FAQ – Streaming VPN

The Basics

What is a VPN for Kodi?

Although Kodi is a perfectly legal media player, there are some situations in which users wish to use it anonymously. In these cases, a VPN for Kodi can be used. It functions by pretending the user is somewhere else online so that all traffic appears as if it were originating from this new location. For example, if I am in the US and connecting with a UK server, my IP address will appear as coming from the UK and not the US VPN for Kodi changes your virtual location of origin which means access to geo-restricted channels or content becomes possible.

What is the best VPN for Amazon Fire TV Stick?

The two best VPNs for Firestick are ExpressVPN and NordVPN. Nord is better if you don’t want to mess around with extra settings, it’s just easier to use. That said, the differences between these two are minor in most cases — so many people will be happy either way.

What VPN works with Hulu?

We recommend NordVPN Hulu restricts most of their content to those in the US and the UK only. Especially with Hulu, there is a risk when selecting a VPN because they use IP address detection. It’s best to go with NordVPN if you want something easy to set-up and use that also has decent speeds – meaning it won’t slow you down too much. With NordVPN your connection will still work on Hulu plus all major streaming services without any kind of speed loss.

What free VPN works with Netflix?
How does Netflix detect you're using a VPN?

Netflix detects VPN usage by looking at network traffic through the website. One way is to compare the IP address of the request for Netflix’s servers,and lookup whether it is coming from an IP address that belongs to a country in its geographic distribution or not. They also employ a method called Intelligent Tracking Protection, which is largely proprietary and it’s still unclear how the technology fully functions.

Is watching Netflix outside the US with a VPN legal?

It’s perfectly legal to use a VPN service in order to access Netflix geo-restricted content. However, it does breach Netflix’s terms of agreement, so action could potentially be taken on your account if caught.

Can you watch Netflix with a VPN?

Yes. VPNs can bypass geographical blocks and make you appear like you’re in a different country so you can watch Netflix content from anywhere in the world.

Will Netflix block your account for using a VPN?

Netflix is not banning accounts due to the use of VPNs. Nevertheless, they are liable for copyright infringement and actively block sessions they believe are coming from VPN servers.

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