The Top User Friendly VPN Features In 2023

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VPNs are one of the strongest steps you can take to enhance the security of your computers and mobile devices. They also allow you to connect securely to servers in other countries, making it possible to view geo-restricted content. 

As technology continues to advance, VPN providers are adding new features to become more user friendly. Take a look at the top user-friendly VPN features in.

Apps That Work On All Devices

In, user-friendly VPNs don’t limit themselves to apps that work on just one or two platforms. You can now find services that work with your router, smart TV, streaming media devices, gaming consoles, and more.

If you plan to use your VPN features with many devices, look for a provider that offers high numbers of connections for each account. The 2019 industry standard was five connections per account. That may not be enough, though, for households with multiple mobile devices, smart TVs, and streaming devices. Look for providers that offer 10 or 12 connections. Also, there are a handful of VPNs that let you connect an unlimited number of devices to the network.

Advanced Security Features

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If top-level security is a big concern for you, check out apps that provide multi-hopping. This user-friendly VPN feature routes your transmission across multiple servers to make your traffic even harder to track. Some services are even able to mask the very fact that you’re using a VPN. That way, your Internet service provider doesn’t see your VPN, much less your activity on it.

Take a look as well at the jurisdiction your VPN operates from. Many users looking for ultra-security opt for VPNs based in Switzerland or Panama. Both countries have extremely strong data protection laws.

The best VPNs offer to kill switch features. This security-conscious feature protects your data even if the VPN connection fails, preventing anything from leaving the encrypted tunnel. Other privacy features include the wiping of cookies as well as protection for your device’s mic and camera.

The ability to pay in bitcoin is a user-friendly plus that gives users the option to sign up anonymously. Go with a VPN that conducts independent audits to confirm that its security features are up to par.

Overall Ease Of Use

You can find user-friendly VPN features like a one-click startup, a new feature in. It’s ideal for users who aren’t fully tech-savvy but still need cyber protection. It’s also great for anyone who just wants to get to work quickly. 

Another great ease-of-use advancement? The ability to access customer support via text message.

Ease of use also extends to the user interface, and not all VPNs are equal here. If you’re trying to unblock a website, would you rather have to keep trying new servers until you strike gold? Or would you rather see the website listed by name on the interface? Now that’s a handy feature to have. Other user-friendly interface VPN features are buttons to help you torrent files and stream media.

Access To Content

All VPNs let you access servers in other countries. However, not every provider opens the gates to content in every country. If you have specific geo-fences you need to get around, read the fine print before you sign up. Some user-friendly VPNs, though, add extra features that allow unhindered access to content. For example, you might be interested in unblocking Netflix, BBC iPlayer, or Amazon Prime. In some countries, you may even need a VPN to access Facebook or YouTube.

Other Helpful VPN Features

It’s not just black hat hackers who want to track your movement through the Internet. Advertisers also want to know what sites they’re visiting. Look for VPNs that work at the server level to block ads as well as malware and phishing attempts.

What do you do if you need an actual IP address in another country? The most user-friendly VPN Features provide dedicated IP addresses around the world.


Understanding user-friendly VPN features newly available in can help you make the right choice for your cybersecurity needs.’s compilation of reviews of over 900 VPN providers can help you find the best combination of features and price.