How To Stream Roku With A VPN & The Best VPNs For Roku In December 2023

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Roku streaming players and TVs can give you countless options for video and music streaming. They allow you to stream Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video, Disney Plus, Spotify and have apps for hundreds of other services.

However for VPN users, Roku products have proven to be somewhat of a frustration: the OS doesn’t have native support for any VPNs for Roku or their apps.

Luckily there’s a fairly simple workaround that doesn’t require anything more than a router and a subscription to a VPN. We’re going to fully explore the different ways you can stream your favorite shows and movies on your Roku with the protection of a VPN.

Why would I want to use Roku with VPN?

Know about VPns for Roku and Why would I want to use Roku with VPN

Your Roku allows you to access content from different streaming services, provided you have a subscription. Each service you use has its own catalog of media, determined by the country in which you live.

For example, a new season of a Netflix-produced show may air in January In Canada, but not be released in the US until April. If you were outside of Canada and wanted to stream the show at its earliest release date, VPNs for Roku would allow you to watch Roku and Netflix with a Canadian IP address.

In fact you can use a VPN to access the streaming catalogs of any countrywatch Hulu outside of the US, BBC outside of the UK, and the Netflix library of any country in the world. With as many streaming services as Roku offers, the amount of content you can access with a VPN border on unlimited.

Why Do Streaming Services Geoblock Content?

The simple answer is that they have to. Their licensing deals only give them permission to distribute each piece of media in certain countries. If a streaming service distributes content somewhere they don’t have a license to do so, it can be held legally accountable. To the tune of millions of dollars.

So why are licensing deals structured in this format and not on a globalized basis? Well, because it’s in the best fiscal interest of both the media owners and streaming services. The rights holders can charge different prices for licenses to their media depending on the number of eyes it will reach in each country — meaning they can charge more in countries with lots of streaming users.

On the flip side, streaming companies can pick and choose where they want to invest in certain content.

For example, while it may not make sense to air popular Bollywood movies in the US, they’re sure to attract viewers in India.

How Do VPNs Bypass Geoblocking?

How Do VPNs for Roku Bypass Geo-blocking

VPNs for Roku creates a secure, encrypted connection between your Roku and the streaming app that protects your sensitive data, hides your activity, and gives you anonymity by changing your IP address.

When you connect to VPNs for Roku, you’re given the option of which of their secure servers you’d like to use. Most VPN providers have hundreds of servers in nearly every country. Whatever country the server you choose is located in, that’s where the Internet — and the streaming services you use — believes you are physically located.

However streaming companies don’t generally like to be duped. As we referenced previously, when content is viewed in a country a streaming service doesn’t have a license for, they’re guilty of copyright infringement. It’s important to clarify that the streaming service is held liable here, not the VPN user. Using VPNs for Roku to stream global content on Roku is completely legal.

Will Free VPNs Work With Roku?

While free VPNs for Roku will technically work with the products, we don’t recommend using them. Free VPNs for Roku generally have fewer servers, subpar privacy features, and slow speeds. In many cases, they aren’t even compatible with streaming services.

Using a free VPN can also be a security risk. Free services have been known to collect and sell their customer’s data, which defeats the purpose of using VPNs for Roku in the first place.

But just because free VPNs for Roku aren’t good doesn’t mean you need to pay an arm and a leg. For all of the VPNs for Roku we’ve recommended users have plans for under $10/month, as do most providers.

How To Use Roku Device With A VPN?

The text in the image says, how to use your Roku device with a VPN

Since the Roku OS doesn’t offer native support for any VPNs for Roku, you’ll need to use a workaround. Thankfully there are several solutions that are fairly simple and better yet, they don’t require you to spend a dime.

Here are all of the ways that you can get your VPNs for Roku working with your streaming player, TV, or mobile app.

Install A VPN On Your Router

1. Log in to your VPN account on your PC.

2. You’ll need the exact instructions for your router model. Go to OpenVPN, download the appropriate manual, and follow the instructions for configuration.

3. At this point, you’ll receive a unique username and password. Log these somewhere — you’ll need them later.

4. On your PC, find your router’s control panel. Look for the IP address and copy/paste it into the address bar of your web browser. You’ll be directed to a screen requesting your router’s credentials. Either enter your custom login or “admin” by default.

5. Once you’re logged in, navigate to the Advanced Settings Tab. Click on VPN -> VPN Client.

6. Click on “add profile” and enter the following information:

  • Description – Name your VPN. This can be anything you like.
  • Username – The username for your VPN account.
  • Password – The password for your VPN account.
  • Import.ovpn file – Upload the OpenVPN file you downloaded for your provider.

7. Click “Activate” to complete the installation. Your router is now emitting a WiFi signal protected by a VPN.

8. Connect your Roku to the WiFi network with your VPN. Enjoy limitless streaming options.

Use A Mobile Hotspot

If your phone is able to act as a mobile WiFi hotspot, you can connect your Roku device to that as well. Simply activate VPNs for Roku on your phone, turn on the mobile hotspot, and connect to the new WiFi network.

Keep in mind that you’ll use a lot of data and mobile hotspots don’t typically get great speeds, so it’s not the best solution for people looking to use VPNs for Roku on a regular basis.

With The Roku App

When you purchase a Roku streaming player or TV, you also gain access to the Roku mobile app. You can download the app to any of your mobile devices and sign in to stream shows, movies, and music. To stream with VPNs for Roku, all you have to do is make sure it’s activated on the device you’re using.

Cast The Screen Of Phone Or Tablet To Your TV

Most Android users can mirror the screen of their phone or tablet to their Roku device. Keep in mind that the exact term your Android device uses may vary, but the idea is that everything you do on your phone will be mirrored on your TV.

This won’t work on every Android device, but most phones and tablets running version 4.2 or later, with the exception of the Google Nexus and Pixel, support screen mirroring.

The feature is generally enabled from within the settings menu. Once enabled, select your Roku player or TV from the list of discovered devices to connect.

Get A VPN For Your Roku Today

Get VPNs for Roku today and start streaming content

Try one of our recommended VPNs for Roku to give your Roku TV, player, or stick access to a world of new content.

For all of your content access needs, check out the best VPNs for Netflix and our top-rated VPNs for streaming.

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How To Stream Roku With A VPN & The Best VPNs For Roku In [month_year]
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How To Stream Roku With A VPN & The Best VPNs For Roku In [month_year]
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