The Benefits Of Managed Hosting Services: Why Your Business Needs

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In today’s world, we think that having a strong online presence is key for any thriving business. Think about it. Does your website truly reflect your business’s goals or could it be better? Your website’s hosting will play a big role in how your brand is seen online. It is just like your shop window on the web and it needs to make a great first impression.

Hosting companies will ensure that your website has its spot on the internet. And it makes it accessible to people everywhere. Right now, there are almost 367 million domain names on the internet. And interestingly 37% of them rely on shared hosting to keep their sites live.

However, we think that shared hosting might save you some cash. But it doesn’t always give you the flexibility or capacity you might need. That is where benefits of managed hosting services steps in. It gives businesses more say in how their website runs. And the good news? Finding the right atlantic managed hosting service is simpler than you think.

So, let’s explore atlantic managed hosting service and discover how it could be the right choice for your business.

What Is Managed Hosting?

What Is Managed Hosting

Hosting is essentially a digital storage unit where online content; be it videos, photos, or other data resides. It is basically the backbone that ensures when someone types in your website address then they are greeted with your content.

Now, there are various companies that are specialized in providing this hosting service. They give your website a designated space on their servers which enables people to view your content whenever they wish.

When we talk about managed hosting services then remember it adds an extra layer of service. In, the hosting company will not just give you space but they will take on the responsibility of ensuring the server is well-maintained and is running smoothly.

This management service typically comes in two types:

  • Active Management – Here, the hosting company takes the initiative. If there is a potential issue then they will tackle it head-on, often even before you are aware that there is a problem. They are always a step ahead which ensures that things run seamlessly.
  • Passive Management – With this approach, the ball is in your court. If you spot an issue or need changes then you reach out to the hosting provider and ask for assistance.

Remember, the choice between active and passive management often comes down to how hands-on you want to be with your website’s backend operations.

Why Is Managed Hosting A Necessity Nowadays?

Why Is Managed Hosting A Necessity Nowadays

Your website is super important for your business. It could be a place just to share info about your company or a full-on online shop. The speed and smooth running of your site usually depend a lot on hosting which is kind of like its engine.

If the hosting isn’t strong enough for your website then visitors might face issues. It is similar to how a slow computer works. Here is a shocking fact that online shops lose about $2.5 million every year because their pages load too slowly.

As more people visit your site – you should be careful. Because if the hosting isn’t good then your site can become slower. Having a reliable server (even if it’s not the most powerful) can be better than having a super powerful but unreliable one.

Another big thing to think about is downtime. Just like our computers need updates or fixes now and then, so does your website’s server. Things like harmful software can make it stop working suddenly. Having your site down often is bad for business. Your goal is to make sure customers can always check out what you offer.

So the main idea? Good hosting lets you focus on your work without stressing about website issues. The less you worry about the website, the more you can do for your business.

What Is The Difference Between Managed And Unmanaged Hosting?

What Is The Difference Between Managed And Unmanaged Hosting

When you go for unmanaged hosting then the service provider takes care of the basics: setting up the hardware, putting in an operating system, and ensuring the system and network are up and running.

So what is on your plate? Your job is to get the site running. That means installing the apps you want, adding extra software, setting up firewalls, and making sure there are backups in case something goes wrong.

How do you decide what is right for your business, though? Let us break down the two types of hosting to help you choose.

Unmanaged Hosting
Managed Hosting
Here are the key takeaways for Unmanaged Hosting:
Here are the key takeaways for Managed Hosting:
You will need a team who knows their way around servers since you will handle both the software and hardware parts.
No need to stress about software and hardware upkeep; the hosting provider's got it covered.
Staying updated on security is all up to you.
They are on top of security. Some even throw in a free SSL certificate with certain plans.
Regular software updates? That is your task.
This setup lets you put your energy into growing your business, like ramping up your Digital Marketing or boosting your website traffic.
You have full control over everything - right down to the server hardware.
So, managed hosting is the go-to for people who might not be tech wizards and would rather spend their time focusing on expanding their business. In short, pick what aligns best with your skills and business goals.
Given all these points we think that unmanaged hosting is best for folks who know the ins and outs of systems and want more control than what typical servers offer.

How Managed Hosting Can Benefit Technically?

How Managed Hosting Can Benefit Technically

Before getting a atlantic managed hosting service it is important to know how they can benefit you technically. Because this is where you will know if a company should be trusted or not. So keep reading to learn the technical benefits of atlantic managed hosting service:

Server Monitoring

We think that it is important to keep tabs on your hosted managed services. Think of it like a health check-up but for your hosted managed services. The goal? You can spot any odd behaviors or signs of potential issues with hosted managed services. Skilled system admins keep a close eye in pinpointing and fixing issues with hosted managed services before they turn into big headaches.

Remember that: “It is better to be safe than sorry.” If you are using atlantic managed hosting service then the constant surveillance will ensure that your servers stay up and running smoothly. It is important for both you and your clients.

While we know that you can monitor servers yourself. However, it demands specific expertise – as well as a alot of your time and budget.


Keeping servers safe is a top priority. It’s a multi-layered task which includes:

  • Frequent security checks
  • Filtering out spam
  • Scanning for viruses
  • Setting up software firewalls
  • Regularly updating the operating system

Your hosting provider will offer you with many tools and will teach you to handle these security tasks. They will routinely check for weak spots and fix them, preventing any malicious attacks.

Managed Storage

A business’s storage needs can change. Maybe you will need more space in a few months or less in a year. Adjusting to these fluctuations requires technical knowledge. Managed storage lets you hand over your storage concerns to experts, which often cuts down costs related to managing storage.

Specialized Database Management

Similar to storage, database management is a specialty area which is best left to Database Administrators (DBAs). These pros design databases according to your needs. Most atlantic managed hosting service providers have DBAs experienced in popular platforms like SQL Server, MySQL, and Oracle. You can get the expertise without any trouble.


Imagine losing crucial data. It’s a nightmare and a costly one. Regular backups, offered by managed cloud hosting services, ensure that your data remains safe and intact. Studies reveal that small businesses could lose over half of their data during major incidents. Managed services provide backups, so you rest easy knowing that your data’s shielded against unforeseen events.

Having covered the technical advantages, let’s get deep insights of how atlantic managed hosting services boosts your business game.

What Are Benefits Of Managed Hosting Services For Businesses? managed hosting services

Here are some of the benefits of using atlantic managed hosting service from for businesses.

Fulfills Your Unique Demands

We all know that every business is different and top-tier atlantic managed hosting service will not follow a generic approach. Which is why they specifically will fulfill your unique demands. The perk? You can discuss and pick services that align with your business goals and budget. They ensure you get the best fit.

Cut Down on Costs

For a business who just started, every penny counts. Adding the salaries of in-house tech experts like system admins or database managers will surely stretch your budget. That’s why choosing managed cloud hosting services, a managed hosting partner, often proves to be a smarter financial decision. Because they already have the skilled workforce to tackle any technical issue that you can face.

Enhanced Time and Financial Efficiency

In the business world, remember one thing that hosted managed services, the time here is equal to money. If you are facing any server issues or supervising those who do hosted managed services. Then trust us, you are diverting precious time from your business’s core activities hosted managed services.

Remember, there is a limit to your daily hours and handling server issues can be time-consuming, especially during unexpected challenges hosted managed services. Your focus should be on your business towards growth and strategizing for the future hosted managed services.

In essence, choosing managed hosting services can be a strategic move to streamline operations and ensure your time and resources are invested right.


What is Managed Hosting?

Managed Hosting is a specialized service where not only is space provided for your website on servers but there’s also an added layer ensuring that the server is well-maintained and running efficiently. Companies like not only allocate server space but also take on the responsibility of its upkeep.

How does Managed Hosting differ from Shared Hosting?

While shared hosting is a cost-effective solution where multiple websites share a single server’s resources, managed hosting gives businesses more control over how their website functions. Managed hosting typically provides better flexibility, and capacity, and can be more robust in terms of performance.

What are the two main types of management in Managed Hosting?

The two primary types are Active Management and Passive Management. In Active Management, the hosting company proactively addresses issues, often before the client even notices them. In Passive Management, the client takes the lead, reaching out to the hosting company when assistance or changes are needed.

Why is Managed Hosting considered crucial for modern businesses?

With the increasing importance of online presence, Managed Hosting ensures a smooth, efficient, and fast-loading website. Issues like slow page load times can cost businesses significantly, and regular downtimes can hurt a brand’s reputation. Managed Hosting ensures optimal uptime, speed, and security.

What responsibilities fall on the client in Unmanaged Hosting?

In Unmanaged Hosting, while the service provider handles the basics like setting up hardware and the operating system, it’s up to the client to manage the software side of things. This includes tasks like installing desired apps, managing software updates, setting up firewalls, and ensuring backups.

How do Managed Hosting services enhance security?

Managed Hosting prioritizes server safety through multi-layered tasks such as frequent security checks, spam filtering, virus scanning, setting up software firewalls, and regularly updating the operating system.

How can Managed Hosting benefit a business financially?

Managed Hosting can be a cost-effective solution, especially for startups or small businesses. It eliminates the need for in-house technical teams like system admins or database managers, translating to salary savings. Moreover, managed solutions ensure optimal website performance, which can indirectly lead to better revenue.


For anyone who is running a business with a website might think that what we have talked till now seems like common knowledge. But let us be honest, thinking about all these things can be a bit overwhelming. That is probably why some businesses stick with unmanaged hosting or do it yourself hosting because they might not know the full benefits of hosted managed services.

With this article, We hope that you now have a clearer picture of what hosted managed services can do for you, your business, and your customers. At the very least, We hope  that it makes you think about whether hosted managed services might be a better fit for your needs or not.

In the end, sometimes it is just easier and smarter to let the experts handle things like server management. They know their stuff and it can really help your business run smoother.


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