So, are you thinking of creating your website? If yes, then you should know that web hosting is the first step you must take care of. Without it, you can’t get your site published on the website. As a starter, you might have started organizing your website content on a CMS platform. However, you can’t leave your website until you figure out your hosting. 

We know that as a beginner you might not like the concept of web hosting. Why? Because it can be tricky and overwhelming. There are so many hosting providers out there that it becomes difficult to choose the right one and know about terms that you are unfamiliar with. It might look like you are learning a foreign language.

But the best part is that hosting a website is not tough. It is straightforward. But how to find the right one? Don’t worry. If you live in Asia and are looking for the right provider, you can’t find a better article than this one. Today we will solve your problem about finding the right provider by listing some of the top hosting providers in Asia. So, keep reading to find every answer to your question.

What Is Web Hosting?

What Is Web Hosting

How you share your website on the internet for people to visit is what we call web hosting. How can you do this? You can do this by getting a web hosting provider. Now, you might be wondering how all this happens. Websites are hosted on the web servers. What are servers? They are powerful computers that will store and process data. And what web servers are? They are those that will store your files that will make up a website and will process requests to view your files. 

When a user clicks a link to your website or play your website URL into their browser, they request to connect to your web server. As soon as the provider approves the request, the web server will return the specific web page file the user requested. They will also approve the associated files with it. This is how your website appears in the user’s browser.

However, you should know that some web hosting services will need you to obtain a domain name before choosing and hosting your plan. This is why you should always determine if you will purchase the domain name through the domain registrar. You have to do this before choosing your hosting service or purchasing one from the hosting service you will work with. It would be best if you didn’t forget about choosing the proper URL structure, like whether you want a subdomain or a subfolder. 

Web hosting isn’t only used to house your website on the internet. Web hosting services will also typically offer you various levels of support, robust security and perks of excellent and high performance and uptime. You should know that your uptime is operational. What does it mean? It means 99.9% uptime means your website can be accessed 99.9%.

It would be best if you understood that various web hostings exist. What is the key? The key is finding a suitable service for your website and small business. ess. And that is the sole reason we are here to help you through it. So, let’s discover the best hosting services in Asia

What Are Top  Hosting Providers In Asia?

What Are Top Hosting Providers In Asia

We know that finding the right hosting provider is not always an easy task. It requires a lot of patience and experience. However, this guide is for those people who are still clueless about where to start. If you don’t know where to find the right hosting provider, then don’t worry because we have narrowed down some of the best hosting services in Asia. You can select the one that fits your requirements.


Hostinger is a fantastic choice for quality hosting that won’t break the bank, making it the top pick for affordable web hosting. Unlike other providers that cut back on storage for their basic plans, Hostinger goes big. Instead of giving you an insufficient 10 or 20 GB, they will hand you a whopping 50 GB of SSD storage on their cheapest plan. All for just $1.99 per month.

We think that it is a fantastic deal, especially if your website is heavy on large images, short videos, gifs, or other file types that eat up space. In this regard, you will find out in what ways Hostinger, one of the top hosting providers in Asia, can help you. This is particularly handy if you are managing multiple websites under one plan. So, to lock in that $1.99 rate, you might need to commit to four years upfront. While it might seem a hefty investment, you get all four years for less than $100, making it way more budget-friendly than most other hosting options in the grand scheme. Where can you get a better deal than this?

The basic plan of Hostinger supports one website, offering a free SSL certificate, unlimited bandwidth, free website migrations if you are switching from another host and automatic WordPress updates for hands-off management. Also, you can use Hostinger’s drag and drop website builder. No matter your choice, Hostinger will ensure a user-friendly setup so you won’t have to look to build your first website alone.

For just a couple of dollars more each month, you get many features and a lot of space for all your files, even if you are hosting dozens of sites under the same plan with Hostinger, one of the top hosting providers in Asia. Regardless of the plan you go for, Hostinger’s customer service is always excellent. Every agent we have chatted with has been helpful, knowledgeable, and friendly. However, reaching support might take some time, especially during peak hours.

Hostinger, one of the top hosting providers in Asia, doesn’t just offer shared hosting, but it will also provide you with cloud and VPS plans. This gives you plenty of room to expand without the tension of switching to a different provider. All in all, we must say that Hostinger delivers a lot of value at a meager price.


BlueHost best hosting services in asia

Bluehost provides an affordable starting point with its budget-friendly hosting plan, making it stand out among the top hosting providers in Asia. What is even better is the constant 24/7 support through various channels. It offers everything you need and allows excellent room for growth without the struggle of switching providers.

You should note that Bluehost, among the top hosting providers in Asia, is among the three hosting providers officially recommended by WordPress developers, our recommended platform for most businesses. WordPress, although not the simplest, is flexible and highly customizable. Bluehost will simplify the process with the platform pre-installed and too many free tutorials to guide even those new to website building through every step.

While other providers can support WordPress, Bluehost goes the extra mile by offering a range of WordPress-centric features and hosting plans that cater to WooCommerce users. Let’s start with $2.95 per month for the first year; Bluehost’s cheapest plan includes 10 GB of storage, support for one website, a free SSL certificate, and complimentary WordPress themes to kickstart your site. It is an excellent option for beginners, and the renewal rate of $11.99 per month after the first year is in line with industry standards.

To maximize your savings with Bluehost, one of the top hosting providers in Asia, you should consider committing to a 36-month contract, which will pay upfront for three years at $4.95 per month. While it increases the monthly rate, it saves over $140 in the long run compared to the renewal rate.

You should also note that Bluehost doubles as a domain registrar and offers .com domains for $12.99 per year. Bundling your domain purchase with web hosting gets you a free domain for the first year, a perk usually tied to more expensive plans with other hosts.

Bluehost’s Choice Plus plan is at a slightly higher cost. It provides 40 GB of storage, a free CDN, one-year daily backups, and free malware scanning. This option is worthwhile if you plan to host multiple websites.

Regardless of your plan, Bluehost, one of the top hosting providers in Asia, will ensure a beginner-friendly platform with step-by-step guidance for setting up your first website. It is a solid choice, especially for those embarking on their initial web hosting journey. Also, Bluehost doesn’t just set up WordPress automatically; it ensures that your site always has the latest and best version of WordPress without you doing anything.

This is helpful if you are not used to regularly taking care of your website. These automatic updates are a big part of keeping your site safe. The main downside of Bluehost is that there are many extra things they try to sell you when you are checking out. They picked a couple for you, like CodeGuard Basic and SiteLock Security, and each costs $2.99 a month. You can uncheck these since you can get similar things for free from other places. After that, everything is easy to follow.

For WordPress websites, Bluehost gives you all you need and more. It is easy to use, has a quick phone, live chat, and email customer support, and can grow with your needs. So, where will you find a deal like this? Top hosting providers in Asia

We think is an excellent choice among the top hosting providers in Asia because all their plans are identical. You might know that most hosting places limit their good stuff to expensive plans, but not They will give you almost all the exact offers on all their subscriptions. Isn’t it a great deal?

Every plan has the same features, meaning there are no exceptions. The only difference that you get is how much you can use them. For instance, the cheapest plan will only let you handle one website, but with Deluxe and Ultra, you can manage as many websites as you want.

Another notable advantage of choosing, one of the top hosting providers in Asia, is that they offer unlimited storage even on their cheapest plans. In contrast, other providers like BlueHost or A2 hosting typically cap storage at 10GB or 100GB on their basic plans. With, you don’t have to worry about storage limitations, as you won’t have to pay extra or upgrade to a higher-tier plan to get more space.

Also, their bandwidth is flexible. Some hosting companies, unlike, among the top hosting providers in Asia, like to limit how much data you can use to ensure you are not taking up too much.

But will let you use as much as you need, which has worked great for almost 99.5% of their users. also offers an easy drag-and-drop website builder with over 150 customizable templates, a feature worth considering when looking at top Asian web hosting services providers. And if you are not a design pro, they have your back with expert design help in every plan. Want to know the best part? It will come with built-in website hosting. So, if you make your website with, you can easily host it on their server.


If you are starting with a new website and looking for top hosting providers in Asia, we suggest shared hosting because it is budget-friendly and easy for beginners. But there is another option for affordable hosting. With most hosting providers, cloud hosting offers better performance than shared hosting, but it usually comes with a higher price tag. It can be more complicated, especially if you are new to website building. However, HostGator breaks this trend.

For only $4.95, HostGator’s cloud hosting plans, available among the top hosting providers in Asia, match the cost of many shared hosting plans on our list. What is remarkable is that using it is no different from shared hosting. You will have access to cPanel, the industry standard, with one-click installers and a guided setup process that makes building a website as simple as clicking your mouse.

The cPanel provided by HostGator, among the top hosting providers in Asia, shows a welcome box with quick actions, links for email below, and a search bar at the top right. If you know your way around, you can skip the guided setup. Even if you are not tech-savvy, you can easily install WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, or 75 other platforms.

HostGator’s cloud plans, featured among the top hosting providers in Asia, are perfect for beginners because they are affordable, easy to use, and scalable as your website grows. The entry-level plan is enough for new websites, offering sufficient memory and CPU power. As you expand, you can upgrade for more processing power and the ability to host unlimited websites.

No matter the plan, you get some great perks:

  • A free SSL certificate
  • A free domain name for the first year
  • Free email accounts
  • Unlimited bandwidth and storage space
  • Built-in local caching for speedy site performance
  • Data mirroring across three cloud servers for backup
  • $200 in free search engine marketing credits to boost your new website’s traffic.

And if you ever run into issues, customer support is available 24/7 through live chat, phone, email, or ticket. We found their response time quick and most agents helpful and knowledgeable.

While HostGator impressed us overall, including its cloud hosting plans among the top hosting providers in Asia, we did notice a slightly pushy signup process, just like Bluehost. They have add-ons at checkout that can add up, but you can find similar services for free elsewhere. The only one worth considering might be Google Workspace, but you can also get that from other sources, possibly at a lower cost. HostGator’s cloud plans are an excellent choice for an affordable step up from shared hosting. Top hosting providers in Asia

On the website, among the top hosting providers in Asia, you don’t have to find detailed information about advanced hosting, scalability, complex setups, or extensive customization. Because this might make us look elsewhere. We often emphasize scalability and setting yourself up for success as your website grows. So, why is it on our list?

The platform, offered by top hosting providers in Asia, is straightforward. While it may not suit everyone, it is an excellent choice for uncomplicated, basic websites with around 15,000 or fewer monthly visitors.

It works well for small business websites, freelance service providers, brick-and-mortar locations, and restaurants.

If your goal isn’t to attract tens or hundreds of thousands of visitors, then, among the top hosting providers in Asia, is a good fit for you. However, Bluehost or HostGator might be better if you start a blog, rely on ad revenue, do affiliate marketing, or engage in any business requiring a growing flow of visitors.

With, one of the top hosting providers in Asia, you have two options: use its drag-and-drop website builder or stick with traditional hosting and platforms like WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal. There is no right or wrong answer for your situation, but each option has pros and cons.

The website builder, provided by top hosting providers in Asia, like, starts at $4.95 per month. It offers a quick way to get your site live. It is user-friendly and requires no extensive learning. provides over 150 free templates to kickstart your design.

It even allows basic e-commerce functionality for customers to pay online, which can be valuable when considering top hosting providers in Asia. The appointment scheduler, social and email marketing tools, and an AI copywriting tool speed up the process. It makes it feature-rich for marketing your small business.

However, the website builder has limitations. Customization is restricted and you can’t move your site elsewhere. If these aren’t your concerns, it is the more straightforward choice.

Traditional hosting from, one of the top hosting providers in Asia, costs $2.75 per month for a long-term agreement, two dollars cheaper than its website builder plans. The entry-level plan supports one website, offering 10 GB of storage and performing well for under 15,000 monthly visitors.

This option requires manual setup when opting for top hosting providers in Asia. You will need to install the platform and set up everything yourself. It is not difficult once you start, but learning takes longer. It lacks some marketing tools but offers flexibility to design your site, use WordPress plugins, and move to another host in the future.

Regardless of your choice among the top hosting providers in Asia, you get a free domain name for the first year, 24/7 customer service, a free SSL certificate, business email, and unmetered bandwidth. Isn’t it a great deal for the beginners?


The guide has focused on the needs of today’s people, particularly when it comes to top hosting providers in Asia. It would be best to remember that you will find various choices around you, but figuring out which is the best is not easy because the one that is best for your website will always depend on the specifics. This is why we always advise anyone who needs top hosting providers in Asia to look for various features of each alternative before choosing one.

It would help if you looked for speed, affordability, storage space, customer service, scalability, and other considerations essential to your website and its choice of top hosting providers in Asia. It should always be taken into consideration before you make a final decision. However, we hope these hosting providers will significantly help your research. If you still have any queries, feel free to ask us.

Customer Reviews for Liquid Web

JC Jonathan Cutler

The Top Hosting Providers In Asia: A Brief Guide
Amazing Customer Service
I own a small company and neither myself nor my employees are very tech savvy. We've been using Liquid Web for probably 10 years just because they always make it so easy. If there is every any issue, which is rare, I just email them and they not only respond promptly, but take care of it immediately. I wish the rest of the world offered such amazing service. It would be worth paying extra for honestly, but the good news is that their prices are excellent as well. Highly recommend.
Date of Experience:
April, 25 2023
JG John G

The Top Hosting Providers In Asia: A Brief Guide
Liquid Web Support is simply awesome
Liquid Web is simply awesome. Their support is unbelievably great and everytime I open a ticket or call the help desk I speak with someone immediately. Very professional and very knowledgable. You will not find better support anywhere else. I am an IT professional and have tried all of the top hosting companies and no one comes close to these folks. Great Support! If I could go above 5 stars I would.
Date of Experience:
April, 26 2023
WB Web Developer

The Top Hosting Providers In Asia: A Brief Guide
Support is everything
Ryan is the kind of support that makes me choose Liquid Web year after year. LW isn't the cheapest option, nor the most flexible one. But when things go astray, as they always do, I love knowing that I have competent, native-English-speaking support I can rely on. Having the option to call when I need immediate help (with very little wait time) is the reason I use LW and recommend it to my clients.
Date of Experience:
March, 3 2023
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