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Did you know your privacy and security may be at risk every time you play poker online?

The truth is, cyber thieves are everywhere, and playing poker may well leave your private data in plain sight. As a result, the use of a Gambling VPN has become very popular in recent years. Considering that 4.1 billion records were exposed in the first half of 2019 as a result of data breaches, protecting your privacy online is more important now than ever.

But enhanced online privacy isn’t the only benefit of playing poker with a VPN. You can also access a wider range of online casinos, such as Tiger Gaming Poker. Not to mention that a VPN will allow you to keep your online activities away from the prying eyes of any third party, including your ISP.

However, before you go ahead and purchase a VPN service for online poker, there are a few factors to consider. Here’s everything you need to know.

Is It Legal To Use A VPN For Gambling?

The text in the image says, Is it legal to use gambling VPN for online poker

Let’s get one thing clear: the use of a VPN is legal in the US. There are no restrictions concerning the use of a VPN in any of the states either.

However, the US is part of the Five Eyes, Nine Eyes, and Fourteen Eyes international alliances. These alliances collectively gather and share surveillance data in mass. This means that if your VPN provider is headquartered in a member country, it can be legally compelled to grant the government access to its connection logs. In other words, records of your online activity may still be disclosed to relevant authorities even with the use of a VPN. Moreover, intelligence agencies can monitor the VPN server’s incoming and outgoing traffic.

But there’s still a way to protect your data against exposure. It’s important to choose a VPN service with a no-log policy that’s located in a country without surveillance laws. This will ensure that the VPN provider won’t store any records of your online activity. 


Is Online Gambling Legal?


However, it’s worth nothing that online poker is, in itself, explicitly forbidden in certain US states. These include:

  • Kentucky
  • Louisiana
  • Maryland
  • Missouri
  • New York
  • Utah
  • Washington State

The states where online poker is legal are:

  • Nevada
  • Delaware
  • New Jersey

If you’re located in a state not listed above, online Gambling is not considered a criminal offense as long as you’re not using a US bank account for money transfers. Of course, you’ll likely find it difficult to play poker online without a US bank account.

In light of this, many online poker players consider using a VPN to bypass these restrictions. However, what you should know is that online poker sites are actively monitoring users’ locations. They use a combination of geolocation software and cell phone triangulation to find where a player is located. Many times, you might not be able to bypass geo-blocked poker sites like Tiger Gaming Poker or PartyPoker with a VPN.

Some online casinos also require the use of a desktop application that can detect if your computer is using a VPN. If a VPN is detected, your account will be banned and any funds will be forfeited. That’s why a VPN with a kill switch is essential (I’ll cover this later on).

Why Use A Gambling VPN To Play Poker?

If you enjoy playing poker online, there are many reasons why you might consider using a gambling VPN. Here are the most important factors to consider.

Play poker online from any location:

Are you located in a state where online poker is prohibited? A gambling VPN can help you access online casinos in states or other countries where online gambling is legal. A gambling VPN will help to conceal your real location so that poker sites like PokerStars won’t know where you’re actually located.

Protect your personal information from cyberthieves:

Did you know that the number of cyber-related crime complaints reported in 2018 was 300,000? Among the victims were poker players who were willing to compromise their security for online gambling. A VPN will encrypt your personal data so that it’s inaccessible to cyber thieves and hackers. They won’t be able to view any of your data. The beauty of a gambling VPN is that, even if they’re able to intercept your data at any point, it will be unreadable.

Stay safe when using public WiFi:

If you play poker while on public WiFi, then you’ll undoubtedly benefit from the added protection that a gambling VPN provides. Public WiFi connections are unsecured and often targeted by cyber thieves. Taking steps to safeguard your personal information should be high on your priority list.

Avoid disclosure to government and surveillance agencies:

If you’re planning to play poker online and don’t want any record of your online activity to be shared with government or other surveillance agencies, using a gambling VPN will provide the level of anonymity you need. Remember that you’ll need to pick a gambling VPN service with a no-log policy to make sure that no information about your online gambling activity is stored anywhere.

Benefits Of Using A Gambling VPN

Benefits of using gambling VPN to play poker

There’s no doubt that a gambling VPN can substantially transform your online poker experience. Here are five benefits of using a gambling VPN to play poker:


Play On Every Poker Site Without Restrictions

One of the most attractive aspects of using a VPN is the ability to access various poker sites from around the world. A gambling VPN will allow you to sign up for online casinos such as PartyPoker, 888 Poker, and PokerStars. Whether you’re located in a US state where online gambling is banned or you simply want to play with poker enthusiasts from across the globe, a VPN will provide an effective and convenient solution.


Keep Your Private Information Secure At All Times

If you’re concerned about your privacy while accessing online casino websites, then using a gambling VPN will help to address most of your security woes. You see, a gambling VPN reroutes your device’s Internet connection through a private server instead of one owned by your ISP. As such, any data transmitted to the Internet will come from the VPN server and not from your own computer. A gambling VPN essentially masks your location and identity.

This means that the online casino(s), your ISP, or cyber thieves won’t be able to see any of your private information or real location.

There’s a lot more at stake when you’re gambling than when you’re simply browsing the Internet. Hackers purposefully target online casinos in search of their next victim. The possibility of accessing payment information makes gambling sites particularly attractive. By using a VPN, your sensitive information will be protected at all times.


Prevent Distributed Denial Of Service (DDoS)

In an online gambling setting, Distributed Denial of Service Attacks are typically perpetuated by other players at the same virtual poker table. DDoS attacks overload your computer’s network card with numerous requests at the same time. This causes your system to become unable to download any more data. As a result, your connection to the online casino drops out, making you unable to bet. Ultimately, you might end up being kicked from the table while the other player wins all the chips.

Needless to say, the potential financial implications of a DDoS attack are undesirable. Fortunately, it’s possible to avoid them if you use a VPN. DDoS attacks rely on the attacker being able to identify the victim’s IP address, which is obviously impossible when a VPN is in use.


Improve Your Connection Speed

A fast and reliable Internet connection is critical when playing poker online. Lags and glitches can take a toll on your performance, which means you’re at risk of losing money. Selecting the right VPN protocol can make your connection significantly faster and lag-free.


Avoid Data Collection By Your ISP

It’s a widely acknowledged fact that ISPs track and store records of your online activity. This can include the web pages you access to the activities you engage in — including online gambling. However, data collection is not users’ only concern regarding their ISP. The same data may actually be accessed by outside organizations including police departments, government bodies, or surveillance agencies. Your ISP is legally required to hand over any data they hold about you in certain situations.

Because of the way a VPN works, your ISP won’t be able to record any of your online activity. In the end, they won’t be able to pass anything on to any third party. And if your VPN provider doesn’t store any logs either, your activity will be completely anonymous.

Important Features Of A Gambling VPN

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Using just any VPN won’t be enough to protect you while playing poker. This is why I always recommend exercising precaution to make sure your experience is as enjoyable as possible. Not every VPN service provides the same level of protection, so choosing your provider carefully should be a priority. These are the most important features of a VPN ideal for poker players:


Kill Switch

Unless you’ve got an exceptional Internet connection with high uptimes, there’s always a possibility that your connection will drop out at some point. When it does, both your ISP and the poker site(s) are likely to detect your actual location.

To avoid this, look for a VPN service that also provides a kill switch. A kill switch is a feature that blocks your computer from connecting to the Internet if the VPN connection drops. This will prevent IP address leaks, so you won’t run the risk of revealing your location or personal information.


No-Log Or Zero-Log Policy

I’ve already covered how your VPN provider might share your data with the government or other surveillance agencies if required. But how do you make sure your personal information as well as your online activity, stay private from third parties? The answer lies in your VPN provider’s policy about storing logs of your activity. To be more precise, it lies in their use of a no-log policy. With a no-log (or zero-log) policy, none of your activity is tracked or stored. As such, nobody — not even your VPN provider — can monitor you.

If you’re located in a state or country where online gambling is prohibited, then a no-log policy will allow you to play with minimal concerns.


Servers In Different Locations

A gambling VPN that owns servers in many locations across the globe will give you the best chance of playing online poker without compromising your privacy or the integrity of your account. Most online casino websites use technology capable of detecting VPNs. They’re actively compiling lists with IP addresses of known VPN providers to improve their detection efforts.

The more servers you can choose from, the better your chance of your VPN not being detected by these online casinos.


A gambling VPN can make the difference between an enjoyable, secure poker experience and a risky one. It’s important to pay careful attention to the laws concerning online gambling in your particular area before you choose a VPN. 

Most importantly, ensure your gambling VPN comes with all the features outlined above to maintain the best level of privacy. Whether you want to play on 888 Poker, PokerStars, or PartyPoker, the right gambling VPN will provide you a deep sense of security and enhance your gaming experience.

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