Why VPNs Have Become Essential To Modern Business

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Protecting your modern business’ online transactions and communications are vital in a world in which a data breach can result in millions of dollars in losses. Not to mention the loss of trust of your customers, clients, and vendors.

Cyber threats aren’t limited to giant multinational corporations, either. In 2018, the Ponemon Institute reported that 67% of small or medium-sized businesses had experienced a cyber attack. As business practices incorporate more use of mobile devices, the threat becomes even more magnified.

Huge multinationals may have greater resources to protect their data and traffic than you do. However, cybersecurity solutions are available at reasonable costs to businesses of every size. This is why VPNs are one of the most useful IT security precautions any modern business can take.

A VPN acts as a tunnel that shepherds and guards online communications from hackers and prying eyes. It prevents hackers and other bad actors from seeing your transmissions and where they are coming from. Take a look at some of the key reasons why VPNs are important as one of the first lines of cybersecurity defense for a modern business.

Reasons Why VPNs Are Important For Modern Business

There are many reasons why you might want to use a VPN for modern business, but some of the most common include hiding your IP address, accessing blocked websites, and protecting your privacy. A VPN can be useful for both personal and modern business purposes, and there are a variety of different options available to fit your needs.

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Keep Your Data & Communications Secure

Your employees are likely to come across sites that do not use the latest encryption protocol. If your devices or computers are connected to sites that aren’t secured, your data and passwords are at risk. You can secure the data and communications between individuals secure by using VPN software.

Using a good VPN is very important to keep yourself protected from any kind of ransomware where your data is very much likely to get breached. 

Keeping your data and your communications safe in the world of the internet is a very hectic task. You have to keep your device in check all the time and keep yourself updated with the new trends of malware. Instead of doing all that, you can just get a good VPN and let it do the rest.

Secure Your Modern Business’ Cloud Resources

As your employees use the web, they’re likely to end up on websites that don’t employ the latest security protocols. (Think of all the websites still using HTTP protocol rather than HTTPS.) Whenever your business computers and devices are connected to unprotected sites, your data and passwords are at risk.

A VPN keeps your employees completely off public networks, so you can enjoy the extra peace of mind.

They mask your online identity, even from your own ISP provider. They encrypt your transmissions to provide the kind of privacy and safety you need. Some VPNs even detect malware.

Protect Your Modern Business’ Remote Work

Do you have employees and consultants scattered around the country or the globe? They may have difficulty connecting to your secure network remotely. You also may not have any way to keep an eye on their online activities. Both those issues are solved when your remote employees connect online via a VPN.

Avoid Geo-Fencing

If your company does business globally, it’s possible that you can’t access all the databases and websites you need to reach. Another reason why VPNs are important? Geoblocking has no effect on them. Your request for access looks as if it’s coming from the location of the remote VPN server you’ve connected to. That means your employees can enjoy all the access they need regardless of location.

Help Your Customers Feel Safe

Chances are, you have a lot of data about your customers and clients. They might be a little nervous knowing that their private information is in your hands. This is especially true if they’ve experienced data breaches with other companies. 

Informing your customers that you’re employing a VPN for all online activities lets them know they can trust you with their information. In essence, you pass along your own peace of mind to your clients. Even less tech-savvy customers who don’t realize why VPNs are important will be glad that you’re taking precautions to protect their data.

VPNs Are Affordable

A VPN is a very cost-effective way to add another level of security to your Internet data. You’ll see why VPNs are so important to modern businesses when you don’t have to invest in your own routing hardware. Small and medium-sized businesses typically don’t have the deep pockets of large corporations, so every IT dollar has to count. 

VPN plans are designed specifically to scale as your business grows. For a relatively small monthly or annual fee, you can enjoy secure use of online apps and services.

A VPN Is Easy To Set Up And Use

The text in the image says, VPN is easy to set up and use

Many tech upgrades are cumbersome. They require a lot of transferring data, training employees, and rebooting before they’re useful to your business. A VPN is completely different. Setting one up is about the same as booting a new app to your mobile device. Once it’s in place, your employees won’t even have to think about it.


For a modern business of any size, a VPN can provide the protection and versatility you need. VPN.com is ready to help you find the right VPN for your company. VPNs are becoming increasingly popular as people become more aware of the dangers of using the internet without protection. It can help you protect your privacy and keep your data safe, while also allowing you to access blocked websites and streaming services. In addition, Virtual Private Networks can be used to improve  online security of your modern business by encrypting your traffic.

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Why VPNs Have Become Essential To Modern Business
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Why VPNs Have Become Essential To Modern Business
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Why VPNs Have Become Essential To Modern Business
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