting itself is allowed, but not for illegal downloads.

You can use Windscribe to stream and torrent. But how well it works may vary. It depends on the server location, plan type, streaming service and the torrent client. You may need to try different servers. Paid plans give you more server choices. Upgrading to a paid plan may give better results.

Are There Any Known Issues With Using Windscribe On Particular Types Of Devices Or Operating Systems?

Are There Any Known Issues With Using Windscribe On Particular Types Of Devices Or Operating Systems

Like various good VPN companies, Windscribe works on many devices and operating systems. This includes desktops, laptops, and mobile devices. However, sometimes there can be small problems. These might happen with old software versions. Or with devices that are not common.

But issues like these are rare. They do not happen often. Windscribe aims to work smoothly on most normal devices and systems.

On Desktop

For desktop computers, Windscribe works well on Windows and macOS. It runs smoothly on most newer hardware. Your Windows or Mac OS just needs to be updated. For Linux, Windscribe likely works with popular Linux versions like Ubuntu. However, it may have some small issues with less common Linux setups. The main Linux versions should be compatible. Overall, desktops with updated, mainstream operating systems have no problems using Windscribe’s apps.

On Mobile

For mobile devices, Windscribe works smoothly on newer iPhone and iPad models. The iOS app integrates well with updated iOS versions. The Android app may need a relatively new Android version. Very old Android sometimes causes issues with VPN apps.

Any compatibility problems are rare exceptions. But users should still check Windscribe’s website. Look for advisories about your specific device and operating system before subscribing. Windscribe’s customer support can also confirm if it will work fully on your setup.

In general, Windscribe provides a hassle-free experience on most updated mobile devices. But it’s wise to verify your particular device is supported before using any VPN service.

Pros and Cons

Like any service, Windscribe VPN has its strengths and weaknesses. Here’s a breakdown of the pros and cons:


  • Easy to Use: The interface is simple and clear. It is easy for new users to use. Experienced users can try it too.
  • Strong Security: The encryption is very strong. It has extra security features like it can block ads and malware. Your privacy is the priority here.
  • Free Plan: There is a free plan option offered by them. The free plan is limited. But you can try it first.
  • Affordable Pricing: Paid plans are affordable. The prices are competitive, and more people can afford them.
  • Split Tunneling: You can choose which apps are allowed to use the VPN. You can also choose what uses the regular internet. This split tunneling feature is handy.


  • Few Free Locations: The free plan has few server locations. This may not work for some users because some users need servers in specific regions.
  • Streaming Issues: It can unblock some streaming, but it struggles with popular ones like Netflix or Hulu. The free plan has more streaming issues.
  • No Dedicated IP: The free plan has no dedicated IP option. Some apps and services need a dedicated IP. You must upgrade to a paid plan.
  • No Split Tunneling: Split tunneling is not on the free plan. This lets you control VPN usage. Free users cannot control this.
  • Lacks Advanced Features: It has fewer advanced features. Compared to other premium VPNs. Advanced users and businesses may want more.

Pricing and Plans

Monthly Cost
Features Included
Hidden Charges
Free Plan
With email confirmation, 10 GB of free internet access is available in 11 countries.
Build your own plan
Depends on your requirements
Each server location costs $1 per month, and you can add unlimited data and full access to R.O.B.E.R.T. for an additional $1 per month.
Pro Plan
You can purchase static IPs: $2 per month for a data center IP or $8 per month for a residential IP.

Windscribe VPN offers both free and paid plans to cater to different user needs and budgets. Here’s a breakdown of their pricing and plan options:

Free Plan:

  • 10 GB data per month limit
  • Servers in 10 countries only
  • No dedicated IP
  • No split tunneling

Unlimited Paid Plan:

  • $9 per month or $69 per year
  • Unlimited data
  • Servers in 64 countries
  • Unlimited devices
  • Split tunneling option
  • Static IP costs extra

Build Your Own Plan:

  • Start at $1 per server location
  • Add more features for extra cost
  • Like dedicated IP or unlimited data

Money-Back Guarantee:

  • Get your money back within 30 days
  • If you don’t like the paid plan
  • Try it risk-free
Pricing and Plans

Additional Costs:

VAT/Sales Tax: Depending on your location, there may be an additional tax like VAT or sales tax added to your Windscribe subscription cost.

Optional Add-Ons:

Static IP: You can get your own IP address, which does not change. But you have to pay extra for this.

Important Notes:

  • Annual Discount: If you pay for a full year upfront, you get a big discount. It is like getting two months for free.
  • Payment Options: You can pay with credit cards, PayPal, or cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Cryptocurrencies add more privacy.
  • Refund Policy: You can get a full refund if you cancel within 3 days. This lets you test Windscribe risk-free.

Main Extra Costs:

You may need to pay taxes based on your location. The static IP add-on also costs more if you need it. Overall, Windscribe has competitive pricing. And the annual plan provides excellent value for your money.

How To Install & Download Windscribe VPN?

How To Install Windscribe

Here is how you can install and download Windscribe VPN:



  • Visit the Windscribe website and create an account or log in.
  • Download the Windows VPN app.
  • Open the downloaded file.
  • Follow the instructions to install it.
  • Launch Windscribe.
  • Now log in with your account details.

Common Issue:

Problem: The connection keeps dropping.

Solution: Make sure your internet connection is stable. Turn off other VPN apps and check your firewall settings to allow Windscribe.



  • Go to the Windscribe website. Now create an account or log in.
  • Download the macOS VPN app.
  • Open the downloaded file and drag the Windscribe VPN app to your Applications folder.
  • Open Windscribe VPN from your Applications folder and log in.

Common Issue:

Problem: The app won’t open because it is from an unidentified developer.

Solution: Go to System Preferences > Security & Privacy > General, and click ‘Open Anyway’ next to the message about Windscribe.



  • Open the Google Play Store on your Android device.
  • Search for Windscribe and select the app.
  • Tap “Install”. Then open the app once it’s installed.
  • Log in with your Windscribe account details.

Common Issue:

Problem: Trouble connecting or slow speeds.

Solution: Try switching to a different server or protocol in the app settings. Make sure your network connection is reliable.



  • Open the App Store on your iOS device.
  • Search for Windscribe and download the app.
  • Open Windscribe and log in with your account details.

Common Issue:

Problem: The VPN disconnects when you lock your device.

Solution: Here is what you can do:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Go to the General section.
  • Find the VPN settings.
  • Check the “Connect On Demand” option.
  • This will make the VPN reconnect automatically.



  • Go to the Windscribe website and create an account or log in.
  • Open Terminal and install the Windscribe
  • CLI tool by typing the command for your Linux distribution (found on the Windscribe website).
  • Log in through the terminal using your Windscribe account details and connect using the command-line interface.

Common Issue:

Problem: Installation errors are caused by missing dependencies.

Solution: Make sure your system is up-to-date and that all required dependencies for the Windscribe CLI are installed.

Dealing with Website Issues:

Sometimes websites block VPN IP addresses. You may have trouble accessing some sites with Windscribe.

  • Change servers: If a website blocks the server you use, try a different Windscribe server.
  • Use stealth mode: Websites may detect regular VPN connections and block them. Stealth mode can hide your VPN traffic.
  • Clear cookies and cache: Some sites use cookies to track your location. Clear your browser’s cookies and cache. This may fix access issues.
  • Contact support: If a website still does not work, contact Windscribe’s support. They can provide guidance to help access the site.

Following these steps can help you install Windscribe and deal with any website access problems while using the VPN.

Servers And Locations:

Number of Servers
Features Available
United States
Unlimited data, streaming, P2P/Torrents
Unlimited data, streaming
United Kingdom
Unlimited data, streaming
Unlimited data
Unlimited data
Static IPs
Streaming, P2P/Torrents
Unlimited data
Unlimited data
Unlimited data
Streaming, P2P/Torrents
Unlimited data
Unlimited data
Unlimited data
South Africa
Unlimited data
Unlimited data

Windscribe has 111 servers located in over 64 countries worldwide, with popular locations getting a higher concentration of servers. Their network covers North America, Europe, Asia, South America, and more.

Some key server locations specialize in features like unlimited high-speed data for activities like streaming and torrenting. Other locations offer static IP options that are useful for remote access. No matter where you need a secure connection, Windscribe likely has a nearby server location from which to choose.

Facing Issues?

No service is perfect. You may have problems with Windscribe sometimes. But don’t worry, you can get help.

  • Check Help Center: Windscribe has guides on how to fix common issues. Look here first for steps to solve your problem.
  • Contact Support: If the help guides don’t work, you can email or message Windscribe support. Explain the issue. They will help you fix it.
  • Update App: Make sure you have Windscribe’s newest app version installed. Older versions may cause issues that update fix.
  • Check Settings: Review how you have Windscribe set up. Make sure settings are correct based on Windscribe’s advice.
  • Change Servers: If using one server, try a different Windscribe server location. The first server may have had issues.
  • Check Requirements: Ensure your device meets Windscribe’s requirements for operating system and hardware.

The main tips are – to use Windscribe’s help resources, update the app, verify settings, and contact support if needed. They can assist with any issues.

Customer Support and Resources

No matter how user-friendly a service is, there may be times when you need assistance or have questions. Let’s explore Windscribe VPN’s customer support and available resources:

Support Channels:

Windscribe VPN provides customer support in different ways; you can contact them by email. There is also a knowledge base of guides and a community forum for asking questions.

The support team is generally helpful. They respond to user queries and issues. But the support is not available 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. It means you cannot get help at any hour of the day or night.

Knowledge Base:

Windscribe VPN has a big knowledge base which contains lots of articles, guides, and tutorials. These explain many things about the VPN service. The knowledge base is very helpful. It means that you can use it to fix problems.

You can even learn how to use different features and can find answers to questions you may have. The knowledge base allows you to help yourself. It provides information in an easy way. The knowledge base is a useful tool for users.

Community Forum:

Windscribe VPN has an active community forum. Users can ask questions on the forum. Users can even share tips and experiences. You can talk with other VPN community members.

While Windscribe staff do not run the forum directly, it can still be helpful. You can find solutions to issues on the forum. You can get advice from experienced VPN users. The forum allows users to assist each other.

Video Tutorials and Guides:

Windscribe VPN has video tutorials too. The videos show you how to install and set up the VPN. They also explain how to use different features. The video tutorials can be very helpful.

Some people learn better by watching and following along. The videos allow a hands-on approach. Windscribe offers many ways to get support, such as email, guides, forums, and videos.

But live customer support is not available 24/7. Some users may want faster, direct support options. Especially if they have an urgent or serious issue. Live chat or phone support could be better in some cases. Overall, Windscribe tries to provide good resources. But the support may not meet everyone’s needs.

Why Should We Buy Windscribe from

Why Should We Buy Windscribe from VPNcom

Buying Windscribe from a third-party site like might offer some benefits compared to purchasing directly from Windscribe’s website. Here are some reasons why someone may want to buy through

Bundle Deals: may offer Windscribe together with other services or software in a single bundle pack, potentially saving you money instead of buying each item separately.

Exclusive Discounts:

Third-party sellers can sometimes negotiate special deals to offer the same VPN at a lower price or with extra benefits not available on the official website.

Extra Support: might provide additional customer support services like setup help, configuration assistance, or extended customer service hours.

Easy Comparison:

Platforms like allow you to compare Windscribe’s features side-by-side with other VPN services all on one site, making it easier to choose the best option.

Trustworthy Source: has a good reputation and satisfied customers. Maybe that is why some people prefer buying through them: for a sense of security in the purchase.

Special Promotions: may occasionally run special promotions or offers that could make it cheaper to buy Windscribe through them versus the official website.

So, in summary, purchasing from a third party like could potentially get you better pricing, bundle deals, extra support services, an easy comparison with other VPNs, and special promotional offers – as long as it’s a reputable platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many devices at once?

With a paid Windscribe plan, you can connect unlimited devices at the same time. Secure all your devices without limits.

Why is there a free version?

The free version lets you try Windscribe first. You can test it before paying for more features.

Can Windscribe see what I do online?

No, Windscribe cannot track your activities. They have a no-logs policy. Your data stays completely private.

Does it have a kill switch?

Yes, Windscribe has a kill switch. If the VPN disconnects, it blocks all internet to protect you.

How are mobile apps secured?

Windscribe regularly checks and updates the mobile apps. This protects against any security vulnerabilities.

Are there compatibility issues?

Big operating system updates can sometimes cause temporary issues with Windscribe. But they quickly fix any problems.

Does it impact online gaming?

Windscribe is designed to provide smooth online gaming performance. It reduces latency and lag.

The Bottom Line

After reviewing Windscribe VPN thoroughly, it has both positive and negative points. Here are some final thoughts and recommendations: The free Windscribe VPN plan could work well. It provides basic VPN features. It lets you connect to servers in 10 countries. This may be enough for simple web browsing and keeping your online activities private. But the free plan is quite limited. 

The paid Windscribe VPN plans are more strong. You get unlimited data and bandwidth. You can also access servers in over 100 countries. You can connect any number of devices. Get Split tunneling to control app connections. The option to get a dedicated IP address will also be provided. These features suit power users better, such as frequent streamers or heavy data users. And the paid pricing is also affordable compared to other premium VPN services.

Whether Windscribe VPN fits your needs depends on your specific VPN requirements and budget. Carefully weigh the pros and cons outlined to see if it matches your privacy/security priorities. The free plan could suit casual, budget users. However, limitations may frustrate advanced users.

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