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What is a VPN for the United Kingdom?

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A VPN for the United Kingdom is a private service that gives any user the option to surf the web through a “tunnel” of encrypted protection that keeps all their information private to them. This tunnel is created between any device in your home and the VPN provider, which then takes the connection and routes it to any websites you visit or services you use.

With one of the largest percentages of internet penetration in the Western world (82.61% as of this writing according to Statista), it’s important that every user in the UK know what a VPN is and how to use one. Not only that, but the UK also features one of the fastest average download speeds between all the services we tested above, scoring around 98Mbps with all VPN providers evened out. But why is it so important to use a VPN in the UK specifically? Read on to find out.

Why Use a VPN in the United Kingdom?

In 2016, the UK Parliamentary government enacted the Investigative Powers bill, which gave UK authorities an unprecedented amount of access into the digital lives of all citizens living within the country.

The bill, which makes the NSA leaks look like child’s play, was passed unanimously and will allow law enforcement to access any data they want on any citizen with minimal oversight and almost no due process to be seen.

This is why it’s vital that every UK citizen utilize the services of a VPN to show the government that its population still cares about who is looking at their data and more importantly, what exactly they plan to use it for in the future.

For now, yes. Over the past several years however, the United Kingdom has begun cracking down on internet privacy freedoms by the handful; whether it was the imposed ban on specific types of adult content or the upcoming law set to be enacted in April which will require all users on adult websites to register with their state ID.

Of course, the mere thought of your ID being tied to dozens of porn databases is enough to send any privacy-conscious content consumer into hiding, which is why it’s important that at the very least you use a VPN the next time you try to view any adult websites.