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Belarus Domain Names

The text says, what is .by domain and how to register it?

Belarus domain names have come to the forefront of digital marketing as a powerful and necessary asset for any organization or individual wanting to conduct business in Belarus. A .by domain name offers Belarusian users an easy and trusted connection to relevant content. With Belarus rated 8th amongst countries receiving the most internet traffic and web-based spending consistently increasing, having this domain name is now more important than ever.

Studies have found that a significant number of Belarusian websites have realized huge success with their .by domain name. This blog post will explore what Belarus domain names are, why companies should be investing in them, and provide guidance on setting up your own ‘.by’ website with ease. By the end of this post, you’ll gain valuable insights into Belarus domain names and be fully armed with knowledge if you decide to invest in one.

Understanding Belarus Domain Names

Belarus domain names, known as .by ccTLDs, are a type of top-level domain associated with Belarus. Belonging to the Internet’s domain name system, which is the structure at the highest hierarchy for web addresses, it is registered with The National Center of Electronic Services (NCES) and run by Reliable Software Ltd. Belarus launched its .by ccTLD in 1989 and since then it has been used extensively to identify Belarusian websites.

Similar to other Belarusian domains, Belarus’ .by TLD follows specific rules and regulations set by Reliable Software. For example, Belarusian websites must have Belarus as the place of registration or be legally represented by Belarus along with being updated annually based on submitted documents such as filling in registration forms or document scans. Comparatively speaking, .by domains differ from .com gTLDs due to their country-code classification as well as their more stringent rules and regulation policies.

Benefits Of Using A Belarus Domain Name

Using a .by domain name can significantly benefit businesses operating in Belarus. Establishing a local presence in Belarus through this domain will make your website more relevant to the local market and audience.

Getting this domain can also help improve search engine rankings for local queries, giving your website better chances of ranking high on those searches. Furthermore, having this type of domain promotes trust and credibility among customers as it suggests that the business is located in Belarus and is more likely to follow local laws and regulations.

Finally, Belarus domain names are required by some regulations when setting up business operations in Belarus which makes it important to acquire one if applicable.

How To Register .by Domain Name?

Registering a .by domain name is relatively straightforward but includes a few stages and, depending on the type of domain name you select, may require additional documents to be submitted.

First, check the availability of your desired Belarus domain: there are several authorized registrars who can help you determine if the domain is available. Once you’ve chosen your  domain and selected an authorized registrar, it’s time to prepare your application. For some types of Belarus domains – such as, and – proof of identity or business registration may be required; for all these domains, you’ll need to provide your contact information and pay the applicable fee.

Finally, submit your application through the registrar’s website with a step-by-step guide including screenshots and pictures to make sure everything is made clear for readers unfamiliar with the process. Upon successful verification from the registrar, you now have your own .by domain!

Managing A Belarus Domain Name

Setting up, managing and troubleshooting .by domain name servers can be a tricky and complex process. DNS settings for Belarus domain names must comply with the policies and rules set by Reliable Software, which manages .by TLDs. It is important to keep your contact information up-to-date and to renew these domains on time in order to ensure that no potential issues or suspensions occur.

Additionally, it is highly recommended to secure your .by website with SSL, which greatly improves safety and helps build customer confidence. Some common issues found when managing a .by domain name include incorrect DNS records, invalid resource records, hosting IP address mismatch and inaccurate WHOIS information. It is important to always double check settings before making changes and to refer to the official .by guidelines for detailed instructions.


Belarus domain names can prove to be a valuable asset for businesses in Belarus and worldwide. They offer an opportunity for businesses to make a statement online, as well as increased visibility among Belarusian customers.

Belarus domain names secure a place in Belarus’ digital space while strengthening Belarusian digital identity. A Belarus domain name gives businesses a head start against the competition in Belarus since it projects trustworthiness and reliability. To get the most out of a “.by” domain name, business owners should consider registering one today.

Further resources and information are available to those looking to learn more about Belarusian domain names or those seeking advice on how to best use them for their company’s needs.

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Reliable software, Inc..
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