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What is a VPN for Bitcoin?

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From a fringe project started by an anonymous forum member to a $300 billion market cap, Bitcoin has turned the world of finance on its head in the past decade, and doesn’t look to be slowing down anytime soon.

The decentralized currency system relies on a system known as “blockchain” to create and verify digital transactions over a network that is only as strong as the millions of individuals that help contribute to it every day.

Bitcoin, and many other “cryptocurrency” variants like it are the first truly anonymous method of paying for goods and services online without tying your true identity to the transaction. The way blockchain works makes it nearly, (if not completely), impossible to pinpoint the owner of a Bitcoin outside of the ID left within the collective ledger, which itself is just a random jumble of letters and numbers that only make sense as a transaction between two anonymous parties and little else.

Why use a VPN with Bitcoin?

Although the act of trading Bitcoin from one party to another is technically anonymous, actually finding someone who wants to buy when you want to sell is the part where true anonymity becomes a bit more complicated.

Increased security and anonymity

In the early days Bitcoin was a strictly P2P transaction, backed up by the blockchain and assured only by the meager number of people who decided to stand behind it. Of course these days it’s evolved into something much more complex than that, while simultaneously becoming more accessible than ever!

Anyone who considers themselves more of a novice to the Bitcoin scene might be surprised to learn that there are major institutions already dedicated to buying, selling, and trading Bitcoin on a daily basis. These firms offer up simple, oftentimes instant Bitcoin transactions that use proprietary algorithms to predict pricing structures and give customers immediate access to BTC in realtime like no other services can.

But, like all luxuries, they come at a price. In the case of exchanges like Coinbase (which let you instantly start trading BTC with little more than a credit card number), providing basic identifying information like your name or your home address is more and more considered par for the course. Not only that, but because you sign over a huge number of privacy rights when you agree to the Coinbase TOS, the company is actually given permission to monitor exactly how, and with whom, you trade your BTC on a day to day basis.

Not only that, but even private wallets - while anonymous at first - can quickly be identified if repeatedly tied to a pattern of easily identified transactions. This is why it’s recommended by Bitcoin gurus and noobies alike to always use a VPN when you trade online.

True anonymity at checkout

Every day, more and more VPN providers are adding themselves to the list of companies that fully support cryptocurrency options like Bitcoin as a valid way to pay for a monthly subscription. As more large companies stand behind the currency, it only continues to grow in both legitimacy and adoption across the board.

Providers like PureVPN, ExpressVPN, and Private Internet Access all accept Bitcoin as a way to pay at checkout, and you can see the full list of all the companies that support the option by checking out our table posted above.

Move digital privacy rights forward

Finally, one of the biggest benefits to using a VPN when buying Bitcoin, tht when you sign up for a VPN using a cryptocurrency option like Bitcoin you make a vote with your wallet that stands for anonymity in a way like never before.

Given the inherently private nature of Bitcoin, as more people become interested in the currency, more will start to think about what a truly anonymous and private world might look like if BTC ever became the dominant way we transacted online.

This increased interest in privacy, along with greater acceptance among all online merchants and payment processors, will only happen as long as the privacy community continues to champion Bitcoin as the brave new future that it is. So get out there and buy some BTC with your VPN already, it’s helping to save the world of digital rights as we know it!

Who needs a VPN for Bitcoin?

If one of your primary reasons for seeking out or using Bitcoin in the first place is to have a secure, truly anonymous way to transact online, then a VPN is the right choice for you.

As we’ve mentioned above, there are a number of different methods that trading sites, web browsers, and even your own router can identify you when you think you’re buying truly anonymous currency online. This is why it’s vital that from the moment you decide to purchase cryptocurrency anonymously that you’re doing so from behind the protection and security that a proper VPN network can provide.

What does Bitcoin do to protect your identity on its own?

Because Bitcoin relies on a system of random numbers to verify its transactions (encrypted via SHA-256), essentially none of the information encoded on the blockchain itself could ever be traced back to you or your identity online.

It works like this: when a miner solves a new “block” via their mining computer (generally a series of purpose-built graphics cards all strung together on one motherboard), they’re awarded exactly 12.5 BTC.

The Bitcoin record, or “blockchain”, is a public ledger that all Bitcoin owners and operators on the network contribute to. The blockchain verifies that each transaction between two wallets is always for the exact amount that both parties agree too. Once verified, the transaction completes and is logged permanently in the ledger.

This process of open-source verification keeps everyone in the Bitcoin network accountable to one another, and makes it so no transaction can’t be hacked since each one made is immediately verified against all others happening in the network at the same time.

This makes it next to impenetrable from a security standpoint, and also makes it the single most private and anonymous way for anyone in the world to make or receive payments online!

Of course! Everyone from Wall Street bankers to your grandparents have been trading Bitcoin over the past few months, and it’s because right now Bitcoin trading is legal in every country around the world!

As a decentralized, government-less currency, Bitcoin is free from the thousands of regulations and restrictions that standard currencies face when pushed up against the debt limits of their host governments. This means that even though we recommend using a VPN when buying Bitcoin for increased privacy reasons, you should still be able to tie your IP to the purchase history without worrying about legal repercussions from your local authorities.

VPN not working with Bitcoin?

Sometimes a VPN might cause some problems when you’re trying to purchase your Bitcoin. It can also be difficult just trying to figure out how to buy Bitcoin in the first place! To help out, here’s our guide on a few common issues people run into when using a VPN and Bitcoin together online.

Complicated purchase process

To simplify your Bitcoin purchasing experience, we recommend going with one of the larger Bitcoin exchanges, and US residents in particular should look at Coinbase or Kraken to handle their USD to BTC transaction.

These sites make it simple to pull money directly from your account and transfer it into the BTC market, selling you coins the company has already backstocked from the blockchain and supplied directly from miners themselves.

However, unlike a regular Bitcoin transaction which is truly anonymous, when you go through an exchange like Coinbase you have to give up your real identity. If you were ever to use the Bitcoin in your Coinbase wallet for activities that the company doesn’t approve of or isn’t within their Terms of Service, they’d be within their right to close your account after giving you a separate wallet to withdraw to.

They would also have a ledger of those interactions, which means that if you plan on using BTC for any purposes you think might qualify as a bit more...dodgy, then it’s important that you always keep your true IP address hidden behind a VPN then next time you connect to your Coinbase account!