How To Get .Gov Domain In 2023? Best Guide

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Are you looking for a way to buy a gov domain for your agency or business? If yes, I’ll suggest you follow this article from the start to the end to know each and everything about a gov website. 

Not everyone can get a gov domain in 2023 as you have to follow a whole set of instructions and fulfill the criteria of eligibility requirements to get a hold of gov websites.

It’s difficult for some people to interpret that any government can’t give you a gov website without fulfilling the eligibility criteria because these are specially held for government institutes or organizations.

We advise you to stick to the article till the end to understand “how to get a gov domain in 2023?”

What Is A .gov Domain?

A .gov domain is top-level for U.S.-based government organizations to easily identify government organizations on the internet. Many businesses want to obtain it because all 50 states and multiple branches or local governments of the US are using it. This can give you the authority and trust of the visitors and help you reach a wider audience without proper Search Engine Optimization.

What Are The Benefits Of Gov Domain?

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  • You can use it to showcase your services, emails, and websites from a trusted U.S.-based government organization
  • You can also increase the security of all accounts in the .gov registrar by enforcing multi-factor authentication on new ones and adding a security contact for your website
  • It signals trust and credibility to users
  • Visitors can easily identify your website as a US-based government when they look at the .gov extension
  • One can avail of it at no cost to qualifying U.S.-based government organizations
  • You can meet all the policies and legal obligations by using it
  • It can increase your website search ranking results in all search engines
  • I advise you to join public sector communities which require a .gov email
  • The best part of using a gov domain is that It is monitored for potential security vulnerabilities, which will be reported to you by the CISA Domain Management Team
  • Your organization will have the ability to better control email accounts by removing staff when they leave

Who Can Get A Gov Domain?

.gov domain is available exclusively to US-based government organizations and publicly controlled entities. This means that only organizations based in the United States and are either government organizations or government-controlled can get a .gov website.

You’ll be shocked to know that “A non-profit organization is not eligible for it because only U.S.-based government organizations and publicly controlled entities can get a .gov domain.”

What Are Requirements Or Eligibility Of Getting A Gov Domain?

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Your organization must be a government or public sector with a base in the United States to qualify for it. All federal or local or territorial government agencies or other publicly controlled organizations fall under this category. 

The DotGov Programme uses the classification rules for governments set forth by the United States Census Bureau to determine your eligibility. You have to get a letter signed by the “authorizing authority” of the organization to get it. 

You’ll be amazed to know that each government organization has a different title for the official who performs this function, it is typically the chief information officer (CIO), the highest elected official.

We were shocked when we came to know that even a non-profit organization can’t get it so if you want to start a business with a .gov domain: I want you to rethink your whole plan again.


I know it’s sad that you can’t get a government domain for your website or business but don’t worry as there are many other types of it available on the internet. You just have to select what suits your business requirements and start your journey.

I hope this article has helped you enough to understand “How to get gov domain?” And, If you still have doubts or queries in your mind, feel free to comment down your thoughts or email us your questions so we can help you out.