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Ascension Island Domain Names

The text says, what is .ac domain name and what are the benefits of using it

Ascension Island Domain Names are a unique type of domain name. They come with a top-level domain of “.ac”, an abbreviation commonly associated with Ascension Island, as well as Academic Institutions and Ascension organizations across the world. By having a .ac domain Ascension Island is able to show that organizations based on the island have credibility and visibility to highlight Ascension’s organizations globally.

The use of a .ac domain name can bring great benefits for local businesses or institutions looking to increase their presence in the digital world, such as improved search engine optimization, compatibility with international browsers and the added ability for people to recognize Ascension Island’s presence online. With so many advantages it’s no wonder why Ascension Island has chosen this unique avenue for its domain names.

Understanding The .ac Domain Name

.ac is the top-level domain name managed by NIC.AC, a government agency of Ascension Island in South Atlantic Ocean. .ac domain has been created for ensuring compliance with ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers). Some of the responsibilities of NIC.AC include adhering to ICANN’s policies and registry rules, executing .ac registration transactions, and making sure the .ac registry is running smoothly.

In addition to that, Ascension Island domain name registration is subject to certain eligibility requirements and restrictions regulated by ICANN. Recent estimates show there are around 36 thousand .ac registrations since its launch in 2016, indicating healthy growth potential in .ac domain market share over time.

Eligibility For .ac Domain Name Registration

Those looking to register .ac domain names must meet certain criteria in order to be eligible, such as having a physical presence or connection to Ascension Island. To prove this connection, applicants must provide documentation, such as business registration certificates or letters from government agencies.

Additionally, this domain registrations come with certain restrictions and limitations; for example, registrants may be prohibited from hosting certain types of content. A thorough evaluation process is required to ensure that all criteria are met—ICANN-accredited registrars help fulfill this role by verifying the eligibility of this domain name holders.

The Registration Process

Going through the .ac domain name registration process can be an intimidating experience, but it doesn’t have to be. To begin the process, the first step is to check the availability of this domain. Consider using keywords that are relevant to your business or website in order to create a memorable and available domain name.

Next, you must provide contact information, prove your eligibility by proving who owns or controls this domain, agree to terms and conditions, and then make payment. The cost of registration can vary significantly, depending upon how long you would like this domain registration active for – you can choose anywhere from one year up to 10 years! Luckily if a .ac domain is already taken by someone else you do have the option of backordering. Make sure to review renewal procedures before making a final decision!

Benefits Of Using A .ac Domain Name

By using .ac domain names, businesses can reap a myriad of benefits. Firstly, it increases the visibility of local businesses and improves search rankings for keywords that are specific to their geographic location. This is imperative in our digital age, when customers have so many options to choose from.

Secondly, these domain names have a unique and distinctive aspect that enables businesses to stand out from the crowd, and this works especially well for local companies as they are in a better position to capture the attention of their target market. It also instills trust and credibility with both customers and partners alike.

Additionally, Ascension Island domain names provide great opportunities for branding and marketing, further giving companies an edge over their competition. Famous .ac domain name users include Forbes Magazine, Barnes & Noble Inc., Microsoft Research Cambridge, and IBM United Kingdom Ltd—these websites serve as testament to how .ac domains can lead businesses to success in today’s digital world.


It has been a pleasure summarizing Ascension Island’s .ac domain name and exploring how Ascension Islanders can proudly use this domain for their online presence. Ascension Islanders are able to register a .ac domain quickly, easily and cost-effectively, thanks to resources available online. We encourage Ascension Islanders to take advantage of this asset to further promote Ascension’s reach across the globe.

Finally, we thank you for reading this blog post and we hope you will share it with your friends, colleagues and family as well. Commenting is always welcome too – don’t forget that! Ascension Island awaits you – join us here in our small corner of the world!