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Updated: 3:31 PM ET Fri, May 1st 2020

When It Comes To VPN, I Need More Info

Every year, we spend more time on the Internet. We’re watching TV and movies online and we’re making more digital payments than ever before. There has never been a time in our history when more of our private information was digitally exposed.

You might have considered using a VPN in the past, but weren’t sure exactly what a Virtual Private Network was. Or were hesitant of their ability to effectively protect your Internet connection.

Here’s a quick overview of the facts you need to know:

Are VPN Legal?

Yes, VPN are entirely legal in most countries, including the United States and all but two countries in Europe. 

Unsure if VPN are legal where you are? Check here.

Will A VPN Slow Down My Computer?

No, a VPN will not slow down your computer. In some cases, a VPN can actually improve the speed of your Internet connection. 

If you experience slow file download times or buffering while streaming videos, your Internet Service Provider (ISP) may be intentionally slowing down your connection.

A VPN shields your location, identity, and Internet activity from your ISP, making it impossible for them to decrease your speeds.

Will I Be Able To Watch My Favorite Streaming Content?

Yes! A VPN gives you unprecedented access to shows, movies, and live sports from around the world.

Did you know that Netflix offers different shows and movies in every country? That Hulu is only available in the US? 

A VPN allows you to watch any country’s Netflix library and even use services that aren’t available where you live.

With servers around the world, a VPN can allow you to connect to the Internet as if you were in Tokyo, Paris, or New York City in just a few clicks of your mouse. 

Get ready to binge watch like never before.

How Secure Are VPN Really?

Very secure. Every VPN we recommend uses 256-bit military grade encryption. If you’re unsure what that means, just keep these two facts in mind:

  1. The United States military uses it to protect Top Secret information
  2. Nobody has EVER cracked a 256-bit encryption key. 

Let’s be honest. If your VPN isn’t secure, there isn’t much point in having one.

Will A VPN Collect My Info?

We won’t ever recommend a VPN that collects user data. 

The VPN we partner with have strict zero-log policies, meaning they don’t track any Internet activity from their users. They’re also headquartered in Internet-friendly countries that don’t require businesses to report data to government agencies.

When it comes to VPN, there’s nothing more important than peace of mind that everything you do online and all of your personal info is kept private, secure, and protected.

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