Find Top Proxy Sites: A Brief Guide

Find Top Proxy Sites Of 2024_ A Brief Guide

So, are you looking for a different IP address? Our experts tried a lot of free proxy servers and then put together a list of the best ones here. So, if you are worried about the quality then you shouldn’t be. Because to make sure they stay connected on your device, all the proxy sites on this list are up at least 80% of the time. This is the best average that you can ever get for proxy sites.

Using a good proxy server will help you hide your IP address; so your Internet Service Provider, the government, and hackers can’t spy on you. But you should remember that people running the proxy servers can still see your real IP address and keep a check on you. Well, that is not that bad. Good ones will not keep a tab on you.

However, if you are looking for total online privacy then we suggest that you should choose a no-log VPN. These services will never keep any information about you. Like our NordVPN; it is our top pick which will keep you private online and protect your information. However, still, proxies are a good option to go with. And if you are looking for one then we think we can help you.

Are Proxies Safe To Use?

Are Proxies Safe To Use

A proxy server is like a helper between your computer and the internet. When you want to go to a website or use a service, then the request will go through the proxy server first before reaching its final stop. This will help the proxy server change your IP address. It will make it seem like you are browsing from a different place with the use of proxy sites. Isn’t that great?

But, the safety from proxy sites is pretty basic. Lots of proxies don’t have strong ways to keep your information safe. Even the ones that do only protect your internet browser, not everything else on your computer. This means your other apps, like for banking or social media, could still be at risk.

Free proxies, especially, often have rules about how much data you can use and don’t give you many IP addresses. Streaming services might block these addresses too. There are some free proxies that might even keep track of what you do online and slow down your internet, which is not good for your security from proxy sites. So, we would suggest you go for paid programs.

What Are Top Proxy Sites

What Are Top Proxy Sites In 2024

We know that finding top proxy sites can never be easy. Because there are some sites that can even steal your data. So, it is preferred to take the safe side. Our experts have done their research and presented you some of the best proxy sites. So, you don’t have to look anywhere else. 

Hotspot shield

Hotspot Shield, a user-friendly proxy site, will offer you a free proxy that is easy to use on Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, and Chrome. You can grab the free app from the Microsoft Store, Apple App Store, or Google Play Store. The browser extension, a key feature for those looking for efficient proxy sites, is also available in the Chrome Web Store. Once you install it then you can connect right away without signing up.

This proxy covers 4 locations: Los Angeles, New York, Singapore, and the UK. But here is the catch; you don’t get to pick a specific server. It means that the service, as a versatile proxy site, picks one for you. While we could watch super clear videos on YouTube and Netflix but Max and Prime Video didn’t work.

Streaming might not always be perfect, but the extension really nails it when it comes to security. It has solid safety features like blocking ads, malware, cookies, and protecting against accidental IP leaks with WebRTC leak protection, making it a reliable choice among proxy sites.

You can tweak these features in the “Configuration” menu based on how secure you want to be. For extra security and speed, it is a good idea to switch to Hotspot Shield VPN for a fully encrypted connection.

Bright Data

Bright Data

Bright Data which is now called Luminati will catch your eye because it has a whopping 72 million IPs in its proxy club. They will offer you different kinds of proxies. Besides the rotating residential ones, they will also offer you static ones.

These are like a set of 6 to 100 residential addresses just for you and they have never been used with your target website before. Bright Data also sells mobile IPs. They cost more than regular residential IPs but they are tougher and work well with tricky targets.

So, if you are picky about who you want to target then Bright Data is good for that too. They support something called ASN (Autonomous System Number), along with the usual options like country, state, and city.

If you want to use their proxies then there is a tool called Proxy Manager. It is free and can be installed on Windows, macOS, and Linux. This tool will help you set rules for IP rotation, block bad-performing IPs, save data by using your regular internet for some request and more.

Bright Data’s residential proxies work with all the main protocols; HTTP, HTTPS, and even SOCKS5. They also have good support; including videos and webinars to help you out.

But all these cool features come at a cost. While they mention a base rate for all types of proxies but if you add more details like targeting specifics then it will affect how much you pay. They have different payment plans – monthly subscriptions and a pay as you go option. The prices are a bit higher than some others but if you need a lot of proxies or have special needs then we think that it might be worth it.

If you value privacy, then’s proxy service, a notable proxy site, is a smart pick. It doesn’t keep logs and will keep your online activities hidden from everyone else. You can get this service, a reliable choice among proxy sites, on the website or by using extensions for Chrome and Firefox.

This proxy has servers in 3 countries: Germany, Finland, and the Netherlands. You can manually choose a server with a click or let the extension pick the fastest one for you. It’s an ideal feature for users seeking efficient proxy sites.

They offer handy tools too. You can manage cookies, control scripts, and encrypt both webpage content and URLs. If you want to turn on data encryption with the browser extensions then just pick the SOCKS option from the dropdown list in the “Settings” area.

After activating SOCKS, we could browse the internet and handle personal stuff with a stronger sense of privacy and security. Even streaming Netflix was smooth; there was less than 5 seconds of buffering time after connecting to the US server.

For extra security give’s free VPN or premium service a shot; they have servers all over. The cool part is that there is a 30 day money back guarantee. Try the service without risk and if it doesn’t fit your needs then trying getting a refund is very easy.



IPRoyal stands out as a budget friendly proxy provider with a variety of proxy options. They offer more than 2 million residential proxies which are ethically sourced from 195 countries. Additionally, IPRoyal provides another 6 million IPs which include datacenter proxies and specialized sneaker proxies.

The user interface is easy for beginners which makes it simple to locate. Their support services are amazing. However, there is limited self-help documentation, so you might need to contact the IPRoyal team for significant issues. Despite this drawback, IPRoyal proves to be an excellent choice for various purposes.

They offer different subscription options and some of the most affordable prices in the market, along with a responsive support team. We think that IPRoyal stands as the best proxy service provider.


KProxy, one of the efficient proxy sites, has been around since 2005 and has gathered a solid user base of over 1.5 million people each month. You can reach KProxy, a notable name among proxy sites, on its website or through browser extensions on Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Android’s Kiwi browser, or a special Firefox version for Windows.

Despite its popularity, KProxy has some rules. Each session lasts 3 hours or 300MB, and after that you need to upgrade or wait for 30 minutes. The service also keeps track of data like IP addresses and will share it with authorities if it is used for shady activities, such as unauthorized torrenting through proxy sites.

If you get the free plan then you can pick from 20 servers in Canada and France. The browser extension even shows server traffic levels to help you choose the best one. But if you are using the web version of these proxy sites, then you are stuck with 10 servers without info on where they are, making it tricky to unblock specific websites.

Going for the premium plan gives you more perks. You can get access to extra server locations in Germany, the UK, and the US. Plus, unlimited usage means uninterrupted online browsing. The premium plan also kicks out most ads for a smoother experience.


We have listed some of the best proxy sites for you. Now it is your choice to choose based on your needs. We think that you should look for a proxy that will fit your needs. However, never fall for the wrong proxy because it can cause you great damage.

Our experts say that this is the best choice you can ever get in 2024. But if you have a second opinion then feel free to explore. We are here to help you with anything. Also, if you have any query then feel free to ask us.

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Find Top Proxy Sites: A Brief Guide
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Find Top Proxy Sites: A Brief Guide
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Find Top Proxy Sites: A Brief Guide
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