Guide For Developing Secure Web Application

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In the present era, most business-related work or individual tasks are efficiently completed on the web application. ERP software, which consists of sub-software for human resources, marketing, finance, and other managerial functions, is widely used by corporates nowadays. Even web applications hold significant importance in individuals’ life, whether it is an e-commerce app, a news app, a social media application, etc.

Many people use these kinds of applications not only because they serve customers’ needs and are safe and secure to use. Customers always take care of their cyber safety and put faith in any web application. Therefore, it has become crucial to develop a secure web application that does not hinder the confidentiality and security of any customer. This article will guide you on the same topic in clear and easy-to-understand language with worthy information. Therefore, stay hooked until you gain the maximum.

Strategies To Secure Web Applications

This image shows the importance of strategies for secure web application.

Security While Developing Web Applications

Web developers should consider the security factor during the development process. Specific security measures should be implemented during the making of the application so that it will not have security threat issues during the following stages of application launching.

Using A General Error Message

At times when the system is not working efficiently, and when an error is generated, simple general error messages should be. We often need help in processing due to further mistakes or inability to function correctly.

At that time, it is suggested to send a simple system error message and play the actual system message verbatim is suggested. Because in case if the existing system message is displayed on the screen, then it would be more accessible for the threatening to do something wrong with the system.

Example – The system is not working right now. Please try after some time; sorry for the inconvenience.

Applying Effective Authentication And Controlling

When it comes to authentication, passwords play an essential role. Two-factor authentication, strong passwords, password storing, and recovery, are significant factors to consider while designing an authentication structure. Strong passwords prevent third parties from cracking the passwords and using the system for self-benefit.

In addition, a developer should consider the primary goals and objectives behind developing the secure web application while preparing the software.

What is desired by the application users should only be served and nothing more or less. As the application content is not much of use or extra, it may help intruders and those who intend to destroy it. Therefore, planning the right goals and objectives before applying is most important.

The access control can be done via password expiration, lock-up of accounts, and other such types of features. The SSL certificate should also be used to secure such information in applications.

Hosting Or Service-Related Measures

It is crucial to understand that security measures are also needed for the secure web application service level and hosting stage of the website or application.

It is crucial to understand that security measures are also needed for the secure web application service level and hosting stage of the website or application. Therefore, remember to implement those hosting security measures and have good configuration management for the safety of your application.

Use SSL Certificates (Secure Socket Layer).

Use a secure socket layer certificate to protect your data shared between the server and the user. The data is encrypted with the help of SSL certificates, and thus, it makes it a fully secure web application. The web application user will first see whether the application is SSL protected.

If the website or application is not SSL protected, it may warn users that it is unsafe. Many types of SSL certificates including single-domain, wildcard SSL, and multi-domain SSL are designed to serve different purposes and are available at the cheapest price. For example, a cheap wildcard SSL certificate is one of the best secure encrypted data options. It secures the first level of subdomains.

Continuous Auditing And Logging

There is a requirement to monitor the activities on your website continuously. An individual account should be tracked to know the user’s actions and how they influence the whole application system. This continuous auditing will help to make sure that no illegal or irrelevant fraudulent activities occur in the secure web application.

Logging is nothing but recording the log of events in the system, whether it’s an error, problem, or any such information on current happening in the computer system. This log data help during auditing to solve suspicious matters and know the activities of an end user. Thus, remember to keep the event log and continuously check the users’ activities to see an individual’s behavior and prevent fraudulent activities.

Try Not To Indulge In Security Misconfigurations

Various security misconfigurations may lead to destruction in your system security and harm safety.

Various security misconfigurations may lead to destruction in your system security and harm safety. Therefore, make sure you try to avoid the following security misconfigurations.

  • Expired digital certificates
  • Using outdated security protocols
  • Using software libraries that are obsolete or no more advanced
  • Open ports on the web browser
  • Mistake of not discarding those accounts which are temporary, default, and guest accounts
  • To not protect those files that are being served

These kinds of activities increase the chances of threat to security and hence should be avoided strictly.

Gain The Advantage Of Testing And Scanning

To prevent fraudulent or irregular activities, it is suggested to use third-party vulnerability testing. It helps you to test and scan any such type of danger if there is one in your system.

Trusting your internal testing and quality assurance department and checking it with the third-party service provider is always good. Those with expertise in this field may help you discover the security bugs and solve the matter.

Specific governing guidelines may help you to strengthen your security if followed well. Thus, the third-party quality checker must know those guidelines and standards. So they may know better about the danger and security issues prevailing in your secure web application, particularly per the HIPAA guidelines.

Tips Developers Should Remember To Secure Information

Implementing https in your secure web application and usage of web view objects with utmost care.

Here are specific tips for developers to safeguard and secure their knowledge well.

  • Use of SSL certificate for secure web application
  • Using a code signing certificate during app development
  •  Implementing https in your secure web application
  • Asking for credentials if sharing any confidential data
  • Storing private data with internal storage
  • Reviewing the data you are collecting and maintaining
  • Permission should be provided based on signatures
  • Sharing the data across various applications securely
  • Storing data safely
  • Usage of web view objects with utmost care
  • Encryption of data by HTTPS
  • Keeping security factors in mind during the development stage of the application


The above tips and techniques remove all your security threats and improve the security of your web application. You can select them as per your web application’s nature and structure. The importance of each of them may vary from application to application as per its usage and features. Select wisely to secure your web application perfectly.

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Guide For Developing Secure Web Application
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Guide For Developing Secure Web Application
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Guide For Developing Secure Web Application
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