Nowadays the need of Ecommerce websites is growing immensely. There are many businesses who want to be online and then sell things easily. Also, making Ecommerce websites has become so easy nowadays. Various companies will offer you website hosting and all will say that they are the best.

But you need to be careful because not all the hosting companies are good for Ecommerce. Some can not handle the special features that are needed for business websites.

So, a good Ecommerce hosting company should provide you good performance, have emails for business, tools for managing content and other features that are required for online businesses. We have tested so many hosting companies and picked the best one’s for Ecommerce. We will talk about what to look for and how these Ecommerce web hosts will perform in those areas.

What Is Hosting?

What Is Hosting

Before jumping into the top enterprise hosting for online retail companies; we think that you should know about what hosting actually is. In simple terms, you can say that web hosting is like renting or buying your own space on the internet where you can place your website. To make your website viewable there are some tools required like HTML, CSS, and images that need a home on a server.

So, now what a server is? It is basically a computer that will link people from anywhere in the world to your website. Web hosting service providers have the servers, connections and related services to host websites. They will offer you different hostings that will meet your many needs; it can range from small blogs to big organizations.

Moreover, if you want to grow yourself online then we think that you might need dependable web hosting. There are many web hosting out there which will provide you with these services. Their plans can be free with limited options or pricey which are specially made for businesses. Your every choice will depend on how you plan to use your website and your hosting budget.

Picking the right hosting plan is very important for anyone. Because it means that you have the right resources to keep your website loading fast and reliable for your visitors. Now think about those businesses that literally rely on their online presence. Or you can say that their sales and leads come from their website.

If someone goes to a website and faces issues like slow loading or no appearance then your potential customers will never stick around. They will leave your website and find a site that will work smoothly and give them what they need.

What Is A Web Hosting Provider?

What Is A Web Hosting Provider

You might have heard the name hosting service provider whenever we talk about hosting, right? It is basically a company or a partner in the world of IT service that provides people, businesses or managed service providers the ability to use IT resources and services from a distance. These services are used to host websites, databases, applications and other essential systems.

Now let us talk about web hosting services. What are they? They are basically the providers who offer several web hosting services to their clients. They make sure to provide their users the best experience possible. So, whenever you take this service then you don;’t have to worry about anything.

These web hosting services usually cover everything that is needed to host and take care of a website or other IT stuff. It includes servers, hardware, software, data storage, IT support, cybersecurity and more.

You should know that getting a web hosting model will provide you many benefits in comparison to handling it all alone; putting a web server in an office. This way companies can hand over their day to day hosting and management tasks to a third which have more expertise and resources in hosting. 

Going with a web hosting model will also help companies to save money by skipping their big upfront investments. Instead they pay a smaller subscription every month. This model will also take away the day to day management from busy IT  teams. It will let them focus on more valuable projects for business growth.

Why Should We Get Web Hosting?

Why Should We Get Web Hosting

Here are some of the reasons that we think that web hosting might be the right choice for you to go with.


When it comes to websites, particularly in the realm of enterprise hosting for online retail, you should know that reliability is very important; it doesn’t matter if your hosting is free or paid. But you should know that the real dependability will usually come with a paid plan, especially in enterprise hosting for online retail.

So, if you want your website to work all the time; 24/7, then you need a host with a strong server and good connections. Before picking up a host, you should check how often their services have been down in the context of enterprise hosting for online retail. Try reading their reviews and see if they are fulfilling their promise about the uptime or not.

A website that is hard to reach or often down will lose visitors, customers, and money. So, if someone else tries to visit your website and it is not working, then they will probably go to another site instead of visiting yours. You should know that slow access is frustrating for regular visitors and especially for you when you are trying to add new stuff.

Dealing With Traffic And Bandwidth

You should understand the limits that are on your data that your site can use and choose a plan that will fit your needs. So, if your site will have videos, music or other things that need a lot of data then make sure that you make a plan that can handle it. 

Multiple Domain Hosting

Multiple Domain Hosting

There are many people who own more than one domain because they are affordable these days, especially in the context of enterprise hosting for online retail, and we think that it is tempting to have a few. When you have multiple domains for enterprise hosting for online retail, then you will need extra hosting space to accommodate them.

If you want to make hosting simpler, you can host more than one domain from a single account. Every separate website that you host on the same account is called an add-on domain.

There are many shared hosting providers that will allow add-on domains, but it is a good idea to check in advance how they charge for it, particularly when it pertains to enterprise hosting for online retail companies.

PHP, .htaccess, SSH, MySQL, FTP, etc

If you need to add things like PHP or Perl for your enterprise hosting for online retail, then make sure that you can do it without waiting for your host’s approval. We know that in the realm of enterprise hosting for online retail, you would never like to be stuck waiting to improve your site, right?

So for tasks like changing error pages, protecting your site from data theft, and controlling access to your folder; you will have to work with “.htaccess” files. SSH access is very handy for handling databases like MySQL, especially if you are running a blog or content management system in the context of enterprise hosting for online retail.

FTP is also a very common way to move pages and files from your computer to your host’s server so anyone can see them online. There are some hosts that might want you to use their website builder instead of making your own pages.

But if you are not a beginner and your website is a bit complex, then make sure you can use FTP or upload your pages another way in the field of enterprise hosting for online retail.

Control Panel

Your control panel is basically like the command center for your website hosting, especially in enterprise hosting for online retail. It will let you handle different aspects of your hosting account on your own.

So, if you are using a commercial host for enterprise hosting for online retail, then we think that having a control panel is pretty standard. It will allow you to do routine tasks without waiting for technology support to make simple changes.

There is a popular one that we call “cPanel”. It will give you an easy dashboard to manage email addresses, account passwords, and basic server settings in the context of enterprise hosting for online retail. It will also save time as compared to going through tech support or paying extra each time you need to do basic admin stuff.


If you plan to host email accounts alongside your website, especially in the context of enterprise hosting for online retail, then you should make sure that your host will let you set up the email addresses that you need on your domain before you sign up.

We think that having email addresses that are associated with your domain, such as [email protected], will add a professional touch as compared to generic addresses, which is crucial in enterprise hosting for online retail.

So, even if your host will not provide you with emails, there are still alternative ways that you can use to secure an email account with your own domain name, a key aspect in the realm of enterprise hosting for online retail companies.

24/7 Support

We think that in this unpredictable world of websites, especially in enterprise hosting for online retail, you should have professional support 24/7. It means that when things go wrong in the realm of enterprise hosting for online retail, then you want someone who is available to assist you immediately.

It is also reassuring to know that the person on the other end has the technical knowledge about how to resolve your issues rapidly. You should read online reviews that share real customer experiences.

And for the non-urgent queries or when you prefer to troubleshoot on your own; you should check if the host has a knowledge base or FAQs that will enhance your understanding. It means that whether you prefer phone support or comprehensive documentation to solve problems independently in the context of enterprise hosting for online retail; make sure that these resources are available.


When it comes to web hosting, particularly enterprise hosting for online retail, the price that you pay often will reflect the quality that you receive. Let us talk about a basic website, the shared hosting for them can range from $20 to $160 per year. And if you need more capacity for enterprise hosting for online retail, then higher-tier hosting plans may start at $150 and they can go up from there.

There are many commercial hosts that will offer you super flexibility in payment plans. They will allow you to choose between monthly and annual payments. So we think that going for an annual plan will usually come with a cheaper rate. Once you are confident in the reliability of the service, then you can switch to these more economical annual payments or swiftly change hosts if your expectations are not met.

Also, let’s talk about the renewals. The signup prices are often low but the renewal prices for enterprise hosting can spike. It is like an industry norm. So you should be sure to check renewal costs, especially for enterprise hosting for online retail. Unless you are comfortable switching hosts every year, then you should consider these renewal prices as part of the deal.

What Are The Top Enterprise Hosting For Online Retail Companies?

What Are The Top Enterprise Hosting For Online Retail Companies

If you are still unsure about starting your online store then we think that choosing the right ecommerce hosting provider is the first step that you should take. The top services will not cover your basics like fast speeds, strong security, many features and minimal downtime but they will also coordinate with popular ecommerce platforms.

So, to help you make the best we have thoroughly analyzed some of the leading ecommerce hosting providers. We have considered various factors in it like user-friendliness, security, pricing, customer support and migrations options.

We have also looked into their commitment to reliable uptime, regular backups and good storage space. Now here are some of our top picks that will help you set up and expand your ecommerce website.


DreamHost is an excellent company for helping you set up your online store with enterprise hosting for online retail. They focus a lot on using WordPress, ensuring your site is safe, and making it easy for you to use enterprise hosting for online retail.

DreamHost will give you cool things for your online shop, like pre-installed WooCommerce on WordPress, different store designs, lots of email accounts, and unlimited bandwidth, all tailored for enterprise hosting for online retail. What’s nice is that they make it easy to add stuff to your shopping cart, manage your inventory, and accept payments, so your business can run smoothly online with enterprise hosting for online retail.

They take security seriously, too, which is perfect for enterprise hosting for online retail. All their plans come with free SSLs, daily backups, privacy for your domain, and extra protection with a firewall and Cloudflare CDN. They even follow PCI rules to add an extra layer of safety for enterprise hosting for online retail.

When we checked how well DreamHost’s servers perform, they did well, a crucial aspect of enterprise hosting for online retail. They are almost perfect, responding super quickly. But here is a thing to know – DreamHost works best if most of your customers are in the US.

All their servers are there. But they give you a free CDN, so people from anywhere can access your site fast. Getting help from DreamHost is easy, too. We tried their live chat, phone support, and email help; they were all professional and helpful.

Talking about money, DreamHost has a unique plan for WordPress starting at $16.95/month if you have an extensive online store. It comes with a free domain, unlimited bandwidth, an easy 1-click installer, and many good features for your online enterprise, especially for enterprise hosting for online retail.

Plus, they’re so sure you’ll like that they offer an extended 97-day money-back guarantee. DreamHost is still one of the best choices for hosting your enterprise, with enterprise hosting for online retail. They keep it simple, offer great features, and do a good job.



Hostinger stands out as a super affordable choice for Ecommerce. Despite the low cost, you won’t compromise on quality. While it keeps things simple but it will boast some of the quickest page load times and highest reliability.

Hostinger’s shared plans impressed us with a cool 1-click installer offering popular Ecommerce CMSs like Magento, PrestaShop, or Joomla. Sites are hosted on LiteSpeed web servers with caching. You also get a bunch of features like a free custom domain, business email accounts, SSL, and WP-CLI integration – a lot for the price, especially when compared to big names like SiteGround.

Hostinger takes online enterprise security seriously. You get free SSL, weekly backups, server-level and web application firewalls, server monitoring, and DDoS protection. Their vault meets the highest PCI-DSS Level 1 compliance for the strongest security.

With 8 data centers worldwide, Hostinger will offer great global coverage. When we tested it on shared hosting plans with our mock-up then the Ecommerce site showed excellent uptime and fast page loading. Hostinger’s customer support is ready 24/7 through live chat, emails, or tickets. The agents are knowledgeable and eager to help.

Hostinger’s Cloud hosting plan which starts at $8.09/month is fantastic for larger online stores. It includes a free domain, SSL, unlimited bandwidth, and daily backups. Plus, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee if you change your mind.

In short, if you are going for Ecommerce on a budget then Hostinger is the go-to. It will not only fit the bill but also delivers best performance and a great user experience.


Bluehost is a really popular choice for hosting, especially if you are into WordPress. It has got a good reputation, and even WordPress itself recommends it. The best part is that it is super easy to use.

Bluehost will not only smoothly connect with WordPress but also comes with a cool staging feature. We tried it out and liked it a lot. This feature will let you make changes to your online enterprise privately by creating a copy. Plus, you also get a free domain for the first year, business email accounts, free SSL certificates, automatic backups, and unlimited bandwidth.

Bluehost takes care of your site’s security. It offers things like PCI compliance, a free SSL certificate, protection against DDoS attacks and firewalls, and automatic backups.

Bluehost puts more focus on user experience than just speed. Over two months of monitoring our pretend Ecommerce site, Bluehost had only 6 short outages, keeping uptime at 99.99%. The catch is that its servers are only in the US. Great if you are targeting North American audiences which are not so great if your visitors are elsewhere. 

Bluehost gives you lots of ways to get help; choose from live chat, phone calls, tickets, or email. We tried their 24/7 live chat and got quick and professional assistance.

Bluehost’s WooCommerce hosting starts at $9.95/month and will cover everything that you need for a bigger store. You get built-in security with free SSL certificates and Jetpack. If you change your mind within 30 days then there is a money-back guarantee.

All in all, Bluehost is awesome for beginners. It is an all-in-one option that will support you at every step of making and running a website.


Before knowing about the top enterprise hosting for online retail, it was essential to understand the importance of web hosting. You should know why you are getting web hosting; only then will you be able to get the right one for enterprise hosting for online retail.

For your E-commerce sites, we have listed the top three enterprises that will make sure to grow your business and stand there with you to give outstanding performance. You won’t get better options anywhere else.

But if you want to explore, then the choice is yours. We hope we have cleared all your confusion, but if we haven’t, please ask us anything.

Customer Reviews for Liquid Web

JC Jonathan Cutler

Top Enterprise Hosting For Online Retail Companies
Amazing Customer Service
I own a small company and neither myself nor my employees are very tech savvy. We've been using Liquid Web for probably 10 years just because they always make it so easy. If there is every any issue, which is rare, I just email them and they not only respond promptly, but take care of it immediately. I wish the rest of the world offered such amazing service. It would be worth paying extra for honestly, but the good news is that their prices are excellent as well. Highly recommend.
Date of Experience:
April, 25 2023
JG John G

Top Enterprise Hosting For Online Retail Companies
Liquid Web Support is simply awesome
Liquid Web is simply awesome. Their support is unbelievably great and everytime I open a ticket or call the help desk I speak with someone immediately. Very professional and very knowledgable. You will not find better support anywhere else. I am an IT professional and have tried all of the top hosting companies and no one comes close to these folks. Great Support! If I could go above 5 stars I would.
Date of Experience:
April, 26 2023
WB Web Developer

Top Enterprise Hosting For Online Retail Companies
Support is everything
Ryan is the kind of support that makes me choose Liquid Web year after year. LW isn't the cheapest option, nor the most flexible one. But when things go astray, as they always do, I love knowing that I have competent, native-English-speaking support I can rely on. Having the option to call when I need immediate help (with very little wait time) is the reason I use LW and recommend it to my clients.
Date of Experience:
March, 3 2023
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