Should I Use A Domain Broker?

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Updated: 8:20 AM ET Tue, February 2nd 2021

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People often search for a domain name they’ve chosen, only to find that their domain is taken. However, looking at the website attached to the domain often reveals a placeholder page or no page at all. This can indicate that you still have a chance to get the domain name that you’re looking for because the owner isn’t maintaining it for their own use. Rather, they collect the domains to resell on the aftermarket. Your question to ask yourself is, “Should I use a domain broker or buy it myself?”

Why Do People Use Domain Brokers?

What a domain brokerage can do for your business

The world of internet domains is a complicated one with its own unique norms and challenges. Compared to more established and traditional industries, it can be remarkably informal and personality-driven at times. These and other unusual characteristics of domain brokerage mean that professionals from other industries will be at an innate disadvantage.

When people ask, “Should I use a domain broker?”, the answer is an emphatic yes. There are many reasons that the services of a domain broker are well worth the cost.

Why Should I Use A Domain Broker?

The benefits of using a domain brokerage

There are two key areas where a domain broker’s expertise will serve you well while you pursue your domain of choice. The first is the process of locating the owner of the domain, which is necessary to arrange the purchase. After that, a domain broker enhances the negotiation and purchasing process in ways that are likely to pay for themselves.

They’ll Find The Domain You Want

Sometimes, a domainer will fix a placeholder page on the domains they own, directing you to the digital auction site of their choice. However, this convenience isn’t something that you can conveniently rely on. Without a direct link, contacting the owner of a domain can be surprisingly challenging. There will soon be two billion registered web domains, so finding one can be much more challenging than locating the needle in the proverbial haystack.

However, domain brokers have built a deep familiarity with the various ways that domainers sell and how to find them. Furthermore, an experienced brokerage will have deep connections across the industry that may help them secure a better price. Where someone unfamiliar with the industry may spend hours and days looking without luck, a domain brokerage will come to a verdict much more quickly. Potential time savings alone are often sufficient as a reason why you should hire a domain broker.

They’ll Arrange And Negotiate The Purchase

A domain broker often pays for themselves during the negotiation process. There are several considerable advantages that domain brokers bring to the table when dealing with the current owner. For one, they’re better able to assess the value of a domain.

While there are various milestones one can use to estimate the value of a domain, there’s never a set price and no two domains are exactly alike. Accurate value assessment is a skill that takes a great deal of practice to hone, and without a solid price estimate, you’ll likely overpay by a long margin.

Finally, a domain broker adds a professional buffer between you and the current domain owner. Savvy domainers will often research prospective buyers and attempt to assess how important their specific domain is. If they’re able to ascertain that a name is especially valuable for you, then your odds of getting a fair price are gone. The anonymity of working through a domain broker is a decisive advantage during negotiations.

They’ll Complete The Paperwork For You

Once a domain broker has closed the deal, the matter of transferring the domain and securing payment is next. Many people have no experience working with escrow and other modern payment solutions. As such, working with a broker adds a certain level of error-proofing and convenience. They’ll be highly experienced concerning the paperwork of domain purchases, which saves you time and sidesteps potential scams.

Should I Use A GoDaddy Domain Name Broker?

Should you use a domain broker for your portfolio

While GoDaddy is an extremely well-known domain registrar and a fine one overall, you should avoid their brokerage services. When you use GoDaddy as a domain name broker, you have to pay hefty fees up-front for an inferior service.

Instead of the transparency of working directly with your own agent at a brokerage, you’re effectively running blind and waiting to see what happens. Working with an impersonal broker such as GoDaddy’s brokerage service often boils down to paying their fee, waiting 30 days, and receiving a notification that they failed.

GoDaddy is one of the better choices of registrars. That said, always choose a dedicated premium domain broker when it comes to your brokerage needs. Their business model is contingent on succeeding for you, which means that your interests and theirs are the same. As it happens, offers a time-tested and proven premium domain brokerage service. Premium Domain Brokers Are Here To Help

When you need an expert brokerage team to help you find your ideal domain, choose We’ve helped countless people get their ideas off to the right start by finding the best domain for their website. Furthermore, we’re subject matter experts with the ability to answer all of your pressing questions. If you’re interested in learning more about domain brokerage, explore our blog. If you’re hunting for the perfect domain name, then hire our domain brokerage services today.

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