WP Engine, a WP Engine Premium WordPress Hosting service, can be a little more expensive than other hosting options which might appear cost-effective to you. However, in reality, when you consider the benefits of WP Engine Premium WordPress Hosting like WPEngine provides, you’re still paying less. In this article, we’ll briefly discuss all the benefits WPEngine offers to their customers.

What is WP Engine Premium WordPress Hosting?

WPEngine is a managed WordPress hosting provider that offers WP Engine Premium WordPress Hosting plans designed specifically for WordPress sites as their hosting infrastructure is built from the ground up to be optimized for WordPress. 

They only host WordPress sites, allowing them to fine-tune their servers, caching, security, and support to cater to WordPress sites exclusively.

Some of the key features of WP Engine Premium WordPress Hosting include:

  • Built-in CDN for faster page load times
  • Automatic daily backups 
  • Staging environments for testing
  • Git integration for easier deployment
  • Malware detection and removal
  • DDoS protection
  • Free migrations from other hosts
  • SSL certificates included
  • WP-CLI access for managing WordPress from the command line
  • 24/7 support via live chat, email and phone

WP Engine Premium WordPress Hosting plans range from $35 per month for their Startup plan up to $290 per month for their Enterprise plan which include varying amounts of storage, monthly visits, staging environments and development environments depending on the tier.

Benefits of WordPress Hosting

Benefits of WordPress Hosting

There are several advantages that a WP Engine Premium WordPress Hosting solution like WPEngine can provide over basic shared hosting accounts or budget hosts. Some of the key benefits of choosing WP Engine Premium WordPress Hosting include:

Fast Speed

Speed is a critical factor when it comes to SEO and user experience as slow loading times can negatively impact search engine rankings and cause visitors to abandon a site. 

WPEngine optimizes their infrastructure specifically to achieve fast page load speeds for WordPress sites with built-in CDN built into their WP Engine Premium WordPress Hosting platform so the resources like images, CSS files and JS files are served from CDN cache servers that are geographically spread out to be closer to visitors. 

They also have customized caching solutions like Memcached and Redis for optimizing database queries combined with caching of static assets via the CDN, this keeps sites running extremely fast.

To prevent overloading servers, WPEngine limits the number of plugins, themes and custom code each site can run to prevent poorly coded sites from dragging down the performance for others on the same server.

Their server stack, network and infrastructure is fine-tuned for WordPress, unlike generic shared hosting which allows the websites to run faster, and they can also optimize every aspect for the best WordPress performance.

Enhanced Security

Enhanced Security

Security is crucial for any website, but WordPress sites in particular are highly targeted by hackers, and it’s one of the biggest reason why WPEngine has built significant security features into their platform to keep sites safe.

WPEngine has a built-in firewall that monitors traffic and blocks threats in real-time to protect your website against brute force attacks, SQL injection, cross-site scripting, malware uploads and more.

Their daily automated backups provide protection in case a site is compromised, and If needed, the site can be restored to a clean version.

Most people don’t know that WPEngine allows testing changes in a staging environment, before pushing them to the live site to prevent vulnerabilities by testing untested code directly on the production site.

With their DDoS protection, you can easily prevent the denial of service attacks from taking down sites.

Better Scalability

As site traffic grows, a typical shared hosting account will start to crumble under the load, but WPEngine’s optimized infrastructure allows sites to scale smoothly to handle more visitors due to their quickly upgrade plans to accommodate growth, and cloud infrastructure uses AWS and Google Cloud infrastructure that scales seamlessly as needed.

Their high quality Caching and CDN features ensure better performance and remains consistent even with large spikes in visitors.

You can also take the benefit of traffic monitoring tools to check site performance by limiting bloat, sites run lean and can scale better.

Improved Uptime

Improved Uptime

Having a site offline can be devastating to traffic and revenue, but don’t worry because WPEngine engineered its platform to achieve exceptional uptime records.

Websites are hosted across multiple servers so that if one server goes down, the site remains online on the other servers, and If one server has issues, sites on that server automatically fail over to another server to prevent downtime.

Engineers monitor servers 24/7 and can quickly respond to degradations before they become outages and their daily automated backups act as a failsafe in case primary servers are lost, your sites can be restored quickly from backups.

You can also get protection against DDoS attacks prevents outages from malicious actors due to high performance hardware where enterprise-grade servers, networks and infrastructure minimize the chance of hardware failures.

With WordPress experts on staff, support teams can quickly diagnose and fix issues as their uptime averages over 99.95% across the WPEngine platform, far exceeding most competitors.

Good Customer Support

If you have ever used any other WP Engine Premium WordPress Hosting before, you might have an idea of how hard it is to find knowledgeable support staff available 24/7 who can provide peace of mind to customers who are having issues with their WP Engine Premium WordPress Hosting

WPEngine offers exceptional customer service and WordPress hosting plans with features like 24/7 live chat & phone support. This gives users instant access to chat with a real support agent any time of day and call support around the clock for immediate help.

Their support staff are highly trained in WordPress, not just general hosting, making their WordPress hosting plans especially valuable. With WordPress experts standing by, they can quickly diagnose and troubleshoot issues. You can also get to experience the pre-launch review before migrating or launching a new site; their team reviews it for potential issues.

This quality of support can make or break the hosting experience and aims to provide exceptional support unmatched in the WP Engine Premium WordPress Hosting industry.

Cost Effective

The WP Engine Premium WordPress Hosting may cost more upfront than basic shared hosting, but offers greater value in the long run due to their cost-effective features like optimized WordPress performance, uptime, security and support ultimately save significant time compared to managing sites yourself on cheaper hosting.

They also have a great growth support with features like caching and CDN to provide significant growth in traffic without needing immediate server upgrades. WPEngine’s pricing is transparent, especially when considering their WordPress hosting plans, with no surprise fees down the road for things like SSL certificates, backups, etc., including migrations from any host, saving fees and hassle.

While not the cheapest option, WPEngine’s premium hosting can provide long-term value and cost savings that offset the higher monthly fees due to their performance, scalability and support.

Easy SEO

We all know how hard & complex it is to optimize WordPress sites for search engine results, but WPEngine Best Hosting, with their tailored WordPress hosting plans, makes it easier. They assist with no duplicate content issues, fast performance & optimized site speed for SEO Ranking, consistent uptime, and Free SSL Certificates with HTTPS, Caching, and CDN included.

WP Engine Best Hosting, recognized for their top-tier WordPress hosting plans, also works seamlessly with SEO plugins like Yoast, Rank Math, and other SEO integrations. Their support team can help troubleshoot SEO issues, ensuring no resource overages for consistent performance and avoiding penalties from shared accounts exceeding resources.

With the help of the latest PHP versions, optimizing WordPress for search engines has become a piece of cake due to WPEngine Best Hosting, which makes it much easier with optimized technology, features, and support.

Increased Flexibility

Increased Flexibility

WPEngine Best Hosting provides some powerful options for managing and updating WordPress sites, and some of the flexibility their platform provides includes: Staging environments, Git integration for efficient WP Engine Premium WordPress Hosting  WordPress development, Multiple environments for production site, staging site, and multiple dev sites, Quick backups and restores with one click, and much more.

We also can’t ignore their plugin & theme flexibility that comes with their WordPress hosting plans, emphasizing the ability to use premium plugins and themes. Additionally, they offer scalability, free migrations (so you can move to WPEngine Best Hosting from any host), additional services like backup migration and security scanning, and a 24/7 support staff available to help with issues.

This flexibility enables developers, agencies and enterprises to efficiently build, manage and test WordPress sites. For those contemplating the switch, understanding the migration process to WP Engine can be invaluable. Here’s a detailed guide on how to seamlessly migrate to WP Engine.

Money Back Guarantee

Do you know that Benefits of Premium WordPress Hosting WPEngine provides a 60 day money back guarantee on annual shared hosting plans which allows you to try them risk-free.

Money Back Guarantee applies to the annual Shared “StartUp” plan, and refunds the entire first annual payment if canceled within the first 60 days due to their test performance, speed, support and risk-free features.

Their customer-friendly staff, along with the Benefits of Premium WordPress Hosting, focuses on customer satisfaction. Their guarantee gives confidence in the quality they deliver, and they offer a longer refund period than many hosts at 60 days. If you have concerns whether WPEngine’s Premium WordPress Hosting will be the right solution for you, the 60-day money-back guarantee allows you to effectively try before you buy.

Data Backup & Restore

Data Backup & Restore

Data loss can be devastating for small & large business corporations, and that’s why WPEngine provides automated daily backups with 1-click restores to protect your data.

Their backup and restore features showcase some of the Benefits of Premium WordPress Hosting. Daily automated backups ensure all sites are backed up every day and stored securely with one-click restore site option to a previous version or restore to a separate environment. Another highlight, which points to the Benefits of Premium WordPress Hosting, is that the backups include all database content and files.

Furthermore, users can create On-demand backups encrypted for security manually at any time and store a number of backups based on the hosting plan with backup migrations.

Losing data would be catastrophic, but don’t worry as WP Engine Premium WordPress Hosting backups provide an easy safeguard against data loss.


WP Engine Premium WordPress Hosting provides a variety of compelling advantages over basic shared hosting and cheaper WordPress options for businesses, agencies and high-traffic sites.

Their WP Engine Premium WordPress Hosting infrastructure offers better speed, scalability, security and uptime due to their features like built-in CDN, backups, staging environments and Git support enable worry-free development and management. Their round-the-clock WordPress-expert support, SLA guarantees and 60 day money back policy provide confidence.

While more expensive than basic budget hosting, WPEngine is cost-effective given the robust infrastructure, support, and advanced WordPress features included. For professional sites and online businesses, WP Engine Premium WordPress Hosting can be a smart long-term investment.

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