Hostgator is a famous hosting provider which is often confused with Hostinger as it is a more popular and famous hosting option than most other hosting options but despite the name of Hostgator, it’s services are superb, and nothing is gator about it so don’t waste your time & energy let’s start our comparison review for WP Engine vs Hostgator.

WP Engine vs Hostgator both are amazing hosting providers but if you want to purchase one of them, we recommend you to read this guide till the end to get all the information to make an informed decision.

You’ll be shocked to know that there is a huge difference between both hosting providers and the services they offer to their clients, and price range is one of them. Therefore, without further ago, let’s see which one would be the best fit for your hosting needs.

Overview Hostgator vs. WP Engine

We’re choosing to give you a complete and honest overview of WP Engine vs Hostgator in the following table:


WP Engine
Starting Price
Free Domains
CDN Under $4
CDN Under $8
CDN Under $10

Data Centers

WP Engine
North America
South America
Africa & Middle East

CMS Support

WP Engine

OS Support

WP Engine

Language Support

WP Engine
Ruby on Rails

Database Support

WP Engine

Payment Support

Payment Method
WP Engine
Wire Transfer
Credit Card

Services Support

WP Engine
Live Chat
Phone Support
Email Support
Video Guides

We’ve specially separated all the facts & knowledge in this table You will need to make an informed decision about selecting the WP Engine vs Hostgator.

Support Features

the image text shows Support Features

WP Engine vs Hostgator both have a distinctive set of features that they offer to their clients & customers, and support features are one of them. In this section, we’ll discuss them one by one so let’s start with Hostgator.

24/7 Customer Support

While comparing WP Engine vs Hostgator, one notices that Hostgator takes pride in providing a 24/7 live chat, email, and phone option.

If you’re weighing WP Engine vs Hostgator, consider the opportunity Hostgator offers to submit a ticket to their support team in case you need help with something or an error is continuously popping up on your screen.

They also have a priority support option for their premium customers if they ever need urgent help with a complex issue because this support is made to offer the customers an ultra-fast response as they are prioritizing their tasks over other customers.

Most people ignore the fact that live chat support is the fastest way to solve your problems in case their ordinary methods or tutorials aren’t of much help to you. You can also contact the customer support of Hostgator via email and phone calls in limited countries.

HostGator – Knowledge Base

Do you know that HostGator spends a huge amount of time, money, and energy to produce a comprehensive knowledge base for their customers so they cannot only gain that knowledge but also be able to solve their own problems by themselves?

Isn’t it amazing that you can learn “how to set up a hosting account, how to create & manage a website, how to select a niche for your blog,” and much more by reading their blogs or watching their tutorials on their YouTube Channel?

When discussing WP Engine vs Hostgator, it’s evident that Hostgator also has a very active community forum and social media accounts. Here, you can ask your questions and get direct help from other Hostgator users.

If you’re evaluating WP Engine vs Hostgator, note that you can simply contact Hostgator through platforms like Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn.

Now, it’s time to discuss what WP Engine brings to the table with its support features:

24/7/365 Customer Service

Before we get started, we just want you to know that Both WP Engine vs Hostgator have almost all the same features, but no matter which service we talk about WP Engine is going to win despite its huge price difference.

Therefore, without wasting a single second, let’s see why the customer support of WP Engine is better than Hostgator.

When comparing WP Engine vs Hostgator in terms of support, WP Engine has a very friendly customer support team that is 24/7 available for their customers to resolve all & every issue they’re having related to their hosting.

If you’re caught in the WP Engine vs Hostgator debate, consider that WP Engine customers can also ask for a specific product or service they’re offering, for which they provide all the details in live chat if you want.

Do you know that WP Engine offers Phone support for an instant response along with email support for customers who want to resolve their issues while writing professional emails, and Customers can also use the tickets system to ensure that their requests are handled in a timely & efficient manner.

WP Engine – Knowledge Base

You might be thinking that we’ll now tell you how WP Engine is better than HostGator as it’s an affiliate blog, but the truth is we’re just speaking the facts that no one else wants.

It’s just a comparison article, and the facts are real, You just have to compare them on the basis of the pricing and features they offer, and the rest will become the history of your bank account as hosting is crucial for all types of businesses in this digital world.

When comparing WP Engine vs Hostgator in terms of educational resources, WP Engine takes pride in its guides & video tutorials. They teach their customers about how to use their products to their full potential without spending extra money on every little thing.

If you’re deliberating between WP Engine vs Hostgator, it’s noteworthy that WP Engine’s WordPress hosting has everything you need to know.

Technology Features

Technology Features

Tech Features are very important for any hosting provider, the more they facilitate you, the better you can work on your website so let’s discuss WP Engine vs Hostgator in detail and see who is better in this course. First, let’s check out which Technology Features Hostgator offers you:

Unlimited Bandwidth & Storage

When weighing WP Engine vs Hostgator, one must consider features like unlimited bandwidth & storage. It’s not something that every hosting provider will offer you, but it’s a very generous & once in a lifetime chance to avail of this offer.

Especially in the WP Engine vs Hostgator debate, you can’t imagine how much this means for website owners.

Hostgator is one of the few hosting providers that offers unlimited storage and unmetered bandwidth on all of its shared hosting plans which means you can store as much content via photos and videos on your website and handle the maximum amount of website traffic without running out of space or your hosting plan being throttled.

Free SSL Certificates

When evaluating WP Engine vs Hostgator for security features, it’s worth noting that Hostgator offers free SSL Certificates to their customers on all of their shared hosting plans.

They prioritize making your website secure and encrypted, which is crucial for protecting your visitor’s data, especially when comparing WP Engine vs Hostgator.

In case you don’t have any technical knowledge about this subject, let us explain why SSL Certificates are crucial for your website or any kind of online business as they indicate to the users and Google that their website is secure and you can browse as much as you want without the worry of getting caught by a cyber maniac.

Easy WordPress Installation

Just like other hosting providers, Hostgator also has a wizard application form where it runs a wizard or a step-by-step process in technical terms where it asks a series of questions to simplify the whole process of installing WordPress in your hosting account without worries.

Just follow a step-by-step procedure, answer the questions and boom–WordPress is installed.

Free Website Migration

For the customers comparing Hostgator vs wp engine and who don’t like the services of Hostgator or want to opt for another hosting provider like WP Engine, they can simply just contact the customer support of Hostgator.

Ask them about “HostGator vs wp engine” and if you should migrate your website, or if you can handle the migration process for yourself if you have the technical knowledge.

Their Website Migration Feature is free and comes with every shared hosting plan so don’t have to spend extra money while migrating the websites.

Domain Registration & Email Hosting

You’ll be shocked when you know that Hostgator not only provides website hosting but also offers domain registration services while providing the email accounts for your websites like [email protected] or which looks authentic when someone clicks on your website.

Website Builder & Marketing Tools

Hostgator takes pride in offering the ultimate dashboard to their customers from which they get a better experience than WordPress as they not only offer a drag-and-drop website builder and marketing tools for your SEO and Social Media Marketing to provide you with the best experience ever. 

This builder and tools come in handy when you don’t have the budget to hire a professional or want to build your site by yourself with the help of your imagination and creativity.

It’s time to see what WP Engine is holding back in the tech sector for their loyal customers:

Managed WordPress Hosting

When we hear the word “managed WordPress hosting,” do you have any idea of what comes to our mind? Yes, your answer is right, Someone is managing our WordPress hosting but who is it and why do they do that?

The answer is simple, your hosting provider manages your WordPress hosting so you can simply focus on creating the content and sales of your products & services instead of worrying about updates, security, malware protection, backups & disaster recovery.

Enterprise Grade Infrastructure

WP Engine knows how important it is to have a premium or high-quality infrastructure for your website and that’s why they’re continuously working on their dedicated servers, load balancing, DDoS protection, CDN Caching, and much more.

Security Features

Security Features

Both WP Engine vs Hostgator know how crucial the security of your website is, that’s why they’re offering their customers the opportunity to get the best security features along with their hosting plans.

As you all already know, we’ll discuss the security features of Hostgator at first to see how are we going to compare it to WP Engine vs Hostgator later:


Hostgator offers a website security service that scans your website for malware and other security threats with its site lock features which include website application scanning and blacklist monitoring.


Most people don’t know that ModSecurity is an open-source web application firewall that protects your website from inside and outside attacks and takes pride in blocking malicious traffic & requests before they reach your website.

Secure Data Centers

You’ll be shocked to know that the data centers & servers of Hostgator are located in highly secure & safe facilities where no unauthorized person can enter or leave without access to protect your website from physical harm.

Up To Date Software

Hostgator updates your WordPress themes & plugins along with the latest version of WordPress just to make you and your website safe from all the malicious people who’re continuously trying to hack & attack your website.

Strong Passwords

Do you know that Hostgator truly cares about your website security that’s why they recommend using a strong password where the uppercase characters and the lowercase characters are used both at the same time along with the numbers and special characters like Mypassword@1234.

Website Backups

Like all other web hosting providers, Hostgator also allows daily and weekly backups for all their non-specialized shared hosting plans where people can opt for their backups in case their data is lost.

Now, let’s move to the next section and see the security features of WP Engine to see which one is the best among the WP Engine vs Hostgator:

Managed WAF

Managed WAF stands for Managed Web Application Firewall which blocks malicious traffic before it reaches your website and protects your website from countless attacks including cross-site scripting, denial of service (DoS), and SQL injection attacks as they’re all very dangerous and could destroy a website within a few seconds.

DDoS Protection

Have you ever thought about what could happen to your website if DDoS protection never existed in the first place it protects your website from large-scale attacks including volumetric attacks that flood your website with traffic, and application layer attacks that attack specific vulnerabilities in your website code.

SSL Certificates

Did you know that WP Engine automatically installs and renews the SSL certificates for all of its customers to protect your website’s data & ensure your website’s transactions are safe?

Daily Backups

WP Engine takes pride in automatically taking backups of all your websites and storing them on a daily basis in case something happens to your website.

Activity Logs

Unlike other hosts, WP Engine keeps detailed activity logs to track security threats. Wp engine vs Hostgator are two popular options. Wp engine specializes in managed WordPress hosting with advanced features.

Hostgator offers more general shared hosting. The choice between Wp engine vs Hostgator depends on your specific needs and budget. 

Performance Features

Performance Features

Finally, the last section of the features portion has arrived, and in this section, we’ll discuss which hosting providers perform best between WP Engine vs Hostgator as it’s one of the most important sections.

In the whole article, and above in all the sections, we started the comparison from Hostgator but this time, we’ll first see what WP Engine has to offer in the competition of WP Engine vs Hostgator.

EverCache Technology

EverCache Technology is a proprietary caching system that WP Engine uses to improve the speed & performance of web pages by utilizing several techniques to cache the website content & files of your WordPress website.

CDN Caching

WP Engine uses CDN Caching which is a network of servers around the world to deliver your website content to visitors to further improve or enhance the speed & performance of your website.

Load Balancing

Did you know that WP Engine’s load balancing system distributes your website traffic across multiple servers around the world to improve the speed & performance of your website, and ensure that your website can handle heavy traffic loads with ease?

99.99% Uptime

99.99% uptime is not something that every hosting provider will offer you except the most expensive ones, but WP Engine this time again proves that it is exceptional whenever it comes to the uptime & performance of your website.

Automatic Scaling

You don’t have to worry about traffic spikes as WP Engine is designed in such a way that it can easily handle even the most sudden spikes in traffic to meet the demands of your website.

At last, we can explain the Hostgator performance features and explain why among the WP Engine vs Hostgator, WP Engine is the real deal.

Speed & Scalability

Most people don’t know that when looking at a wp engine vs Hostgator speed comparison, Hostgator’s servers emerge as scalable and are located in data centers all around the world to ensure your website loads quickly for visitors.

The servers can be upgraded as your website grows, so in the context of the wp engine vs Hostgator speed comparison, you don’t have to worry about anything.

Security & Performance

Hostgator’s servers are secure and protect your website from all cyberattacks to improve the performance of your website as CDN and Caching.

Uptime Guarantee

Just like WP Engine, Hostgator surprisingly offers the same 99.99% uptime with all their hosting plans, and if your website goes down more than 0.1%, you will surprisingly receive a credit on your account.

Content Delivery Network

Content Delivery Networks are also known as CDNs which are available at free of cost on all Hostgator plans for shared hosting to deliver your website’s content from servers that are close to your visitors to improve the speed of your website.


Hostgator uses caching as a must to increase the speed of your website & store the frequently accessed pages in memory for this process.

WP Engine vs Hostgator: Pros & Cons

WP Engine vs Hostgator_ Pros & Cons

Let’s discuss the pros and cons of Hostgator:

Cost Effective & Affordable
Slow Response Time From Customer Support
User Friendly & Easy To Use
Site Performance Is Not Good
Excellent Customer Support
Restoring The Data From Previous Backups Can Cost Some Money
Unlimited Disk Space & Bandwidth
Not Economical For Business Hosting
Host Unlimited Domains
99.99% Uptime Guarantee
45 Days Money Back Guarantee

Let’s see the pros and cons of WP Engine:

Managed WordPress Hosting
Very Expensive
Expert WordPress Support Staff
Some Plugin & Themes Don’t Work With This Hosting
EverCache Technology For Fast Page Loading Speed
Free Data Backup & Restore
60 Days Money Back Guarantee
Free Global CDN
SSL Encryption


If you have read this article up to this point, you might know which hosting service you should go for when it comes to the WP Engine vs Hostgator because they both are great in their own ways.

The choice is yours–If you want an affordable hosting service with unlimited disk space and bandwidth, Hostgator is perfect for you, but in case you prefer speed and performance with maximum uptime guarantee, and don’t care about the budget, WP Engine is the way to go.

Furthermore, you can also try both of them to see which one is good or bad based on their performance because they offer Money Back Guarantee which ensures your website is safe.

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