How To Set Up And Use A Business VPN

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It’s no longer an option for your business to have an insecure network. And while many services claim to protect your information and data, using a business Virtual Private Network (VPN) is one of the best steps you can take to increase privacy

Putting extra (and much needed) attention on your company’s security will help guard against high profile data loss and document leaks. Not to mention preventing incomplete or potentially harmful information from reaching the general public (or your competitors). 

So how to set up and use a business VPN? Here is our step by step guide on how to set up a business VPN that serves your company needs.

Before You Get Started

Decide Why You Need To Set Up A Business VPN

While consumers use VPNs for streaming or torrenting, as a business you’re more likely to be focused on the security features that these networks provide. When you’re researching how to set up a business VPN, consider how many teams you will need to manage. Some services can manage teams of up to 5,000 people, while others are best served by small businesses. 

Do you have an IT department that can help with technical issues? Some VPN networks are very user-friendly, but they may not include every feature you need, such as live chat support. So how to set up and use a business VPN? Read the full article to find out!

Check The Terms Of Service

When you’re deciding how to set up a business VPN, it’s important to know what information a VPN network collects from your IP address, and what happens with this information. 

VPNs have access to a lot of your data, but the best services don’t monitor user activity. The terms of service should be clear from the beginning. Otherwise, you could wind up having your data being sold to third parties, something you are actively trying to protect against. So how to set up and use a business VPN. Read the full article!

Know Where Your VPN Is Located

The location of your VPN company will offer some insight into which data regulations they are required to follow. Some countries require companies to hold information for law enforcement. 

A VPN service that keeps your information safe and that you can trust is key to keeping your company’s information protected. Location can directly affect how to set up a business VPN. So how to set up and use a business VPN.

Setting Up Your Business VPN

How to set up and use a business VPN in 2022

Download Your VPN’s App

A quality VPN will have an app that can be installed across multiple devices. After purchasing a subscription, most services allow you to operate a VPN on at least five devices. You’ll need to enter the username and password you created during sign up. The question always asked by the corporations is how to set up and use a business VPN.

Once you’re logged in, you should be able to connect to the VPN network.

Choose A Server

When you’re deciding how to set up a business VPN, you will want to have control over which location your VPN server connects from. Most VPN services have a map that shows all the available servers. You can then manually choose which server you want to log into. Corporations ask how to set up and use a business VPN.

If you want to know how to set up a business VPN that has high-performance speeds, then chose a local server that is close to your business. But if you’re more interested in accessing regional content or bypassing government censorship, then you will want to use a server that is located in a different country.

Consider a multi-hop VPN to increase security. A multi-hop VPN connects you through a series of servers to offset your physical location even further.

Many VPNs offer advanced security settings that provide extra data protection. Make sure your IT department gives all employees a comprehensive overview of how your VPN works. Also, make sure they’ve set up a protocol for dealing directly with the support team of your VPN provider. The corporation always asks how to set up and use a business VPN.

Keep Your VPN Running At All Times

Your VPN should be running as often as possible to avoid security breaches. In addition, your VPN should be active on all work devices that are connected to networks that aren’t in your direct control. Especially public Wi-Fi networks.

There are also ways to make sure your VPN doesn’t slow your Internet connection. Many VPN providers allow you to choose which programs connect via your VPN and which work without one.


VPNs are simple to set up. More and more companies are working to improve the features and services they offer to businesses. If you are working with sensitive information or worried about data loss, then you should look into how to set up a business VPN as soon as possible. is dedicated to providing effective VPN solutions for businesses. We can help you choose the VPN network that is right for you, and guide you through how to set up a business VPN. When starting your research and decision-making process, make sure to look at our list of the best VPN services available for businesses.