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Although there isn’t a lot of censorship on the Greek online, you should still be aware that you could be targeted by hackers. When you use a Greece VPN, not only can you increase your online security, but you also gain access to any geo-blocked content you desire. Learn more about the leading Greece VPN service providers by reading this helpful guide.

The internet in Greece is uncensored and free to use to a large extent. Utilizing a Greece VPN, on the other hand, is the method that is most effective in protecting one’s online privacy.

A Greece VPN can give additional security protections and conceal your IP address, allowing you to unlock material online and access streaming services in other countries such as Netflix in the United States. Continue reading to learn about the top Greece VPN options.

Key Takeaways: Best VPN for Greece

Key Takeaways_ Best VPN for Greece

The use of a VPN in Greece not only enables you to access content that is restricted by geography but also protects your anonymity while you are online.

  • ExpressVPN is the leading virtual private network service in Greece. You can obtain a Greek IP address by connecting to one of the Greek servers offered by NordVPN, Surfshark, or CyberGhost all of which are more cost-effective alternatives to the traditional VPN
  • Your data is protected from being read by anyone thanks to the encryption provided by a reliable virtual private network (VPN). This includes your internet service provider (ISP) as well as the authorities. Because of this, employing a virtual private network (VPN) can also protect you from hackers when you are connected to public WiFi

Given the variety of virtual private network (VPN) services on the market today, finding a reliable provider can be a challenge. For the purpose of making your choice less difficult, this article will assist you in locating the most reliable VPN in Greece and will discuss the many reasons that support its superiority. The short answer is that ExpressVPN is the best VPN for Greece; however, there are four additional options to consider, depending on your requirements.

What Makes the Best Greece VPN?

Before endorsing a Virtual Private Network (VPN) service, we put it through a series of tests to evaluate its privacy and security features as well as its speed and ability to circumvent geographic restrictions. Every Virtual Private Network (VPN) service we list below offers at least one Greek server to connect to.

  • ExpressVPN
  • NordVPN
  • Surf Shark
  • CyberGhost

Most paid VPN services provide users with the most secure VPN protocols and cipher combination options. It would help if you also looked for a VPN service that adheres to stringent no-logs policies.

It is essential to have the capability to circumvent geographical limits. You can obtain a new IP address with the assistance of any VPN service. Still, many VPNs cannot bypass the blocking mechanisms employed by Netflix and other similar streaming services. In addition, even if a VPN has successfully unblocked a streaming website, you’ll still need a fast connection to avoid interruptions from the video player’s buffering feature.

Most premium VPN providers offer users access to a server in Greece. Using a Greek server allows for more secure access to websites restricted to users within Greece. 

Using a VPN for Greece server, for instance, you can visit the website of your online financial institution. Once you have a Greek IP address, you can access Greek material, such as television stations that are typically unavailable outside of Greece.

Best VPNs For Greece

Best VPNs for Greece


ExpressVPN has earned its place at the top of our rankings of the best virtual private networks (VPNs) due to its superior simplicity of use and security. Your connection will be encrypted using OpenVPN and AES-256 by the VPN. Switching to IKEv2 will improve mobile users’ performance, so consider making the transition if you’re using a mobile device. Additional protocols offered by ExpressVPN include L2TP/IPsec, PPTP, and Lightway, the latter of which is the company’s proprietary protocol.

This business provides a fantastic server network that spans 105 different countries, one of which is Greece. This indicates that ExpressVPN can assist you in obtaining an IP address in Greece through a Greece VPN.

The ExpressVPN app is available for download on various devices, including iOS, Android, and routers. If you want to safeguard every device connected to your network, installing the app on your router is best.

In addition, you may share your subscription with up to seven other individuals because ExpressVPN permits eight simultaneous connections and provides unlimited bandwidth. Our review of ExpressVPN has additional information about the service, including its functionality as a Greece VPN.

Wonderful for Streaming

ExpressVPN is our top recommendation for streaming with a Greece VPN since it consistently and successfully unblocks all of the main streaming services, including Netflix, and it provides lightning-fast connection speeds. It is now possible for you to watch all of your preferred content in high definition without experiencing any buffering issues while using a Greece VPN.

ExpressVPN is costly to use. However, if you want the most premium VPN service, shelling out the extra cash is worth it. The best value for your money is the annual plan, which costs $6.66 monthly. While the monthly plan costs $15.45, the six-month plan is only $9.99 monthly.

If you want to test out ExpressVPN before committing to a long-term plan, you can take advantage of the 30-day money-back guarantee to get your money back in full if you aren’t happy with the service. If you don’t like ExpressVPN, you can get your money back.



Because of the similarities in their feature sets, NordVPN and ExpressVPN are frequently compared to one another. However, NordVPN, offering a reliable Greece VPN service, is more affordable than ExpressVPN and offers comparable or slightly better speeds. Our testing has shown that NordVPN is the most efficient VPN in Greece. ExpressVPN, another excellent choice for a Greece VPN, came out on top because it is highly user-friendly and many security protections are already built into all of its servers.

NordVPN will encrypt your connection with OpenVPN, IKEv2, and NordLynx (NordVPN’s version of WireGuard), all combined with AES-256, making it a secure Greece VPN option. The application comes with all of the necessary safety measures, such as a kill switch and split tunneling, which allow the user to use both an encrypted and an unencrypted connection simultaneously.

NordVPN, much like ExpressVPN, can unblock many of the most popular streaming services, such as BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime Video, and Netflix. Accessing geo-blocked content from virtually any jurisdiction in the world, including Greece, is possible with NordVPN’s Greece VPN capabilities.

Greece is one of the 60 countries covered by NordVPN’s enormous server network, which stretches globally. Specialty servers, such as double VPN, P2P, Onion over VPN, and obfuscated servers, are all available through the NordVPN server network, enhancing its status as a versatile Greece VPN. Double VPN is by far the most popular choice for a server configuration in a Greece VPN. Your internet traffic is sent through two virtual private network (VPN) servers rather than just one, which adds a layer of protection to your connection.

Surf Shark

Surf Shark is a feature-rich service that won’t empty your wallet, and it does so without sacrificing affordability. Even though it hasn’t been around for as long as some of the other VPN services on the list, it has swiftly risen to become one of the top VPN services available. You’ll be able to obtain a Greek IP address by connecting to one of Surfshark’s Greek servers, which is just one of the many benefits of the company’s excellent security measures, lightning-fast connection speeds, and expansive server network.

When you connect to the internet with Surfshark, your connection will be secured using the security protocols OpenVPN, IKEv2, WireGuard, and ciphers AES-256 and ChaCha20. You have complete command over the safety of your VPN connection thanks to the app’s kill switch and split tunneling capabilities.

Installing Surfshark on a router gives you coverage throughout the household. However, given that Surf Shark allows for an unlimited number of connections at once, it’s possible that this won’t be necessary. You are free to share the account with as many people as you desire and as it has an unlimited bandwidth allowance, doing so will not hinder its performance. You can find additional information regarding the Surfshark service by reading our review.

Compared to most other virtual private networks (VPNs), Surf Shark provides users with several additional capabilities. For instance, the Surf Shark app includes a function known as NoBorders mode, which is helpful when attempting to circumvent geo-restrictions in nations with significant online censorship, such as China and Iran.

CleanWeb is yet another outstanding feature. It is an ad blocker that disables advertisements in browsers and apps on your device. You may remain completely anonymous when you surf the web by using Surf Shark, which enables you to change your IP address randomly every couple of minutes. Additionally, the VPN app features a double VPN, providing an additional security layer. 

The two-year plan offered by Surf Shark is the best deal overall, as it only costs $2.49 per month to subscribe to it. You also have the option of selecting one of the shorter-term plans. The monthly plan has a monthly cost of $15.45, while the annual plan has a monthly cost of $3.99. Before making a final decision, you can test out Surfshark utterly free of charge thanks to the company’s 30-day money-back guarantee.


CyberGhost’s user interface is among the best compared to other premium services. It is easier to use than other VPN programs and provides more information. For instance, you can locate the best-performing server by sorting the server list according to the amount of traffic on each server and the distance between them, making it efficient for selecting a Greece VPN server.

The Virtual Private Network service also includes one of the largest server networks, located in 91 different countries, including Greece. This grants you unrestricted access to content libraries located worldwide and ensures that you will never be prevented from seeing geo-blocked material in Greece.

OpenVPN, IKEv2, and WireGuard are the three security protocols available through CyberGhost’s software. The virtual private network (VPN) client software contains several security features, such as an IPv6 connection blocker, a NoSpy server, a kill switch, and split tunneling.

Depending on the distance between the client and the server and the amount of traffic on the server, the connection rates may occasionally be a bit sluggish. However, thanks to CyberGhost’s built-in sorting mechanism, you won’t have any trouble locating the best server to connect to in Greece to get the most out of the software. Read more about the provider and the service in our in-depth analysis of CyberGhost.

Automated Functionality

Using what the company calls “smart rules,” the CyberGhost app allows you to automate routine Greece VPN procedures. For instance, you could set up an intelligent rule so that the service immediately establishes a connection to a particular server in Greece once you activate the application or start up your computer with the VPN.

On this list, the paid service offered by CyberGhost is the one that costs the least. The most significant value plan is the two-year plan, which has a monthly cost of $2.37. You can also purchase one of the more pricey short-term plans. The monthly plan costs $12.99, while the six-month plan has a monthly cost of $6.99.

Why You Should Use A Greek VPN

Why You Should Use a Greek VPN

Using a Greece VPN will assist you in maintaining your online safety. A man-in-the-middle attack, for example, is one that a hacker could employ to steal your login credentials if you were to log in to your banking account while connected to public WiFi via a Greece VPN.

In addition, your internet service provider (ISP) can monitor your online behavior, but, if you encrypt your traffic over a virtual private network (VPN), your ISP will be unable to monitor your activities.

VPNs also allow you to circumvent geographical restrictions placed on certain websites. You can access the content library of any country on streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video even when you are in Greece, provided that the VPN service you use has a server in that country.

Wrapping Up!

A virtual private network (VPN) guarantees that your online activity is entirely risk-free and anonymous. They will also enable you to access geo-blocked websites by concealing the actual IP address you are using and issuing you a new IP address determined by the server you are connected to, such as a Greece VPN for accessing content specific to Greece.

ExpressVPN is the finest VPN for Greece, but if you’re searching for a VPN that’s easier on your wallet, you might want to check out NordVPN, Surf Shark, or CyberGhost. Windscribe is the best option if you are looking for a free VPN service compatible with Greece.

Have you been to Greece with the assistance of a virtual private network (VPN)? Which one did you choose, and how was your experience with it? Were the speeds sufficient for high-quality streaming, and did the service successfully bypass blocks? If it had a Greek IP address, you would have been able to watch Greek content. Please leave your thoughts in the comments section below, and as always, we appreciate you taking the time to read our posts.

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So I had some connection issues on my iOS device (iPad) with MLB.TV streaming, and representative named Garfield SOLVED my unique problem that I had spent hours researching and tackling with no luck before today! Garfield was extremely patient, personable, and very knowledgeable. Through multiple approaches and problem-solving steps, he created a solutuon that worked. Way to go, and definitely a returning NordVPN customer here. Thank you, Garfield.
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May, 2 2023
CH Christina

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Prompt customer service
My subscription automatically renewed and a payment was taken, which I didn’t want as I haven’t been using the service. I contacted the company and received a prompt and efficient response where my subscription was reversed and the payment was returned. If only every company was so easy to contact and communicate with!
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May, 6 2023
MW Michael White

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Excellent service and easy to use to protect your privacy. I have NVPN on my laptop, iPhone and fire stick, great value for money.
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