What Is VMWare Cloud Foundation? Are Managed Solutions Worth It?

Michael Gargiulo - CEO, VPN.com

By: Michael Gargiulo, CEO at VPN.com

Updated: 5:18 AM ET Tue, January 26th 2021

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VMWare has built an enviable position as one of the most formidable players in the cloud storage and computation industry. In the past, one of the principal roadblocks for adopters of VMWare cloud solutions was the fairly extensive set-up and deployment time. This led the company to develop the VMWare Cloud Foundation, which can dramatically reduce the time to deployment for their services.

What Is VMWare Cloud Foundation?

The VMware Cloud Foundation is a set of four integrated software solutions that each help customers utilize virtualization. Virtualization is the act of replacing physical architecture with virtualized architecture. A cloud server itself is the best example of virtualized architecture, as it combines the power of various physical assets into one abstract, virtual resource.

Virtual machines are essentially digital computers that derive their power from virtualized storage and computing resources. In the past, a business often had to operate a redundant number of physical servers to meet various business requirements. Each server ran at a fraction of capacity, representing a severe use inefficiency. Cloud servers, virtual machines, and other types of virtualization eliminate these inefficiencies. The VMWare Cloud Foundation makes it simple for any business to leverage the potential of virtualization.

How Does VMWare Work?

The VCF system works by integrating several of VMWare’s major software offerings. It combines virtualization and coordinating services along with specialized management software that automates much of the technical work.

SDDC Manager

The SDDC manager is one of the key elements that make the VCF work as well as it does. It automates much of the setup process, which goes a long way toward achieving significant reductions in deployment time. During day-to-day operations, SDDC Manager will automatically monitor the health of physical and logical infrastructure and provide you with valuable updates.


vSphere is a compute virtualization solution that allows VCF users to run and provision their virtual machines. It provides for effectively limitless scalability in accordance with the needs of a given organization. As of November 2020, the latest version of vSphere can automate more than 70 million workloads.

vRealize Suite

The vRealize Suite combines several different management and governance solutions by VMWare. What this adds up to is that it provides for powerful, versatile management across homogeneous and heterogeneous cloud environments. Whether you’re operating VMWare Cloud Foundation on a multicloud or hybrid cloud, vRealize ensures that consistent management and leadership across the network.


NSX enables secure, agile, virtual networking from a centralized position. It’s flexible enough for use across multicloud, bare metal, and container solutions and gives the manager a great deal of power. By allowing you to isolate applications through micro-segmentation, NSX achieves zero-trust security with minimal possibility for breaches and leaks.

Benefits Of Using VMWare Cloud Foundation

After the R&D team completed VMWare Cloud Foundation, the business became its own first customer. That is to say, VCF powers the VMWare private cloud, and the company used their own business as the initial case study to prove the merit of the tool.

Today, their own business and many successful customers have shown the benefits of VMWare cloud services. These include several impressive achievements that begin on the first day of deployment and continue for the duration of use. VMWare Cloud Foundation dramatically reduces deployment time, enhances day-to-day management, and provides the built-in choice of adopting managed cloud services.

Rapid Deployment

One of the main factors that motivated VMWare to create VCF was the need to cut down on deployment time. Allowing customers to utilize their cloud services more quickly was among the most obvious ways to increase efficiency.

VMWare Cloud Foundation fully automates day zero to day two of setup and results in the entire deployment process lasting as little as five days. Prior to the launch of VCF, deploying a new cloud system could take as long as 50 days.

Streamlined Management

The combination of software included in VMWare Cloud Foundation makes use, maintenance, and upgrades much simpler. One-click upgrading makes staying up-to-date simple, while the vRealize suite provides assistance with creating and provisioning virtual machines. Throughout the lifecycle of the software, automation improves efficiency and quality of life.

Ease of Use

The VMWare Cloud Foundation suite makes it much easier to run the technical side of your business. In particular, the SDDC Manager includes a great deal of built-in guidance that makes for simple use. From the initial easy deployment to the intuitive, powerful tools that you can use to shape your virtual space, VCF may be the most accessible cloud service on the market.


While the VCF is a complete set of software, it’s compatible with many additional apps. For instance, optional VMWare Horizon integration can provide virtual machines with enhanced functionality. The ease with which a business can tailor their VMWare cloud services to their own unique needs is a major benefit.

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