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Get the Best Business VPN for your Needs

We spent two years reviewing 900 providers to help you find the perfect business VPN today

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Our Top 5 Best Business VPN Providers

Based On Research is our #1 Best VPN for Business


Available on

Windows, Mac, iOS, Linux, Android

Works With

Not Recommended for Use With Streaming Sites

  • Great for Business & Teams
  • Get up to 80% off 3-Year Plans
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  • Easily Manage Teams up to 5,000 People
  • Unlimited Data and Speeds
  • Works on 5+ Devices at Once
  • No Torrents
  • Exclusive Deal: Up to 80% off 3-Year Plan
  • WiFi, DNS, and WebRTC Leak Protection
  • Not Compatible with Major Streaming Services
  • Premium Service Brings Slightly Higher Cost
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SaferVPN is our #2 Best VPN for Business


Available on

Windows, Mac, iOS, Linux, Android

Works With

Netflix, BBC iPlayer, HBO, Amazon Prime Video, Kodi

  • Great VPN for Small Teams
  • 700+ High Speed VPN Servers
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  • Servers in 35 Locations
  • Based in Tel Aviv, Israel
  • 700+ High Speed Servers
  • Keeps Some Connection Logs
  • Exclusive Deal: Up to 80% off 3-Year Plan
  • Works on 5 Devices at Once
  • 24/7 Live Chat Support
  • Limited P2P Server Options
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Nord VPN  

Nord VPN is our #3 Best VPN for Business


Available on

Windows, Mac, iOS, Linux, Android

Works With

Netflix, BBC iPlayer, HBO, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video

  • Blazing Fast & Secure Torrenting/P2P
  • #1 Best VPN for Price
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  • High Speed 220 Mbps Servers
  • Strong Log Policy & No IP, DNS, WebRTC Leaks
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Does Not Accept PayPal
  • Works on Netflix, Amazon Prime, BBC, Kodi
  • Exclusive Deal: 75% off 3-Year Plan
  • Connect 6 Devices at Once
  • 24/7 Live Chat Support
  • #1 Best VPN for USA
  • Need Multiple for Subscriptions for 7+ devices
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ProtonVPN is our #4 Best VPN for Business


Available on

Windows, Mac, iOS, Linux, Android

Works With

Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video

  • Secure 256-Bit Encryption
  • Very User Friendly
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  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Based in Switzerland
  • Strict No-Log Policy
  • No Live Chat Support
  • Allows P2P File Sharing
  • Built-In DNS Leak Protection
  • Inconsistent Speeds in the US
  • Free Plan Options
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VyprVPN is our #5 Best VPN for Business


Available on

Windows, Mac, iOS, Linux, Android

Works With

Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, BBC iPlayer, HBO

  • Over 1 Million Users
  • Top Rated VPN for Content Access
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  • No Activity Log Audit & Verified
  • Based in Switzerland
  • Great Censorship Defense
  • No P2P Networks
  • Unlimited Server Switching
  • Servers in 70 Countries
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • 24/7 Live Chat Support
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Learn More About Business VPNs

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Top 5 Benefits of using a Business VPN

Why Use a VPN?

Enhanced Data Security

A business VPN is one of the only ways to shield your network from hackers and snoopers, allowing you and your employees to use the Internet without worry of being spied upon or having proprietary information stolen.

A standard internet connection typically routes traffic from your device via your ISP (internet service provider) and on to a website or app, however a VPN uses your ISP’s connection to route traffic to a secure server in a location of your choice, and then on to your desired website or app.

When you use a VPN all of your data is encrypted, making your Internet connection far more secure.

Make your Clients feel Secure

When clients know that their sensitive information is being protected through the use of a business VPN, they’re more likely to trust your company with their business.

Improved Productivity

Employees can access company data via public WiFi or while travelling abroad without any security concerns while connected to a business VPN. Don’t let an unsecured network hinder your company’s productivity.

Bypass Geoblocking

Some websites or databases that are necessary to your business may not be accessible in your country or in countries where your employees travel. A business VPN allows your employees to bypass geoblocked content by routing their connection through a remote server located in a region without restrictions.

They're Affordable

Business VPN services start around $10 per month and often offer lower rates to annual subscribers. Don’t let budgetary concerns affect the security of your business.

What They Say About Business VPNs

See VPN Quotes From Some Reputable Names

Set against a backdrop of increasing internet surveillance, data breaches and insecure public Wi-Fi, VPNs are an essential tool.

Kate O’Flaherty
Senior Contributor

A VPN is a uniquely powerful tool that you should definitely have in your personal security toolkit, especially in today’s connected world.

Max Eddy
Software Analyst

Though prospect of having your personal data stolen may seem unlikely, it’s actually far more common than you think so you should invest in a VPN.

Anna Hecht
CNN Underscored

Even if you don’t think you’re being tracked online, you are. Your internet service provider (ISP) can see everything you do

Monica Chin
Mashable Tech

VPN Usage Around the World

Important Stats to Know As Of 2019


of Internet users have used a VPN


use a VPN for entertainment


use a VPN for social networks


use a VPN for anonymity

What Features to Look for in a Business VPN

Important Features to Know

Regular Updates

A VPN with regular updates should be your first choice because it will serve you well as far as longevity.

Smart DNS

A VPN with DNS Leak Protection is very important when it comes to your privacy.

Speed Test

An important factor to consider is how fast your VPN’s connection is since it’s being re-routed.


Kill Switch

Also known as Network Lock, a Kill Switch is very vital for staying and protecting online privacy.

No Logs

Logging happens mostly with free VPNs and this is when your usage data is being stored to be used.


Customer Support

Good customer support is of utmost importance and is usually necessary to know especially for paid VPNs

VPN Server Locations

Server Locations are important and having them is necessaty to enoy using your VPN

What is a business VPN?

A business VPN is a way to keep your company’s information safe, secure, and accessible no matter where your employees find themselves in the world. It is an application that provides end-to-end encryption of all data that passes through it and makes it available only to people who have the proper credentials.

Why should I use a business VPN?

No Internet connection is completely secure and even the best antivirus software is only as good as its last update. Through encryption, a VPN keeps sensitive internal documents, internal communication, trade secrets, and client information secure while allowing them to be accessed from public connections or areas with active censorship.

What should I look for when shopping for a VPN service for my business?

For most personal VPN users, the most important matrix to look at is a VPN’s logging policies. If they are tracking your activity, they are useless. For most businesses, the primary concern is going to be the strength of their encryption protocols and security of the VPN’s network as a whole.

How do I use a business VPN router?

Though many consumer-class routers have VPN capabilities, that does not make them suitable for business use. A business VPN router should be set up with layers of access depending on the needs of the user to have access to data and network features.

Where should a VPN be on a business network?

A properly structured business network should be entirely run as a VPN, with various degrees of access granted on a need-by-need basis. With the sophistication of hackers today, allowing open access to any part of your system is inviting trouble.

What is a mobile VPN used for in business?

Mobile VPNs make it possible for people to maintain a connection to the company’s network even when shifting locations. Their device is assigned a logical IP address that the router uses to recognize it rather than the normal IP address that will shift with the mobile signal transfer towers.

How do I connect to a business network from home with a VPN?

You first need a VPN account within the company server. Then you download the client software to your devices. Next, open your network sharing center and create a new connection VPN. You will be prompted for the network IP address. Enter it, save, and then test the connection. You’re done.

How much does it cost to set up a VPN for my business?

Setting up a VPN for your business can cost as much as you want to spend. Small business owners can purchase a VPN enabled router for just over $100 that is simple and easy to set up. Larger companies may require a much more substantial investment in both equipment and IT infrastructure.

Does my business VPN know what sites I visit?

While a properly set up VPN hides your web activities from outside snoopers, it doesn’t necessarily stop those within your company from being able to monitor your actions. What the system does or doesn’t log is determined by how your network is configured.

What's a good VPN to buy for a small business?

The best VPN provider for your business will depend on what features and performance parameters are most important to you. Most of the major players offer some advantage over their competition, but there is no single best in all categories. Analyze your needs and shop around.

What are business VPN's largest issues?

The majority of issues that people experience with their business VPNs come down to human error. Whether it is an expired certificate or miss-entered alphanumeric sequence. The most common exception is that VPNs do require computing cycles and may slow older computers.

Which VPN should I use for my remote access business?

There are many top-shelf VPN providers on the market that are more than adequate for a remote access business. Compare the features they offer and select one that most suits your needs. Caution should be exercised in noting that not all VPN services will work on all devices.

How do I improve my small business VPN?

The best way to improve a small business VPN is to select the right one from the beginning. Don’t just fulfill your present needs, look ahead to the future. Scalability, update procedures and frequency are all areas that you should consider when selecting a VPN that will grow with your business.

Why are free VPNs not good for business?

Nothing is completely free, and it costs a lot of money to be a VPN service provider. This has to be paid somehow. Some providers sell advertising. Some limit access or network speed and sale upgrades. Others log your activity and sell it to third parties. None of these are desirable for a business VPN.

How do I set up a business office VPN?

First, you will need a VPN-enabled router. Second, you will need to sign up for a VPN service and install its software on the desired devices. Then you will need to run the software that your router provides to integrate your VPN with the various devices in your office.

Business data plans - how much bandwidth do I need to connect to a VPN?

The use of VPN software will cause a slight rise in your bandwidth use, but not to the extent many people believe. If you know what your current data use is, it is advisable to add 5 to 15 percent to your current limit to compensate for the additional load.

How long does it take to set up a business VPN?

Setting up a business VPN can take anywhere from a few minutes to several days depending on the complexity of your network and the types of protocols that you choose to use. Installing the VPN software alone is very quick. Establishing your own servers and other hardware is more involved.

Why would a business want to host a VPN?

A VPN brings many advantages to a business, all of which are greatly expanded when they choose to host their own network. Just a few benefits are cost control, geo-independence, heightened security, and the ability for the user to stay connected instead of having to log in constantly.

What businesses should start using a VPN?

Virtually any business, large or small, can benefit from using a VPN. Cybersecurity is no longer just about preserving data. With the advent of ransomware, any system can be held hostage. Then there are the matters of operational efficiency and ease of access that a VPN brings to the table.

How do I setup a VPN for small businesses?

First, you will need to sign up for a VPN service. Second, you will need to install the VPN on your business devices or company router. Third, you will need to connect each business device to your VPN service. Once connected to your VPN, your business internet access is now secured.

How do I setup a Comcast business gateway to my VPN?

To set up a VPN behind a Comcast modem (Gateway) you will need to manually configure your network with static IP addresses. If your system uses IPv4 or IPv6 protocols you will need to purchase these directly from Comcast. An alternative is to purchase a secondary router and feed your system through it.

What can I do with a business VPN as compared to a private VPN?

A private VPN allows you to connect to websites, download torrents, and browse the web while keeping your location and history private. A business VPN allows you to do all of the above plus allows the sharing of files and information internally within your network from remote locations.

What are the costs of poor business VPN network performance?

According to a global study performed by SOTI and VDC, one poorly operating app or loss of connectivity can impact a company’s bottom line to the tune of $20,000 per year. This number was accounted for by considering lost productivity and possible sales across a broad range of industries.

What type of VPN connects two business sites?

A Site-to-Site VPN allows personnel in two different locations to collaborate over the Internet securely. For larger companies with multiple locations, an Intranet VPN can be established in order to link each Local Area Network (LAN) to a Wide Area Network (WAN), allowing instantaneous, secure communications.

How do I bypass business security with a VPN?

If your workplace actively censors where you can go while online, then a VPN makes it very easy to bypass their security protocols. Even if they have measures in place to limit the use of VPNs, there are still ways around their blocking efforts like switching ports or running a virtual router. Protection Status